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Anal Beach Buns, Gabriella Fox: Sexy Hot, Cry Wolf, and plenty more…


Spotlight Title: Anal Beach Buns


 Jay Sin is one of the few directors at Evil Angel
that I really know little about other than he makes a good fit at the
company due to his love of curve female ass. Jay seems driven to
provide gonzo scenes with more circus act sex or fetish themes than
most of his peers too, perhaps as a means of differentiating himself in
the admittedly crowded field, the results varying significantly but the
guy often finding just the right niche to provide something off the
beaten track. His latest title making it my way is Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set,
a series of five lengthy scenes full of tease and swimsuit appeal,
using ladies that offer a sweet array of cunning stunts to serve as
inspiration for your own hand to gland combat experiences.  It was a lot to handle but the performances seemed to show the ladies
naturally enjoying all that took place and their chemistry enhanced by
passion warranted a rating of Highly Recommended. The technical
values had some rough spots but the extras package was among the best
I've seen this month, no small feat considering the stacks of porn
proliferating on my tables and desk, making this one to check out. In
short, Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set might have rougher
sex than I generally watch but the casting was superior and fans of
gonzo styled anal antics will be hard pressed to find a better release
for what Jay Sin provided. Good work!


Sneak Peeks: Gabriella Fox: Sexy Hot and Jack's Redhead Adventure


 Digital Playground
is one of the most successful companies in the adult entertainment
industry but unlike many of their peers, they have only three
directors, Joone, Robby, and Celeste.
Each has their own niche and following of fans, Celeste catering more
to the female fantasy than anything else. Of late, her track record has
been pretty solid for delivering the goods to both sexes, a quick look
at her movie ratings showing that even a jaded old porn hound like me
can appreciate her works if the casting is right, so I was curious to
see what her upcoming title, Gabriella Fox: Sexy Hot, would be like as the first sequel released to the appreciated Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot.
Coming out next month, the show provided five scenes full of tease and
heated sexual action, showcasing new contract gal Gabriella Fox better
than her previous effort for the company. One look at her and you'll
know why she was signed up, the smoldering eyes, sweetly curved figure,
and the potential to really rock the world of her fans.  It was another step in the evolution of contract cutie Gabriella Fox where
she showed plenty of potential. By this time next year, she may well be
a terrific lay and so skilled in sexual depravity that I'll be taking
cold showers every time I see her flicks but in this case, the strength
of the movie was largely attributable to the entire cast with the
chemistry, replay value, and strokability meriting a rating of Recommended. In short, Gabriella Fox: Sexy Hot showed the lead as being sexy and hot, her "wow factor" still on the
rise at this writing. The technical values were solid and the BTS had
some of the self deprecating humor the crew is known for, Robby and
Jamal skewered over all the others.

 Digital Playground
was once known far and wide as a premiere couples company, their
softcore features winning all sorts of awards but leaving hardcore
lovers a bit limp so when director Robby D.
was brought over from Vivid, no one batted an eyelash thinking he would
eventually become a powerhouse gonzo director at the company. These
days, Robby has his hand in almost all the releases of the company too,
shooting the works of his gal pal Celeste and chugging cameras for main
man Joone but of most interest to me is his own works where the pervert
chases ladies all over the place using his "Jack" persona. For the
uninitiated, Jack is Robby's fictional alter ego that always uses the
promise of music video work to get a gal stripping and fucking on
camera, occasionally sidestepping the concept for the fictional Teen
America pageant or pretending he's a novice shooting his first pornos
in the My First Porn series. As the company has expanded to meet
increasing niche demands they have used his skills to offer big ass
movies, big tit movies, and now are moving into another area new to
them with Jack's Redhead Adventure 1, showcasing redheaded
ladies having a lot of fun. When Robby was still in the planning stages
of the movie, he could not stop talking about it and even in our own
Xcritic forums, the demand for fiery redheads has been made clear so I
took some time to check it out.  It comes out at the end of next month and fans of redheads will have a lot of freckles and red hair to appreciate, each gal fitting the bill quite nicely even if the total package might not have been the best the company has to offer.

