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Control 9, Shay Jordan Juice, POV Punx, Wedding Bell Blues, and much, much more


Spotlight Title: Control 9 Gabriella Fox (Blu-Ray)



As more companies continue to embrace the high definition format using blu-ray, a lot of consumers have felt the pinch of the increased prices since some retailers go out of their way to gouge their wallets but even so, it is tough to argue that movies like Control 9 (Gabriella Fox) in Blu-Ray aren't worth the extra cost.   Handheld Pictures is the brainchild production company of successful director Robby D.
and while belated, a number of top notch critics have finally started
awarding him his do for the types of cutting edge movies produced under
the label. It's no surprise that Robby took so long to win them over
though since he was so far ahead of his peers in many respects; not
just technically but thematically as well. His latest movie to make it
my way is  Control 9 Blu-Ray , the sequel to Control 8 that has the special distinction of being the debut vehicle for hotty contract gal Gabriella Fox;
a delicious looking beauty showing the full backing of the company on
her road to stardom. The series itself is a bit of a quirky mystery
too, established using the full array of cunning stunts Robby is able
to muster and placing them in settings where they truly shine.  It was a very solid effort full of fuck for the buck, strokability and
replay value that will serve fans a very long time as inspirational
material. The scene dynamics varied enough to cover a wide array of
kinks without the need to employ circus act sex tricks, the natural
charisma of the cast proving more than enough to merit a rating of Highly Recommended
in my admittedly jaded eyes. This being Gabriella's first released
scene, I could see why she was picked up for a contract, her sleek form
and winning smile proving irresistible while showing all the potential
of a newcomer yet to fully blossom. I look forward to seeing her
perform again given the skill she showed during her oral antics; this
might be the latest winner contracted by the company if they can bring
her up to speed. In short, Control 9 Blu-Ray was even better than Control 8
and this high definition version was the showcase of straightforward
scenes almost seamlessly providing the kind of heated pairings Robby is
known for shooting without any of the artistic effects that a few fans


Sneak Peeks: Shay Jordan: Juice


 Celeste and Digital Playground
have established that they make a good pair over recent years, her
artistic muse inspiring a wide variety of artistic endeavors as
empowered by her boyfriend working the sets. While I don't always
appreciate her movies as much as some of my female friends, there is
often a lot to like in them, her latest release scheduled to come out
next month with Shay Jordan: Juice. The series has focused on
the company's top talent displayed in multiple scenes, typically
resulting in an added push for their careers as fans find them
indispensible given the amount of footage contained within. Shay
, one of my blogging buddies
here at Xcritic, has always struck me as an underappreciated gem in the
rough, capable of tremendous amounts of sexual energy is the dame on
display this time, given three and a half scenes to impress even the
most jaded of you as to her appeal. Her work alone makes this worthy of
your time though Eva Angelina, Shawna Lenee, and Ruby Knox provided some heat too.  It was an all around solid set of sexual misconduct that I think all fans of blogger Shay Jordan will appreciate when it comes out next month so I rated it as Recommended.
This is also a no-brainer "must have" for her legion of fans though so
adjust the rating according to your personal tastes, knowing that none
of the scenes was bad. The extras could have been more extensive and
involving too but the BTS showed a lighter side of the shoot and even
the mystery of the missing scene didn't put me off much. In short, Shay Jordan: Juice showed Celeste's upcoming "vision" to be in line with the fantasy
fueled frolicking one would expect from her given her past works so
mark this one down on your calendars.

Highlights of The Week 

Alexander Devoe is one of the more outspoken directors at Jules Jordan Video these days, hawking his releases as though they were the top dog at the company.  While I have yet to meet anyone that agrees with his own assessment of himself, I have enjoyed a number of his works in the past and took a break from his movies for a while. The first release I picked up since this self imposed hiatus is Dynamic Booty #3: Special Edition Set, the sequel to Dynamic Booty 2
that I reviewed almost exactly a year ago. In the interim, Alexander
has certainly improved though this is true for the rest of the
directors at JJV as well, the relative differences relatively minor in
the bigger picture of things. The movie is a set of five lengthy gonzo
scenes full of tease and lots of booty shots, including a sixth bonus
scene as well as some other solid extras worth checking out. As a booty
fan myself, I couldn't dismiss this one as another generic run of the
mill release, the casting of the ladies in line with his works of the
past.   It might not have been his best work to date but aside from some minor
editing and camera work issues that arose, the selection of ladies was
well made and the tricks they engaged in provided some solid
strokability, replay value, and fuck for the buck value so I rated it
as Recommended. In short, fans of big booty loving should find a lot to appreciate with Dynamic Booty #3: Special Edition Set just as they did with Dynamic Booty 2
even if it wasn't the director's best work to date. It showed a better
focus on technical values and while the "movie run time" was
substantially exaggerated on the box cover (including the extras, or at
least some of them), I could not deny the man earns his keep at JJV
with projects like this one.


