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wearing nothing but an american flag and some liberty boots? sure!


so, i've been sick in bed with bronchitis and hacking up yellow and green crap.  i have, however been doing a lot of artwork and designed my next tattoo as well as shells for my new sidekick.  i'm one of those "obnoxious" types who has a regular cell phone and a sidekick.  i'm just not a blackberry type.  if i'm on the phone talking to someone and need to get some info out of my email or take notes, i'd much rather not have the person hold on while i go through the phone i'm talking on.  

 my last sidekick died about 5 months ago and things have been so hectic that we kept forgetting to bring it in for repair.  when my husband finally took it in, they told him that we would have to buy a new sidekick since they don't make the sidekick 3 anymore and the batteries are hard to find.   i decided to just fuck it and get a new sidekick....sure......why not...since i had insurance for the phone and it was time for an upgrade anyway, i got it for a great price!  so, i spent my evening watching the presidential debate followed by the irving klaw classics box set i got from adult dvd empire *squeals with delight* , making super amazing sidekick shells online ( i should be getting them in a week or so) and playing with my new sidekick which, i must say, i really love.  

might i add, i really love tarina tarantino's new line of  "liberty jewlery" and so does my hubby.  he has this weird obsession with the american flag.....like how i love hello kitty.   which brings me to my super hot stripper shoe collection that he got me last christmas.  along with 25 other amazingly hot and horny pairs of heels and boots, he got me an amazing pair of "liberty boots".  i'm thinking those boots with some new tarina tarantino jewelry, wrapping myself in an american flag and nothing else?  sounds good to me!

our next project is to build my pole and stage from scratch.  if you go to home depot you can get everything you need for an amazing and super sturdy pole for less than $100.  if you want the schematics for the pole, send me an email and i'll send them to you!  it's definitely great for those of us who like being creative !  i will post pictures when it's finished!  i can't wait!  most of our loft has 25+ ft ceilings with skylights but, i found the perfect area near the bedroom to put it where the ceilings are about 12ft.

well, sickie mcgee over here is going to try and catch some ZZZZZs and sleep off the  keflex induced nausea. 



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