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Lies And Side Steps: What If Your Vote Made The Difference?


gia-nova-natch-snach-boothweb.jpg(Across The USA)- After scanning over the ballot of nominees for the 2008 Exotic Dancer Awards I had to sit back and make a decision. You see there are a slew of different nominees that are good friends of mine and I talk to them at least once a week.

Photo of Gia Nova Pictured Right compliments of www.xposedonline.com

What would be your answer to the phone call asking, "hey did you remember to go and vote for me in the Exotic Dancer Expo and Awards site?"

You can only vote for one person in each category. You only get one shot to make a difference in a young ladies feature dancing career.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out who to actually vote for and what to tell my lady friends when they ask, did you? Should I lie and say of course I voted for you, we are good friends. Or should I tell the truth and tell them I only get one vote and I don't want to tell anyone who I actually voted for.

Here is the cold hard truth, I will be voting for one of my good friends, and I will refuse to tell anyone who that vote went to. Who ever wins, in their category will be the best of the year. I will applaud them as if my vote put them over the top, no matter who it is.

daisyexpovote.jpgWhat would you do if you were in this predicament?

The girls have been working overtime to get your attention, Shay Lynn had someone put out a press release so everyone could see she wanted to win. Daisy Duxe made a button that is on her website and all of her email and my space correspondents.

Gia Nova started a website just so people had a place to go and vote. Other girls are doing other things, it's just crazy.

In past years the people at Exotic Dancer Magazine sent out ballots to all involved in the stripping business and counted the votes from pieces of paper sent in from around the country, this year you can vote online, this may be a very different year for "Campaigning" for your vote.

Since this year everyone gets a vote I ask everyone to go and vote for one of my friends and afterwards if one of them asks you if I asked you to vote for them, please respond with a yes he did, no matter who is standing in front of you at that particular time.

The Exotic Dancer Awards and Expo will be held in August in Las Vegas, everyone stays at the Mandalay Bay hotel and they have always had some great room rates and I believe this year is no different. I have read on other adult news sites  that the event is going to be slow and that some people don't want to go or have no interest. According to the girls who are nominated for the awards this is very far from the truth and this will be a pivotal year for the show and for their careers.





I will be there with the A! Entertainment crew again this year, I haven't missed on in as far back as I can remember.

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