Highlights of The Week 

  Reality Kings
is best known as an internet company but they have been picking up
sales on DVD thanks to supercharging their staff in recent times,
releasing their best content on disc as a means of generating not only
additional revenue but getting the word out as a marketing tool as
well. Their latest title to make it my way was Flower Tucci.com Volume 4, the sequel to Flower Tucci.com Volume 1, Flower Tucci.com Volume 2, and Flower Tucci.com Volume 3,
that I liked so much. The DVD is a collection of scenes between Flower
and some of her friends, none of the males properly credited but
including whites and blacks for those who care. The scenes have the
benefit of containing substantial amounts of tease footage that
Flower's fans (such as me) enjoy watching but also a lot of hardcore
footage that displays the cast having a good time. If that interests you
as much as it did me, you would be remiss in skipping out on Flower's latest jam packed (and that means each of her three holes) session made for her exclusive website with the company.  It was worth a rating of Recommended or better for fans of Flower
and her oiled up buddies, the scenes not quite as consistently strong
as the last volume in the series but still very well played. The
technical values were solid thanks to lots of light, the plentiful
tease helped add lots of value, and the bonus scenes were pretty good
too (except for using a moper) so this compilation of scenes from the
website was definitely worth being on your pick lists if you like the
anal queen herself.

 Paul Thomas is generally considered the leading director at Vivid Entertainment
these days and has been for some time. His many awards and accolades
for a variety of fuck flicks have given the man enough room to
experiment with a variety of approaches, many of them serving up some
decent pairings while others fell flat. His latest release to make it
my way was Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel, a story of lust in a
sexual triangle starring two of the newest contract gals the company
has to offer, perky blond Hanna Hilton, and hotty Houstonian Meggan
Mallone, as the two compete for the affections of studly Manuel
Ferrara. The box cover said it like this: "Hanna is a real estate agent
who meets Manuel while showing him an exclusive seaside apartment. She
sells him the place...and her pussy...closing the apartment's lounge to
fuck his brains out. Being Manuel, the next day she finds him in bed
with Meggan, the main girl he neglected to tell her about. Just so
happens, Hanna lives in the apartment right next door, and that's just
where Hanna and Miguel catch her jacking off to Manuel's private tapes.
There's only one logical porno punishment for that...Meggan and Manuel
must fuck Hanna every which way but loose. This scalding hot 3-way is
worth the price of admission alone. See why Meggan and Hanna Love
Manuel...and why Vivid made them Contract Stars!"  It was a surprising little feature that was light on story but solid on
sex as a pleasing vehicle to serve both Hanna Hilton and Meggan Mallone
in their earlier efforts at the company. Thomas showed he really hadn't
lost his touch and especially the finale scene showed the kind of
sexual exploration that worked enough from me to rate as Recommended. In short,  Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel was a decent little fuck flick full of frisky fucking and starring two
very attractive young ladies. The high definition version will enhance
the look of the technical values substantially from what I've seen but
this was well worth checking out if you like the cast.

  Digital Sin
and sister company New Sensation have been chugging out compilations in
recent years to suit the needs of many fans. By offering up focused
nods to specific genres and performers, their level of fuck for the
buck climbs substantially over the multitude of generic gonzo offerings
on the market, giving many people an incentive to pick up a few titles
depending on what their tastes may be. Such was the case with Ass-Mania: 2 Disc Set,
a double disc set of scenes focusing all their attention on a series of
mighty fine asses with a whole lot of anal loving taking place in the
6+ hour show and sequel to Asstravaganza 7.
Just a look at the lineup of ladies will tell you all you need to know
but as the back cover put it: "20 scenes full of anal madness! That's
what Ass-Mania is all about! So you better be prepared because this new
series is about to overpower your cock with 6 hours and 30 minutes of
non stop ass pumping action! We've got some of the hottest chicks like
Eva Angelina, Rita Faltoyano, Katsumi, Sharka Blue, Ariana Jollee, and
Tia Sweets leading the way for these horny sluts as they get their
asses plundered with some rock hard cock thunder! It's time for the
Ass-Mania of a lifetime!"  It had twenty scenes of anal depravity and ass loving that should give you
all some inspiration in your personal pleasure sessions. The amount of
fuck for the buck was somewhat exceptional for such a compilation at
this price, the wealth of scenes from the past mixing in nicely with
the newer works that I had not seen as of yet so I rated it as Recommended. In short, the advertising hype was a bit much but not totally wrong in the sense of what was provided on Ass-Mania: 2 Disc Set,
the title about as good as any of the lengthy double disc sets the
company has provided in the past before it. I only wish that they
labeled all the scenes and not just a few of them, how tough can it be
for a record holder to look something up compared to a reviewer faced
with scores of choices (since so many people work together a lot these