 Khan Tusion
is one of the few people in porn willing to push the limits of the
ladies in politically incorrect ways these days, going the extra mile when it comes to "abuse porn". That said,
my preferred niches in porn have nothing to do with footage so raw, so
anti-woman, or so devoted to the fringe elements but I have found
myself enjoying it from time to time (usually in small doses) for
something other than the spectator effect of circus act porn. My first
recent release from JM Productions by Khan came in this week in the
form of Butt Licking Anal Whores 10, and I found out what some
have said about the director to be accurate. Whether you consider that
a compliment or complaint, porn is all about choice to me and
everything in the four scenes seemed to be accurately marketed. Using
some top extreme queens to their fullest, Khan makes sure that all the
ladies admit to their whoredom, all of them lick lots of ass, and all
of them were pushed to their limits, even hotty Audrey Hollander.
Granted, some of the gals gave the director the evil eye but suffice it
to say that anyone complaining about the action here must not be able
to read the cover. It will not be for everyone so unless you enjoy watching women lick old
guy ass, suck cock liked seasoned professionals, and take a dick in the
pooper so easily as to suggest that there have been a great many
foreign objects placed inside of them, you might want to consider
something else. For those of you that like abuse porn, seeing females
pushed pretty far, and all sorts of kinky and nasty sex tricks,
consider this one as Recommended.

 Axel Braun
is a director of pornography that has been all over the industry,
working as a camera for hire in some ways but also enjoying the
benefits of being a stable director for companies like Teravision.
Unlike his peers that shoot straightforward gonzo as a rule, Axel tries
to use filters, lighting, and motion effects to broaden the allure of
fantasy that some newcomers seem to appreciate, effectively helping
build the market that others serve so well directly. His latest project
coming my way is the blu-ray enhanced version of  Cleavage (Blu-Ray),
a series of five erotic vignettes that star gals with ample breasts
using them to entice others to sexually play with them. The short
cameos by Tera Patrick herself were a reminder that I wanted to see her
in several of the scenes but ultimately, the star of the day was chunky
Abbey Brooks, a gal built for comfort over speed (or, as a toy testing
friend of mine might say "a fluffy" gal). The quick version of the
review is that the ladies all looked pretty good here and while circus
act sex was not on the menu, it didn't have to be considering the
amount of fun that took place. It reminded me a lot of the other high definition release from the company I reviewed awhile ago called Sasha Grey's Anatomy
except this time, the gals had bigger breasts and seemed to be in
control of what was going on more. I would have appreciated more extras
and a lengthier movie that had more fetish titty play (or even more
tease without the men) but figure that this catered to a target market
niche well enough that couples should find this worthy of being Recommended.
In short, Cleavage (Blu-Ray) had the kind of ample breasts advertised
in such large quantities that few will argue with the designation of
the title, or even the phrase accompanying it ("never underestimate the
power of a woman's breasts") so if you aren't looking for circus act
sex, anal antics, or a lot of nasty sexual depravity, give this one a
try and I think you may see what I liked about it.

 Celeste has been quite busy working at Digital Playground
lately to conceptualize her fantasies and live vicariously through her
favorite contract gals with the help of her crack crew. While her early
efforts were often mired in the purely erotica labels some of us would
give her works, she learned over time to provide scenes that even a
jaded old porn hound like myself would find stroke worthy, such being
the case with her upcoming  Shay Jordan: Lust Blu-Ray. Having read  Shay Jordan's Blog on Xcriticsince she started last year, I noticed she was particularly fond of
this project and her reasoning was largely due to her very first scene
with studly Erik Everhard, one of the limited few males in the industry
that can work a gal to her limits in such a way that she doesn't want
to stop. Shay being in three of the six scenes didn't hurt the appeal
of the movie for me either, her exotic blend of good looks, seductive
personality, and all around heated nature combining to make it a winner
out of the gate for me.  It was the best showcase for lovely beauty Shay Jordan in recent months,
her own comments about the movie in her Xcritic blog telling her how
much fun she had making the flick. Read her own account of her scene
with Erik Everhard in her recent BLOG but know that this being her first time with the guy, he really pushed
her limits and her buttons in all the right places so I rated the movie
as Recommended. Shay gets better every time I see her and as I
pointed out in my first review of her so long ago (saying that she was
"seriously cute") imagine how hot the little cutie is nowadays. In
short, Shay Jordan: Lust Blu-Ray was almost always best when focused on Shay herself but check it out
and you'll see why people are suggesting she is extremely close to
breaking into the big leagues like her contract pals. This high
definition version of the show served her well and despite the varied
rumors about Shay's career plans, she was looking really good with her
cookies in this one.

