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XCritic’s First Look at the New Vivid Girl’s Nikki Jayne and Hanna Hilton 9/11/2008


Vivid has two new shining stars Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne who are going to be taking the adult industry by storm. Hanna Hilton who is originally  from the  great state of Texas,now  resides in Indiana, is the   quiet one who stays in the  background watching and  acknowledging everything  that is  going on around her.Nikki Jayne who is  from England is  vessel of  pure raw energy and   glows of natural sexual prowlness.

While at lunch with them this past Thursday also joined by their agent LA. Directs Derek Hays, I had the opportunity to speak with them in length. Let me first say that Nikki is very beautiful and tall. Standing at 5'10 and busty with only a few  sense to her  name  right now, she has  already  jumped in with  both  feet already crossing that   barrier engaging  in  DP and  anal  with out  any hesitation. Nikki, who is the more outgoing of the two, has a zest for life and for her love of the adult industry. They  both agreed that " Doing  porn is a  job and  if  during the  shot they have had  fun doing it, then it  was a good  day."

Hanna has that  sweet innocent  look, but  don't  let that  fool you... she has a  very naughty  side that is waiting to  come out and  play. Her   soft demure charm and persona is very refreshing and is more than enough to keep men and women watching her in action .Currently dating Jack Venice, she is very happy with her private life. Hanna enjoys being very laid back around those that she loves and is a die hard romantic at heart who loves being pampered.

As the two newest additions to the Vivid family, these two ladies bring their own brand of uniqueness to the porn world. Each  driven  differently, they  both have  what it  takes to  be a Vivid Girl .So much  was  covered during lunch that  afternoon, their goals, ambitions and  what they  see their  future to  be like, that the  interview could have  gone on forever.

I have always had a "soft" spot for the Vivid Girls especially after meeting most of them over the course of a year. In my own personal opinion, Vivid has kept up with what the public is asking for in a Vivid Girl. I had a great time as always and can't wait to see Nikki and   Hanna again in January.





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