 HJ has been directing for Evil Angel Buttman Magazine Choice
a little in recent times; providing his own vision that shows a love of
ass that I can identify with so I try to pick up his releases whenever
they come out. His most recent release for the company was Keep It Right There 2,an interracial love fest where he boned some hot hunnies with superior
asses. The company website said it like this: "In HJ's followup to his
popular Keep It Right There, several hot ladies show off their teasing
and cocksucking skills, mixed with a couple of full-on fucking scenes.
Foxy Latina Giselle does a private show on a stripper pole, then
spreads lotion on herself and gives a lengthy blowjob to Josh Stone.
Thick white girl Vanessa Lynn gets fucked by HJ, and later, Courtney
Cummz blows him while wearing a cute pink bikini. Sultry blonde Eva
Cruz teases us in the bubble bath, then sucks and fucks Josh until he
comes on her stomach. We also follow around Luana, a hot latin babe
with an enormous fat ass, who goes down on HJ's knob; pretty Trina
Michaels gives Nat Turnher a juicy blowjob; and big booty'd Luscious
Lopez and Gianna Michaels strut around the backyard before sucking big
black Magic's dick in various locations.  It was not his most consistent work to date but some of the performances
were off the hook in terms of how a few of the ladies really shined
like stars. The fact that HJ concentrated so much on raw energy and
enthusiasm instead of polished looks and editing out all the nuances
that make him different were enough to merit a rating of Recommended. If you like tease footage, curvy women from all kinds of races, and a guy that loves showing them off, Keep It Right There 2 should be on your short list of gonzo titles to pick up.

 Celeste is the female director at Digital Playground
known far and wide for her erotica series that use her impressions of
sexuality to fuel fantasies as shot by her main squeeze for thecompany. While he shoots increasingly hardcore gonzo styled titles, her
offerings rely less on the circus act sex or rough material than trying
to invoke a specific mood or feeling. Unlike so many in the industry,
she clearly loves women and wants to allow them the freedom to explore
what gets them off rather than strictly adhere to the formulas that are
so easy to shoot. As a result, she gets to put her name on flicks such
as Katsuni: Minx Blu-Ray, a showcase look at the contract
performer that comes out next month. Katsuni is one of the rarest of
ladies in porn too, getting better with time and outlasting scores of
the "flavor of the month" performers that so many fans flocked to;
showing a staying power based as much on her nasty side as her
femininity. She is in three of the six scenes too, so fans will
automatically want to pick up a copy for their viewing pleasure.  It was a title I could rate as Recommended even without prodding by
one of my female bed buddies since the lead was one of the best in the
business and the majority of scenes were well situated in terms of
their visual stroke appeal. In short, Katsuni: Minx Blu-Ray was
a solid showcase for the lovely lady, one of her best in awhile as far
as I was concerned, but the other gals proved to live up to their roles
too. Had the cost of the production been a bit lower, I'd have likely
raised my rating up a notch too, this enhanced high definition version
a visual treat for any fan of the lovely Asian contract star here. Yum!