 Paul Thomas is generally considered the leading director at Vivid Entertainment
these days and has been for some time. His many awards and accolades
for a variety of fuck flicks have given the man enough room to
experiment with a variety of approaches, many of them serving up some
decent pairings while others fell flat. His latest release to make it
my way was Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel Blu-Ray , a story of
lust in a sexual triangle starring two of the newest contract gals the
company has to offer, perky blond Hanna Hilton, and hotty Houstonian
Meggan Mallone, as the two compete for the affections of studly Manuel
Ferrara. The box cover said it like this: "Hanna is a real estate agent
who meets Manuel while showing him an exclusive seaside apartment. She
sells him the place...and her pussy...closing the apartment's lounge to
fuck his brains out. Being Manuel, the next day she finds him in bed
with Meggan, the main girl he neglected to tell her about. Just so
happens, Hanna lives in the apartment right next door, and that's just
where Hanna and Miguel catch her jacking off to Manuel's private tapes.
There's only one logical porno punishment for that...Meggan and Manuel
must fuck Hanna every which way but loose. This scalding hot 3-way is
worth the price of admission alone. See why Meggan and Hanna Love
Manuel...and why Vivid made them Contract Stars!" It was a surprising little feature that was light on story but solid on
sex as a pleasing vehicle to serve both Hanna Hilton and Meggan Mallone
in their earlier efforts at the company. Thomas showed he really hadn't
lost his touch and especially the finale scene showed the kind of
sexual exploration that worked enough from me to rate as Recommended. In short,  Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel in Blu-Ray was a decent little fuck flick full of frisky fucking and
starring two very attractive young ladies. The high definition version
will enhance the look of the technical values substantially from what
I've seen but this was well worth checking out if you like the cast. I
also think it was great for this to become one of the first, if not the
first, releases where the unique bonus material directly relating to
the release was substantially better, Vivid earning a feather in their
cap for the event.

 Ivan is probably the best known director at Anabolic
these days, his mainstream projects gathering him more acclaim but his
porn inducing plenty of personal accolades from what I've heard in his
stint there. A "no-frills" type of director, Ivan tends to provide a
decent amount of tease from the ladies but never loses sight of the
fact that a great many viewers are even more interested in the ladies
getting down & dirty as early as possible so I was glad he managed
to balance the two concepts nicely in Sweet Cheeks 10. While I
haven't seen much of the series to date, a few of my fellow reviewers
have found them to their liking, claiming that Ivan is "the next
William Nutsack" despite my protests that he's his own man. This time,
he managed to show a lot of oiled up hotties getting frisky for the
camera, including a number of gals that haven't been "shot out" as is
the case all too often these days in gonzo.  It was a lot of fun to appreciate and well worth a rating of Recommended
thanks to the amount of fuck for the buck, replay value, and
strokability provided by the cast. Ivan showed he could reign in
various personalities and milk decent scenes out of them too, the high
definition version probably clearing up many of the minor technical
issues that were slight but noticeable. In short, Sweet Cheeks 10 definitely had a lot of sweet looking cheeks proudly displayed by the
nine attractive women, only a few of them really mediocre in their
performances but all were looking worth a few loads.

 Romulus has been providing Evil Angel with some kinky Femdom material for awhile now, their latest release in his series being called  Asses of Face Destruction 4, the sequel to Asses of Face Destruction 3.
The idea was less about the sex than the tease, the role playing, and
the buildup of the sexual tension, all attributes that came more into
play this time than in his other outings for the company in the popular
series. While I prefer full sexual contact between the partners in such
shows, I have to admit that the change of pace it offers always manages
to achieve a smile on my face and a bulge in my pants. The company
website said it like this: "The good folks at Roman Video have given us
a new collection of scenes from their facesitting archives, featuring
girls who like dominating men with their plump, round butts, and the
lucky guys who get to wear a lady's ass like a hat. Pale blonde Ashley
fires starts the fun with a trash-talking, verbal abuse-filled ass
worship session. Next, bitchy, bossy Gianna flaunts her big butt and
huge tits, squashing the poor face of dog leash-wearing submissive Matt
Johnson. Large-assed Brazilian Preta orders her victim Paolo around in
Portugese, and petite Jamie Elle plays the role of a spoiled college
brat to a T while she plants her soft, sexy little ass on Freddy
Baxter's face."  It was exactly what was advertised and I rated it as Recommended. I
wanted to see more tease and maybe a fuller set of dominatrix skills
used but the fetish of the day was readily catered to and all of the
ladies seemed to add their own brand of spice to the fun. Gianna was
the best of the bunch and had the extras been better, I might have
boosted the rating up a notch but ultimately this will prove to be a
solid change of pace from the generic gonzo titles littering the
marketplace. In short, Asses of Face Destruction 4 was worth my time, money, and seed so give it a look.

