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The Cops And Robbers Charity Night At The Playboy Mansion




 (Beverly Hills, CA)- We get to the UCLA parking lot and are told that this is not going to be the shuttle site for the mansion tonight. We have been to the Playboy mansion a handful of times and every single time we went this is where we met the shuttles and signed in. Oh well we say, we get back in the car and drive a mile or so away, the nice security/ bouncer/ promoter assistant  guy gave us complete directions to the new shuttle area. The only problem with that was he was giving out the wrong directions. A left when you were suppose to right if you will. Adult News Flash Frank is my camera guy tonight and he has been to the alternate parking lot already and goes the right way the first time, be we see a hundred cars following each other like sheep herding the wrong way. Frank also shoots camera for Gary Garver and the Howard Stern TV guys and the E Channel so he knows his way around.

We arrive at the Mansion after a short ride in the shuttle, I sat next to a Playboy TV director, who was telling me he enjoys his work that he does for Showtime better, and I won't mention his name in case Playboy is reading this. The winding drive to the mansion is scary and exciting at the same time. I can never remember driving back down that hill for some reason.

The night was promoted by Daniel Puder of www.nwwl.com  and all the proceeds were going to "Arrest Cancer" thus the Cops and Robbers theme. The red carpet right outside the mansion in the front yard was lit brightly and there were already a bunch of cameras and press people stationed on the edge of the carpet trying to get the story of the night. We are not going to insult or down talk any of the news and press outlets that were there but, while Frank was setting up the equipment, I stood aside and listened to a few of the interviews that were going on. I understand that most of the people there for the charity were from fashion magazines, runway modeling agencies , and television stars from some stuffy broadcasting channels, but we are at the Playboy mansion, did the Playboy empire not makes its mark in history talking about sex and the art of sexy?.

Frank is ready and it's our turn in the red carpet line to talk to the stars of the night and the sponsors of the evening. I do the into about A Entertainment and all that, no one is paying attention at all, and why would they, just another good looking show host telling a story at the Playboy mansion here. My first young lady to interview is promoting a mainstream bikini thing called Miss Coconuts (www.misscoconuts.com ) and she begins going through the spiel of how beautiful models can promote themselves and how major fashion magazines check this coconuts place to search for cover girls. But I am not really listening to her, I am staring at her beautiful coconuts and making it very obvious, that's all I want to talk about. So for the second question, I ask her in a loud voice, "Can I see your coconuts?, If I am going to continue this interview I would like it to be topless from here on out" For some reason the red carpet gets quiet, the other camera people stop and look at me like I am crazy (which I just might be) and there is that silent "I can't believe he just said that" gasp. The girls were very nice and we actually had fun with them all night long.

I was on the red carpet for about an hour interviewing people and my "can I see your coconuts" was getting about a 33% success rate, not bad for a batting average. I was thinking that once we went inside the party that the nakedness would be more rampid and I was 100% correct on that one.

One of the hosts of Playboy TV's "69 Sexiest Things to do before you die" was hanging with us. I'll call her Miss Stacks for this story, I had met her when we were both filming at the Nudes-A-Poppin competition in Indiana a few months ago. We set up in a cabana by the stage with Miss Stacks and the party really began. Our first visitor was little man, comedian, actor, and regular on the Mind of Mencia show Brad Williams. Denis Hoff from the Bunny Ranch come by a few minuets later and then we seemed to have the party area within the party going on in our area. A big part of that was thanks to Miss Stacks and our adult stars we had hanging with us. Lexi Tyler was by far the hottest girl in the party.

The charity auction started and the guitar from Daisy from the Rock of love was the big item that I remember being fun as they auctioned it off. It was not the biggest money maker for the charity but it was the most fun to watch go as Daisy came out and modeled with it for a while. We caught up with Daisy backstage and did a few interviews, had a few more drinks and just hung out with the models. Life is good when your job is that fun.

Some of the video interviews from the Playboy mansion already ran on Gary Garvers show, see more at www.garygarver.com and I believe a few were sent to Howard TV (www.howardtv.com ). We will also have some fun stuff on www.tonybatman.com in the next week or so. We are too busy to edit right now. Any editors want to work for free? Thank you to Frank at www.adultnewsflash.com , Daniel Puder from www.nwwl.com and all the fun sponsors of the night. See I told you we could loosen up and have fun without breaking too many rules.

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