Our own hotty, The Horny Housewife, provided a few picks this time starting with: The Amy Ried Story follows the
transformation of a somewhat skittish and shy 19 year old teenage
newbie Devin Valencia to Amy Ried the Porn Goddess we all know and
love today. The transformation from a normal sexy girl next door in
her very first scene to the whore Porn dreams are made of is captured
in this Vouyer Media DVD. In 2 hours and 25 minutes and in six
scenes we take a look at Amy aka Devin and see her from very first
scene to the present day sex siren we can't seem to get enough of.
This is not your normal every day run of the mill gonzo flick this is The Amy Ried Story. I  found it to be an interesting idea in that it broke from the
mold of your everyday run of the mill gonzo in that it actually told
the story of a girl from her first scene ever to where she is today; as well as Ashlynn and Friends #5:  Are these all really Ashlynn's friend's? They could be friends,
enemies, cousins.. whatever. I wouldn't really give a fuck because they
were all sexy and really brought together a great DVD that i really
enjoyed. From the lead off home run Ashylnn provided, to the grand slam
that was the super adorable Ellie Idol and some real hot filler in
between this DVD was HOT!
This was really an enjoyable DVD for me for several reasons. First I
love Ellie Idol and Ashlynn Brooke. Two incredibly sexy girls I can't
get enough of. To see both of these girls as well as the other teengae
hotties from this disc made up to look so hot it was a pleasure to sit
back and enjoy. Great Lighting, good sound, hot fucking girls getting
fucked, what else can you ask for?

We then took a look at some titles provided by our newest addition to the team, Apache Warrior, with Seasoned Players #5: Tom Byron Pictures is the creation of porn veteran Tom Byron. It does
not feel that he has been in this business for so many years. How time
flies? Seasoned Players 5 is a part of his successful Seasoned Players
series. He enjoys working with mature women and that could be because
he is a seasoned player as well. A signature part of this series is the
interview at the beginning of each scene. Tom asks several questions to
each performer before they do their deed. It allows each woman to show
off their personality. It is a very useful segment for the audience.  Seasoned Players 5 has made a true fan out of this reviewer. I cannot
wait to watch the other ones in this series. The sex is fantastic and
we get a glimpse into who these adult actresses are when they are not
working. The interviews allow them to show that they are not beautiful
sex machines who can only suck and fuck. They are well rounded women
with lives that do not revolve around sex twenty four hours and three
hundred and sixty five days a year; Diary of a MILF #10: Naughty America is distributed by Pure Play Media. Each scene
starts off with an attractive woman writing her thoughts in her diary.
It is very effective in that it gives the audience some background of
the upcoming scene. One does not get bored. Diary of a Milf Vol. 10 is
part of their popular Diary of a Milf series.  For anyone who enjoys watching very attractive women having sex, this
DVD is for you. I think that by watching this movie, the viewer will be
interested in wanting to watch the other volumes in this series. It is
a very entertaining film. It gives a good plot to each scene; and Revenge of the MILFs #5: Hustler Video comes from the same people who publish Hustler Magazine.
Their brand name solidifies credibility and quality to their products.
In Revenge of the MILFS, each episodic scene has a believable and
effective plotline. Furthermore, the women entertainers have good
acting skills to make the audience care for them. Veteran Hustler continues to make very good adult DVDs. Their plotlines
are entertaining and fun to watch. They always find beautiful women to
cast in their movies. The buyer will hardly go wrong in purchasing Hustler videos and Revenge of the MILFS is a great buy.