 Digital Sin
has long been an industry leader for making "niche" fuck flicks;
essentially catering to smaller groups of dedicated fans that enjoy
seeing certain kinds of sex, body parts, or even performers so it makes
sense that they have spent a lot of time making compilations in recent
years. Their latest such releases to make it my way were Boobstravaganza 9: Titties Galore! and Boobstravaganza 10: Titties Galore!, the focal point of the many scenes being showcasing ladies with large
but natural breasts over the common implants that many ladies seem to
sport in the industry these days. The covers said it like this as #9: "You
have got to love those titties! You can squeeze 'em, slap 'em, lick
'em, or fuck 'em. They're just so versatile! And now they can be yours
with our latest 2-disc set that features some of the biggest titties we
could find! Gianna, Ashlynn Brooke, Tyra Moore, Carmen Luvana, Evie
Delatosso, Rita Faltoyano, Natasha Nice and more busty babes make their
presence known as they rock the house with their titanic tits. There's
nothing better than a pair of juicy jugs, so make sure you catch this
tit flick because it's a fucking Boob-Stravaganza!" and #10: "Come one and come all! It's a brand new episode of Boob Stravaganza
and we've put together some of the nicest racks you have ever seen.
This 2-disc set is packed 12 hot scenes and runs for over 5 hours of
nonstop titty-flopping action. We've got Alexis Silver, Gianna, Eva
Angelina, Audrey Bitoni, Ashlynn Brooke, Memphis Monroe, and an all-new
scene featuring the sexy, yet sultry, Cassandra Calogera. You don't
want to miss it!" Both volumes of the series provided substantially worthwhile scenes in abundance, the genetically blessed ladies (most of them were "real" tits) having fun as they milked the genetic juice out of a great many cocks so check either or both of them out for titty tantalyzing fun!

The best kind of housewife is a Horny Housewife so it behooves those of you that enjoy hardcore sex to listen to the popular Xcritic reviewer as she shows some of the best porn available including titles like My Evil Sluts 1 and My Evil Sluts 2: My Evil sluts from Evil angel features 6 scenes + 1 bonus for a total
of 7 hardcore Euro sex that is hotter than a July heatwave. These Euro
Lesbian sweethearts are amazingly beautiful and you won't believe the
things they will do for fame, money, and plain old nastiness. This
title is co directed by Raul Christian and Clara G. Any fan of Raul's
work knows that when it comes to his style of making movies there is
nothing off limits and the girls prove just that. Raul interviews and 
interjects in the only way he knows how which is rude, crude, and
completely raw. The man doesn't pull back in his questions, statements,
and actions so it always makes for a good show and this movie here is
no exception.  Beautiful visuals, beautiful sound, and most important beautiful women.
This title much like its predecessor fires on all cylinders. It has
everything you could want and then some more. To be perfectly honest
the   Eve Jordan &  Serilla Lamante scene alone is worth the price
of the Disc. That being said each scene is great and you cant go wrong
with anyone of them. How many DVD's can you say that about?  I highly
recommend you pick up this title. What a DVD this turned out to be. It has a bit of everything i could
ever want.  Visually it was stunning and the Audio was great as well.
The action was erotic, explosive, raw, and downright nasty. Although
the last few scenes were not as rough as the first two it didn't matter
due to the quality of girls throughout. This title definitely hit the
bulls eye and this is one Disc I will watch again and again. The
quality of girls who made up this title are second to none. If you are
a fan of super hot girls being super nasty pick up a copy of this ASAP!

