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The Dreaded Decision to get Implanted – Are Boob Jobs Worth It?


I was talking to a performer today and casually asked her how work was going. She told me it was going real slow. In fact she said it has been pretty slow all year. Naturally I thought t was due to the economy and the fault of the jackass in D.C. She kind of danced around the reasoning then told me she thought it was because she was just a girl-next-door performer and maybe her look has been tapped out.

Granted, this girl is all natural, petite and doesn't do anal, but still she has done more than 100 films in her short career. She has straddled the lines, not to mention cocks, between features and gonzo but she feels the well has run dry.

I asked her if she was going to do anal and she said no she was probably going to HAVE to get implants. Her theory was because after she is done working in the industry she can take the implants out but if she does anal she can't fix a prolapsed colon. Well she could but it would cost more of course. So the decision has financial implications as well.

Getting implants is one thing, I see why girls do it, but personally I like the all natural look. However this girl said "I don't want to get implants because I like being natural, but I think I HAVE to do it." This comment made me really sad to think about and I felt bad for her because you could hear it in her voice she was really dreading the thought of getting her boobs done.

I told her the message board fans will probably give her a hard time for it, probably rip her a new one, ironic huh? But she said those fans don't hire girls and she needs to work. I mean porn whores have to eat too you know.

Walking on a feature set where the girls are all nipped, tucked and implanted with weaves and bleach blonde hair, she told me she felt like a midget because she was so small and different. So her answer is something she doesn't want to do, moreover something she doesn't even like.

Perhaps I am naïve? I thought the porn industry has come further than big tit blondes to cast. But I guess I was wrong. And if this girl is reading this, I hope you reconsider and keep to what makes you happy and what you want to do. I, along with a lot of fans think you are perfectly fine as you are.

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