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I have had so many requests for my old implants that we removed on Tuesday, July 1st by fans, adult sites and magazines, I am selling them on eBay, as they were kind enough to relist it for us and acknowledged we didn't violate eBay policies!  Thanks eBay!  They have been medically sterlized, and you get my silicone implants, an autographed DVD of Babysitters, and two autographed photos, one nude and one not nude, all beautifully framed!  A portion of the proceeds will still go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Cure Fund, and the rest will go to pay for my new surgery I just had as well as my big legal bills now I have for my custody and legal battles.

Click on the pictures to go directly to my auction!  Good luck!

I tried to post this picture from my Photobucket. Last time that my photobucket links to the pictures didn't work right away and then I checked back later and they did. So, I'm hoping that it will happen this time or that maybe one of the administrators can help me to post this picture, if that's what ended up happening last time.

But here's the link just in case:

Teagan's Ebay Auction!



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