Jen also found some other titles to be heated masses of gooey goodness with The Whole Enchilada 3: Donnie Cabo definitely brought his A game to The Whole Enchilada 3. The
DVD positively delivered  us some great looking Latinas in some well
shot and executed sex scenes. As with most of Vouyer Media releases the
visuals and sounds are top notch.  The Latina theme is carried very
well through the entire Disc so much so that the models don't speak any
English during their scenes and subtitles are used to translate all of
the dialog for all the non Spanish speaking porn fans who are watching.
I would tell fans of both Vouyer Media and Latina girls to pick up this
title and add it to their collection; Brand New Faces #10: Whats better than a brand new face in porn? How about 4 brand spanking
new faces in one DVD? The series "Brand New Faces" from Vivid
Entertainment promises just that. Each girl featured in the series is
said to be shooting her very first scene EVER. How true this is I
honestly have no idea but the  premise is great for us porn fans
looking for a fresh face to enjoy. This DVD was pretty good from all aspects. The lighting and sound was
very good and it really seemed to compliment all the girls well. The
addition of a 2nd bonus disc with 6 extra scenes was great and although I have yet to watch them if they are anything like what was shown in
the main disc I will be very happy. All in all i would highly recommend
this. The Scene with Marlena and well as the Pharyn Sparxxx one were
very hot and I loved both the girls look. The Kimmy and Bridgette B
scenes were also very nice and I really enjoyed watching them. The
addition of the bonus disc just pushes this title over the top; Sperm Swap 4 features 13 sexy and seductive Euro Babes proving that
sharing is in fact caring. These girls love being nasty and cum so much
that they cant help but cum swap the creamy loads deposited into their
mouths. The scenes of Nella Wan Hells & Honey & Maya Bee & Beatrix
were great and I intend to watch them again in the future. As with most
every thing Raul Christen does is is a bit on the rough side but do
enjoy that aspect of things but it definitely will not be to everyone's
liking. As with almost every Evil Angel title I have ever viewed the
lighting and sound was great and really left me with no complaints. The
added extras with only one bonus scene and really not much else was a
let down but all in all the DVD was very good and I would recommend
this title in a heartbeat.

The mysterious Mooninite then found two titles to talk about with POV Punx: First of all, don't spell 'punks' with an X, otherwise it sounds like
some sort of kid's candy or marketing gimmick, which, at this point in
the game, it probably is. No offense to the lovely Joanna Angel and her
crew - they're still pumping out quality alt porn long after many of us
guessed they'd jump the shark - but the word 'punx' is annoying to
those of us old enough to remember a world before Green Day. With that
said, this latest release from Burning Angel, now 100% VCA free and
distributed by Voyeur Media, compiles eight complete POV (point of view
for those who don't dig on abbreviated terminology) scenes all of which
are set to a killer score from New Jersey's finest, The Bouncing Souls.
There's no plot to discuss, just eight scenes that kinda-sorta put a
dick (that, if you have a good imagination, could be your own) in
control of the curvy cuties put at your disposal thanks to the wonders
of interactive DVD. While POV Punx doesn't do anything new with the whole POV
concept, it at least uses an interesting looking cast of ladies and has
fun doing it, which is the same mixture that makes most of the Burning
Angel DVDs worth checking out. Video quality isn't great but there's a
lot of material here to wank to and the material is hot enough that you
won't have any problems in that department; and Anal Chaos (Blu-Ray): This Teravision/Iron Cross gonzo feature has no plot or recurring
themes of any kind. It's simply five scenes of hardcore anal action.  If you're into anal, and preferably into chaos of some sort as well, then Anal Chaosis going to be right up your alley, pardon the pun. The scenes are all
above average and while they don't really bring much of anything new to
the table, they definitely work and they do deliver some reasonably
steamy action.  If you dig anal, you'll dig Anal Chaos. The audio is of only
average quality and the extras are nothing exciting but the transfer is
decent and the feature is as well.

Then we found out how much the Porn Princess (no, she isn't related to Stormy) thought about two titles with Jesse Jane Sexy Hot: So how Sexy Hot is Jesse Jane? Simply put: very. In this movie from
Celeste we have a series of five scenes, three of which feature Jesse.
All the scenes are also shot with a "home movie" look.  Jesse Jane continues to prove why she is one of the most popular
contract stars in the business today. For anyone that has seen her
scenes before you know that she always gives everything she has and if
she is faking all of it then she deserves an award. I was a bit
disappointed with Audrey's scene but it was still good; and Cock Grinder Brea Bennett: This is a simple all sex movie from Club Jenna. In this case the center
of attention is Brea Bennett who is featured in two scenes. From the
box we are told that the scenes are ideas from Brea, of stuff she's
like to see.
The good thing about this film for me is that I like all the girls that
are in it. Brea is really good in both her scenes, in particular her
scene with Sammie, even if she didn't do everything I would have liked.
From the title I would assume that there will be more movies with this
name but featuring a different contract star. Club Jenna continues to
make porn that looks good and is highly erotic. I would highly
recommend this for sure. One note, the box cover says that Barrett
Blade in the film. As you read above he wasn't so I figured he was
either in a scene that was cut or it's a misprint.

