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Nightmoves Day One Pasco County Country And I mean Country In A Woodsy Way



(Tampa, FL/ A Entertainment News)- The Long highway that runs through Pasco country Florida is surrounded by the kind of tourist things you would expect to see from a Florida tourist area, things like fresh orange juice stands, alligators heads, saltwater taffy and all sorts of beach products. The thing that visitors may not know about the Pasco county road is its steady and continuous accumulation of strip clubs in the area.

On Night one of the Nightmoves Adult Entertainment Awards show we were put on the big black party bus around 8:30pm. We arrived from the airport at the hotel around 6:00. If you do the math yourself you can tell that sometimes the rock star porn star life is not all shiny and glamorous as you see in the 5 minute clips of their lives on television. They never show the unshaven, airplane dirty beaten and tired people; that would ruin the fantasy of the immortal "You have the best Job and life in the world" right?  Well in the real world, and I mean our little real world of the adult industry, we get tired and grimy and have to be at the gig or on the stage in an hour.

The bus ride to the Foxy's club in Pasco county was close to and hour long, we had a caravan of some of the top porn stars with us, I mean it was beautiful women in sexy cocktail dresses and the kind of shoes that are so sexy that even if you always say "I'm not in that foot fetish" thing you just look down and think oh my god, maybe I am.

The second club we were stopping at in Pasco County was Diamonds, I don't believe it was even there last year when the caravan was in the area, for some reason the area is still growing and sprouting more strip clubs. Sometimes there are growing pains and you have to find your groove or your vibe, you know get in where you fit in. Well both the clubs were staffed with the local female talent from the surrounding area. They had some beautiful and sexy dancers and they had some, well, growing pains can be tuff. Did you know that girl's teeth start to erode away after taking meth for a long time? Sorry just a random though I had.

Our crew of stars in the caravan were true professionals, a party is what you make of it and we did our best to have fun no matter where were "let off the bus". Some of the girls danced and some just signed autographs, some offered movies and others Polaroid's for sale. We made a party at both clubs and it looked like everyone seemed happy by the end of the night, I do have to say one thing thought, club owners, a good cordless microphone costs 300 to 500 dollars, buy new one for your club for Christmas or Hanukkah

All in all we had a good time on our first night of caravanning and when we went back to the hotel everyone was heading to the hotel pool for the now infamous after hours pool gathering. I had Greg Shady from www.shadybastards.com doing some camera work during the night and I wanted to get the pictures out of the camera and into the computer so I could post some of them for you guys. I had some girls that were meeting me at the pool and it seemed like we were in position to have a great after party. I am going to my room and change meet me in a few minuets.

From what I understand the pool was fun, people had a good time and I was no where to be found. Here's what happened. As I went back to my room to change into my pool attire my body sent a note to my brain and it said this "You have not slept in a day and a half, you just had a few long island iced teas, you will now shut down and you will not have a choice in the matter"

I woke up half naked on top of the bed in my hotel room, phone in hand and one leg in a pair of shorts that I was trying to slip on.  It's a good thing I was in my room or I might still be wearing the classic sharpie drawn on mustache and "fuck me here" phrases on my face, and who knows, my butt might still hurt.  Oh well there is always day two tomorrow.

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