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Life in the Shane’s World RV


So as some of you may know, I travel around the country on behalf of Shane's World and Hush Hush Entertainment. 

I go from place to place in the Shane's World RV, and it's been an amazing experience.  It took a little time for me to make the adjustment to driving an RV.  It's really unlike
anything you've probably ever driven before. I went from driving a Mini Cooper to this 37' RV!  The length necessitates a lot
of wide turns and you wouldn't want to try and squeeze it in just anywhere.  So far the RV has impacted 1 car, 1 boulder,
1 concrete gas station pillar, and 1 very unfriendly driveway.  The next time you see a Greyhound Bus, just
imagine ripping all the seats out and replacing that with home furnishings and
you've basically got what it is I drive. Considering the size, it handles quite well though.  High wind and big rig semi's can be troubling
on the interstate, but it's a smooth ride that my 4 cats and fiance have no
problem sleeping through.  I get a
wonderful look at the different landscapes that make up our great country, and the RV provides all the practical necessities one needs.

Living in an RV has its ups and downs.  Many of the things you take for granted
require much more effort in an RV. Taking a shower, using the bathroom, cooking, even having a glass of water are more involved activities than you'd experience at home or in an
apartment.  You have to keep your fresh
water filled, your dirty water dumped, and your propane stocked, and these
things require attention almost every day. Space is precious, so you do away with unnecessary items and keep it
simple.  While storage space is limited,
when you slide out the sides of the RV, it opens up to be quite spacious
inside, often times you almost forget you are sitting in something you just
drove down the highway earlier that day. You have the creature comforts of cable TV, wireless internet, Playstation 3, satellite radio and GPS, but you can "rough it" and just enjoy a
nice sunset wherever you happen to be at that moment.

Or you can freeze your ass off at 14,000 feet.  The only thing hot enough to make Pike's Peek tropical would be a Casey Parker appearance!  Stay tuned for more of my adventures on the road!

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