Stud muffin Ben Johnson then gave a quick take on a variety of titles such as Centerfolds Caught in Action #2:  If you're a fan of Brooke Banner then this DVD really brings home the
goods. With a little bit of everything it should also appeal to a wide
variety of viewers. Do some research on Brooke and if you think you'd
like to see some of her best moments give this DVD some consideration; Barely Legal Boot Camp: Although the plot of definitely corny, I found myself buying
into it. Using some high-quality sets and props, Hustler really did
some work into this one. If you're looking for an Adult DVD with a very
basic plot, some scorching hot teens, and solid action, this release
might be for you;  Cum Stained Casting Couch #12: a pretty enjoyable release.
Starring some incredibly attractive young girls, the action on this
disc will hold up to repeated viewings. In most cases it would make a
good blind buy, but some might want to rent it first; Boy Meats MILF #2: If you read the review you can probably tell how I felt about
this DVD - I loved it. Starring a cast chock full of great looking
women, it will easily hold up to repeated viewings. When you consider
that you also get a plethora of extras, the question of whether or no
to buy it becomes a no-brainer. If you're in the market for a new MILF
DVD, look no further. My hats off to you Eddie Powell; and Monsters of Cock 16: Considering they're up to the 16th installment in the series, you know
BangBros is doing something right. Despite the fact that you probably
won't want to watch it with the wife, I found each and every scene to
be thoroughly enjoyable with plenty of playful and energetic sex. Had
they provided more extras, I would have giving it a high rating. Still,
it would make for a decent purchase if you can find it on sale.

Felix then offered up an educational experience with Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Positions: Tristan Taormino is at it again and this time it's the Expert Guide to
Positions. I've fancied a lot of educational DVD's lately on the
subject of sex, mainly because it's such a fascinating topic, and I
think if there's one person to learn from, it's Tristan. For fourty
eight minutes, Tristan and co. goes on with the same beats from her
prior educational DVD's discussing the different sexual positions, the
impact they can have on a woman's G-Spot, and how the positions can be
beneficial for both men and women. With sexual positions you have to consider both parties. Don't be a
position Nazi. Taormino not only lists some interesting positions (all
of which I've heard of, not that I'm bragging), but also sheds some
interesting insight in to what baggage comes with position. Taormino
also makes a great point about the men that some of us just can't face.
Some positions are meant for mean with large cocks, so don't delude
yourself, fellas. Admit, and commit. 
Tristan Taormino is sexy, intelligent, and successfully creates an
atmosphere of comfort, and pure professionalism without resorting to
Vulva hand puppets once. "The Expert Guide to Positions" is useful, and
if you're looking for a DVD that will teach you and your mate about
various positions to heighten your sex life, then this is the one to
get. I hope we never get the Expert Guide to Scat. Here's a fun game:
I've performed all but three positions. Can you guess which ones?

