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Sex thoughts during a fight


So!! have you ever been arguing with someone then eventually started thinking of how good it would be to have to suck the cum out of your pussy? or cock? Well the other day I got into one of those jealous fights with someone and we went at for about 2 hours. I mean yelling calling out names, I even got to the point where I pushed him and screamed for him to leave!! It's so emotional to be jealous and angry at somebody. I mean I could be the one doing bad and in trouble but it still makes me so angry that i'm even at fault. I won't give in and admit I'm at fault. It takes a lot to get me to be nice when I'm mad. It's kind of a sad situation for the one I choose to be my lover. I'm not that bad though. Just when I'm super angry.


Anyway we went at it forever it seemed. Finally I jus sat on the couch and stopped talking. A movie was put in and we were both silent. Omg it was so crazy because I was sitting there thinking about how mad I was, but then again I started thinking about him eating my pussy. It was so wild. I even imagined the scenerio. I wanted him to just grab me by the arms, (angry) of course and throw me in the middle of the couch and spread my legs wide wid wide.... Then just devour my pussy and suck out all my juices... While looking up at me of course. I wanna watch him enjoy it. Then I wanted him to turn me on all fours to lick and suck my ass while I play with my clit until I cum so hard I barry his face in my whole ass and pussy area.... OMG!!


I finally couldn't take it anymore so I tried to make up and got my freak on!!! Woohoo I got my mind blowing orgasms thru my ass and pussy like I wanted. Cock came last, but I have to admit OMG I love the way that orgasm feels good too... WOW!!