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Fun in a Movie Theater


I know this random, but have you ever had one of those spontaneous, out of this world type of fuck sessions where nothing matters and you end up getting fucked in the ass?  Well, for those of you guys I doubt that hardly happens, but to us girls, I bet it has happened on an occasion or two...Well has it????

I was watching a movie the other day in the theater and during it, I just so happened to get horny which has been happening quite a lot lately to me. (I think I've become a sex addict/nympho. I think I'm a little bit of both. I should get diagnosed and then I'd be certified..haha.) Anyways, I was half way through the movie and my pussy was being rubbed in such a way that I had to tear my blankie off because there was a wave of heat that started @ my toes and traveled all the way up my body to my ears.  Due to the fact that I still wanted to see the movie I laid my head in his lap - still facing the movie screen so that I can see every action sequence and he started fingering my ass. Yes, I know I'm such the typical little "porn girl" because I like anal. But it's true. (The only way I can truly enjoy anal though is if I have prepared myself & I know I'm clean and then it's on like "Donkey Kong" - you know the video game-I know it's a silly analogy, but I couldn't think of any other) Enough side tracking, back to the topic @ hand...


As I got more and more into my forplay, I stopped paying attention less and less to the movie. Don't you hate it when that happens. It was looking like I was going to have to come back another day just to see the major plot points of the movie.
So, he was fingering my ass and my orgasms were so intense that my legs started shaking rapidly, and then my knees ended up collapsing under me while I was in the doggy position over the arm rests. Let's just say that my abdomen was a little bruised from that fall. But that couldn't stop me. in my ass because I had already cum over 5 times from him fingering it. So I pleaded like a little girl for him to fuck me and like a dominant man that I love, he replied, "Only if I can fuck you in your ass?" Aw, the magic words were spoken and he read my mind.  I immediately pulled his pants down and shoved his massively hard dick in my ass, reverse cowgirl style. That was when I knew I was in heaven because I instantly came with only 2 pumps of his nice cock in my ass, but that was far from the end.  He ended up grabbing my pony tail, leaning my head back to nibble on my neck while I rode his cock in my ass violently to the point where I started to get the shivers with my jaw, my ass muscles were contracting and I was cumming out my pussy and my ass from the orgasms and where he filled my ass with his warm cum. That night will be eternally burned in my memory as my 1st great experience having sex in a movie theater.


Side note-Whenever I cum my ears feel like they are on fire, so let's just say I was in a burning pit of a volcano that night @ the movie theater!!!

Sorry I hadn't blogged for awhile, but I was quite horny as well when I was writing this so I thought I'd share some dirty memories with you.


P.S: I tried post some pictures with my blog, but for some reason my photobucket account wasn't working & I'm not sure how to do it. Wish me luck! I always got it to work before!

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