Star reviewer Wind Tunnel then offered up two top picks with  Watch Your Back: an extended
play compilation, focused on the anal exploits of the Diabolic back
catalog, a greatest hits, if you will, of the bum-bumped set.  Though
all twenty (twenty!) scenes
are slightly truncated (each clock in around the ten to twelve minute
mark apiece), each one jumps straight to the already-in-progress
action*, staying until the final pop(s) provide a beneficial amount of
closure, with anal gapes galore!  Running through the entire disc in
one sitting is like thumbing through a moving library of dirty gonzo
porn, with stars past and present sizing up the competition, often lost
in the heat of the moment (thankfully), allowing for a
near-chronological survey of the Diabolic canon. The sheer amount of action contained within this disc is probablyenough for any hot-blooded lover of ass and the not-too-distant past
arena of gonzo to find a goodly amount of enjoyment via squeeze, and
the line-up is pretty supreme, as well.  The only downside is the
slight truncation of the beginnings (this is a compilation, after
all!), which would have better set-up quite a few of the scenes, all
the better to enjoy the hotness (or up the lower boiling ones
temperatures) in a few cases.  For value's sake, Watch Your Back comes Recommended,
and might play as more of a scrapbook album for veterans of Diabolic's
back catalog while turning a few heads for those who may have missed a
few true greats (the constantly on-edge-with-sexual-madness Tory Lane,
lithe and lovely Melissa Lauren, whippersnapper Staci Thorn, and
especially Dana Vespoli!) that should not be left forgotten, no matter
who you are; and Initiations #22: Though previous editions of Anabolic's Initationsseries has varied in quality over the years (and as many different
directors manning the wheel being a direct cause of this), number
twenty-two promises a high-def experience featuring some of the more
storied newcomers arriving among the porn fold.  The majority of male
talent on-hand does double duty behind the camera, though the
moderation in overall style remains current and decidedly gruff when it
comes to ushering in the girls per their given scenes.  As is the
style/stamp of the series, each one begins with a short interview/chat,
and soon afterward is blindfolded as the dick(s) arrive for service. 
From there on out, the blinders are off, and away the pairs or trios
go! Though it has a few faults, Initiations #22 keeps the span of quality work high enough to earn a Recommended
rating, as there is much to keep and offer in repeat viewings. 
Sayurii, in particular, is the stellar standout here, with Addison,
Sabrina and Ellie in a three-way tie for close second.  The two mostly
blow-bang scenes with Sophia and Celeste were the only dips and
downfall in the otherwise high rankings, and Jordan's lackluster
performance more or less rode out into okay territory thanks to her
looks alone.  However, since the mood is mostly a bit on the rougher
side without crossing too many boundaries, it's understandable that a
few stragglers could weigh down the hungrier beasts looking to slay
their way through one or a few dicks at a time.  Excised of the chaff
and with a few bonus scenes to boot, the disc would have been a
five-star bonanza, but as it stands, it still is worth your attention,
as the series itself always has been in the past.

Beloved Rob Randell then provided a quartet (or is that whore-tet?) of flicks you might appreciate such as The Asian Complex a new series from New Sensations with their newest director Tyler
Scott. This feature has a female cast of asian girls. The girls all
role play the asian school girl fantasy. The approach is similar to
DSVX's Sakura Tales lineup. If you like cute asian babes then you will want to check out this DVD. I was pretty happy with this DVD. The girls were all very
attractive and they had some pretty heated sex scenes. I think that if
you like asian girls that you will want to pick up this one. Hot babes,
hot sex and good replay value; Nice Rack #16: a gonzo release with a focus on big breasted beauties. There are 6
scenes and the girls all partake in some good gonzo action. The feature
does well focusing on the girl's lovely chests. I thought this was a
solid release with lots of good action. If you like big boobies Nice Rack 16 should fill you with excitement. It was a pretty good production. The girls are all attractive and have nice
big racks. If you like big breasted women than this DVD will be up your
alley. The feature also does a good job at focusing opening teases and
sex scenes on the big breasts; Prime Cups #4: a collection of scenes in DVD quality from the website www.primecups.com.
The scenes focus on big breasted gals who do some teasing and fucking.
The cast is made up entirely of euro-babes and they look great in
action. If you like big boobs then check out this DVD. I like the first 3 volumes of Prime Cups a lot. The concept of
big titted euro-babes and wild sex is never a bad idea. While I liked
the first volumes this one wasn't as good. I liked the feature enough,
but there were times when the scenes felt like the last; and Mai Hanano Cum Inside: a Japanese porn that stars Mai Hanano. Miss Hanano is an attractive
asian babe with big bouncy tits and a good body. She has some pretty
decent sex scenes. My viewpoint might be jaded because I prefer this
type of girl. If you like asian babes then you want to check out this
video. I was happy with this video. Mai Hanano was the right kind
of hot! Her body, face, tits and ass make her the perfect girl to see
get into action. The content is also pretty good. I am a bit prone to
like it because I just found her amazing to look at. I was also happy
with the video quality. It is very good. The best blu-ray I have seen
in adult or mainstream.