The Mooninite came up with a few too, including Big Tits Round Asses 8: The Bang Bros. continue their tradition of showcasing some of the finest rump roasts and funbags in all of porndom with Big Tits Round Asses 8,
the latest in the series from Bang Productions. There's no plot, just
five scenes of big booty, big titty action as you like it.  This entry doesn't deviate from the formula that has made the series a
success in the least but that's likely what fans of big and round want
out of a DVD like this anyway. It caters to that fetish well by
providing some nice looking girls and some believable and reasonably
hot sex scenes. Bang Bros. fans won't see anything new here but those
who enjoy their tried and true ways should know exactly what they want
and that this disc will deliver. If big tits and round asses are your thing, then it should stand to reason that Big Tits Round Asses 8 will deliver just what you want. The quality is decent and the sex is
hot and while there are better DVDs out there in the Bang Bros. line,
this is still worth a look if curvy girls make you tingle; and The Naked Pen: This 1993 VCA production stands was directed by Wes Emerson (who was
one of the most prominent directors of the nineties and who is still
going strong) and features an interesting cast of the era's starlets,
many of whom are now almost entirely forgotten. Such is the nature of
the industry! At any rate, the film follows a writer (played by Tom Byron) who
lets his fantasies spill out onto the pages that he types as he guides
his character, Special Agent Taylor (Mike Horner)through various
escapades. What starts off as a fairly straightforward story about a
man rescuing a woman soon into a hardcore sex romp with bad acting, a
horrible soundtrack, and even worse dialogue! Ah... early nineties
porn, how we miss you so... All in all, this one holds up fairly well once you get past the dated
fashions and 'shot with a camcorder' look and feel. The cast are
enthusiastic and the girls are all quite attractive and enthusiastic.
Nostalgia for the era might play a part in one's appreciation for the
film but the sex is steamy and even if the plot is dopey as dopey can
be, at least the picture is well shot, and let's face it, you're not
watching this one for the storyline anyway. If you're okay with the dated aspects of an early nineties production
or, more specifically, you hold an affinity for the era's corny brand
of smut, then The Naked Pen is for you. The sex is hot and the movie looks pretty good, making it easy to overlook the lackluster supplements.

The Porn Princess came up with a duo of delights with Seymore Butts Missy Behavin': In this movie from Seymore Butts we delve into three scenes featuring
squirting in one and plenty of anal in the others. The Covergirl is
Missy Stone, who also is the namesake for this title.  As I mentioned earlier, Missy is showing herself off as possibly being
one of the new queens of anal. Her scene was very hot as were the
others. I will say  liked Sophie and Holly's scene more than the last
one, but that is only because I know more about the ladies in that
scene. The one downside here is that the video quality isn't top notch
but it is labeled a "home movie" so it can be expected. I would
recommend this, especially if you like anal; and Brea's Private Lies Part 2: This is the second part of the Private Lies story. In the first movie
Sophia Rossi started Private Lies as a way to help women nail their
cheating husbands in divorce court. The way this is done is they give
the husband a chance to cheat and it gets video taped. In this movie,
Brea Bennett has taken control of the company after Sophia.
There are a few things in this movie that if you have not seen the
first one you might get confused on. Before watching this I would
recommend that you check out the first one but it is not necessary. The
casting is good here and all the ladies seem to really enjoy
themselves. Therefore I would highly recommend this. There is plenty of
hot action, in particular the pairing of Brea and Mia and also the
pairing of Tiffany and James.

Guy Incognito outdid us all with a plethora of pussy related titles such as Cougars #2: The Cougar fad should never die. Nothing beats older ladies fucking the
shit out of younger dudes. Just as long as we don't slip into GILF
territory. GILFs can kill a cock faster than a tight grip. Think that
one out, slow pokes; Memphis Does Hollywood: Memphis Monroe is one of the new bright shining stars of porn.
It's just that this solo adventure was a little rocky. A better script
and more of a focus on Memphis fucking could've saved it. But, it's
still good. I'd recommend it as a cautious buy; Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3: doesn't offer up much change in its third
volume. Bitch juice is gargled and pussy lips are suckled. What did you
think was going to happen? Needless to say, Rhylee Richards stole the
show. Gina Lynn offers up more of the same; Top Notch Bitches 7: Gina Lynn has a winner with the Top Notch Bitches franchise. It's just
that I wish the same level of talent could be carried over to the other
films that fall under the Gina Lynn Productions umbrella. It's a real
shame, that something like this couldn't be whipped together; Backyard Amateurs 13: Homegrown Video has always been a favorite. I just want to see them
shake it up a little. Why can't we get something new? Oh well, who
knows? I just like the tits; It's a Mommy Thing 3: MILFs make the world go 'round. God, I love anything that features
older tits in them. I don't what Freud would make of it, but I tend to
keep my jerking off out of psychiatry. It made the class a lot easier
for everyone. I recommend this flick; Interracial 4 Pack: Interracial porn has come so far. It used to be seen as the sort of
sidecar show for the mainstream porn. Now, it has turned fantasy on its
ear and became the best thing going in the bigger productions. Nothing
beats watching tiny white meat getting split in two; Hustler's Honey's: Hustler knows what they're doing. Who am I to shit on them?
Well, here it is. I want more action. I feel like I got about 12
minutes of Hardcore in the entire runtime; and Slutstravaganza!: Digital Sin has slapped together some of the best in slut fuckery. The
scenes are a little too heavily compiled of the anal variety. But, it
works. Who knows what's going to work? Pick it up, if you love the butt.