We then look at some selections by newcomer Apache Warrior such as Wedding Bell Blues: Jonathon Morgan is a talented director who's clear and simple
directions allow his actors to bring forth the right amount of
emotional and comedic style to their performance. Wicked Pictures is
lucky to have him. As to Wedding Bell Blues, the movie begins with the
wannabe runaway bride played by the wonderful Kirsten Price who is
being held by her leg by beautiful Samantha Sin. Ms. Price is having
second thoughts about marrying her beau Chris Cannon. Surprisingly,
it's not because she does not love him. It's on account of she will not
be able to fulfill her sexual fantasies. Her maid of honor, her mother,
and the priest who will conduct the wedding ceremony reassure the bride
that getting married is a glorious new beginning to her life. The
script and the talents of the actors make this movie very entertaining.
Wicked Pictures knows how to make entertaining features. Wedding Bell
Blues is one of those films. They have a great group of creative people
in their stable; Moms Gone Wild 2: a flick from the jack of all trades Exquisite Multimedia.
Three of the scenes were standouts for their acting abilities. Brandi
Edwards, Morgan Rae, and Kendra Secrets are the stars of this DVD. I
would put Brandi's performance as the best. I like how she acts very
flattered as the young stud flirts with her. It felt natural. In
addition, the guys should not get fooled by her glasses. She is the
most beautiful woman in this movie. If you see her behind the scenes
footage, I think most guys would agree with me. These women do go wild and the audience is the beneficiary of their efforts. Moms Gone Wild 2 is a very good movie; and MILF Blown: The premise of each scene is that the guys are driving around and they
spot a particular porn star. When they mention her name, scenes of that
actress posing to the camera are shown briefly. Then, the movie returns
to the guys in the car and the spotted adult star. Each woman is
persuaded to return with them to their place for some fun. More
importantly, after the conclusion of their main sex scene, a group of
guys enter the scene and a blow bang ends their work for the day. For
your information, a blow bang is when a group of men get orally
satisfied and they cum on a woman's face, tits, or whatever body part.
It is a take off of the word gang bang, but no fucking is required,
however blowjobs of multiple people and their cum are essential. Blow bangs are a new and recent phenomenom and they are here to stay. I
see this series and others featuring blow bangs as being very popular
and highly successful and lucrative in the future. I was very impressed by Rayveness' professionalism and,
more importantly, her personal demeanor and attitude. She is one of
several adult actresses who has her priorities in order. A special
thanks needs to go out to Vince Vouyer on getting her for the movie.
Hey guys and gals, go and buy this movie.

Addison DeLick rounds out the cast of characters here with some porn a lot of you are going to appreciate, including a posthumous tribute to a lovely lady in I Love Haley Page: "Haley Loves Anal" could be an alternative title for this ass-centric
collection of eight scenes from the brief but productive career of Haley Paige,
who died, at age 25, in August 2007 under mysterious circumstances. The
Mexican-born, San Diego-raised daughter of a Mexican mother and Welsh

father possessed that natural "all-American" look that makes men weak,
and her appearance in porn was just too good to be true. The scenes
here date from 2003 and 2004 and are all beautifully, professionally
shot on film-like HD video. While the packaging lists the title as "I
Love Haley Paige," the onscreen title drops her last name.
Although the brief biographical info included here makes no mention of
Haley Paige's death last year, the DVD serves as a tribute to the
brunette stunner. The eight scenes, all exceedingly well shot, offer
everything any Haley fan could want, especially those who want to see a
lot of anal sex and ass-to-mouth nastiness involving large cocks. The
extras are adequate, but the main program is the thing here; My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla #16: Good-naturedly but with purpose, Diesel continually urges his conquests
to say, "I love that big n----- dick," or some variation thereof; at
the end of the scenes, as cum drips off their chins, he asks the girls,
"What would your daddy think now?" It's all in good, horny fun, of
course, but it's still a little queasy. To their credit, the girls
don't utter the N-word on their own, and one of them, Renae Cruz, won't
go along, telling Diesel, "That's not good to say."
Each of the five scenes includes voracious cocksucking (though the
girls can barely swallow more than just the head of Diesel's extremely
thick dick), long-lasting pussy and asshole licking, and humping in
every possible position. There is no anal intercourse, probably for
good reason, considering the damage that could be done with that fat
Young, hot and horny ladies, including one relative newcomer to porn,
have lots of fun with Shane Diesel's majorly circumferenced cock in
this gonzo title. Some viewers may be discomfited by the overriding and
hardly subtle racial theme, but most others will take it all in stride.
Good extras help make this a smart buy for fans of the genre; and Pussy Party #23: Among squirting-girl DVDs, this offering from Seymour Butts' elderly
Cousin Stevie is wet and wild -- but mostly just plain wild. Seven
starlets gather in someone's home and proceed to stain couches, carpets
and bed spreads, but no one seems to be complaining. Director Stevie, who remains mostly unseen and unheard in the main
program, divides the lengthy action into four general sections: Solo
Sex, Couples Sex, Threesomes (one of which is a foursome) and Orgy Sex.
A coda has the auteur handing out awards in such categories as best
masturbation (sorry, those watching the DVD and beating off are not up
for consideration). There are wetter, more jaw-dropping girl-squirt DVDs out there, but
this one can't be topped for the energy and horniness of its all-girl
cast. The natural (and far from big-breasted) girls are of various
physical and personality types, but they all have love of pussy --
others' and their own -- in common. Fans of lady love won't be


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