We finish our look at the top titles with Ravyn's take on two titles including Cry Wolf: The Vivid teaser does justice to Cry Wolf from the very beginning. From
opening shot we all watched as Danny rapes her. However, it wasn't rape
was it? The story goes back and forth trying to explain what really
happened to Sylvia that night and leaves Danny holding the bag getting
the short end of the stick at the end. Can anyone be trusted when it
comes to compromising your integrity for love, money, and drugs?  With
all of the unexpected curveballs, Cry Wolf  keeps you watching until
the very end.  Paul Thomas had the right combination of cast members working together
in Cry Wolf. Monique out did herself from the very beginning playing
the role of a rape victim. As I watched, I wonder how she was able to
get inside the mind of a rape victim and how one would reaction, was
all too real for my book. The emotions she carried forward in that
scene made me wonder if she has ever been in that position and I pray
not. The excellent storyline was very well written and an engaging film
that should keep you glued to the television not exclusively for the
sex, but for the plot as well. Mr. Marcus and  Monique  worked  very
well together and  left  me  feeling bad for him in the  film  for
being duped by her in her  sick and  twisted  role-playing  game.
Seeing Steven St. Croix, as a pimp-villain was different from the
stuff   I have usually seen him in and he portrayed the role very well; and Double Exposure: Losing a loved one isn't easy especially if you both share that special
connection. After losing his wife, Jack stays to himself and rarely
interacting with others shutting out the rest of the world. Jack
becomes a very bitter and sullen person that his one care is getting
what he wants and fore going the needs of   others around him. With
each photo shoot he does, he finds a way to have sex with his clients
and then blows them off. Eventually he  finds another  that  catches
his eye and  is betrayed by her  as well.Even with Blade as his
partner, Jack makes it very difficult for anyone  and  everyone to get
close to him again or to come out of his shell to enjoy the real world.
 Does Jack ever come out of his shell and move on?? Former Wicked director David Stanley has left another encrypted message
in Double Exposure, one has to wonder how much of himself is mirrored
in all of his films. I have had the pleasure of reading his blog over
on My Space, where he has comes to mention a few times about losing the
love of his life and the pain that comes along with it. It sounds so
very familiar especially since we have all gone through this at one
point or another in our lives. This is not the usual stuff I am used to
seeing from David Stanley. Double Exposure's main character Jack (Brad
Armstrong) is a very dark and sadistic person, not caring who he hurts.
Even the background music used has that sense of gloom and doom around
it. Each of the ladies gave life to the role they were playing. I
enjoyed the reference August made to never answering an ad from
Craigslist. What puzzles me is, why  his wife's death wasnt explained
further. A few things just didn't mesh well. I guess for being a dark
satire it was good. I don't think that many viewer will understand the
point David was trying to get across and look at the sex as just that
sex and betrayal makes you very bitter and weary of everyone. This is
one dark fantasy that might not go well with viewers, but fans of David
Stanley's work will enjoy it.


Upcoming Notable DVDs


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