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Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4, Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot, Chemistry 4, and much much more…


Spotlight Title: Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4


 Erik Everhard
is perhaps the best example of a man driven to succeed in the industry
where sucking seed is the most prevalent sex act. Starting off as a
migrant worker from the great white north, he set out on a mission and
by almost any standard, became wildly popular as a performer and
director in porn where his works are now distributed by Jules Jordan Video. Erik's latest release is Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4: Special Edition Set, the sequel to the well received Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3,
a series of gonzo scenes starring the director (in all but one case)
and ladies such as Brooke Belle, Mykal Rain, Jordan Star, Alexa Benson,
Anna Belle, Brynn Tyler, and most notably, the return of lovely Tiffany
Rayne who had been reported to be "gone" in the most final of manners.
Each scene had a short set up before a wealth of tease, ending in the
ladies having some balls to the wall sex with Erik or Marco that made
this a most strokable adventure.  The inclusion of Tiffany Rayne and some other ladies giving excellent performances merited a rating of Highly Recommended
for fans of hardcore gonzo that aren't desperate for circus act sex and
appreciate a little bit of set up before the action begins. The tease
factor for some scenes was better than others yet Erik managed to
balance the elements out with some solid technical values boosting the
replay value in anamorphic widescreen, making this one of the best
flicks reviewed this week (and a contender for the weekly pick in the
Blue Room column). In short,  Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4: Special Edition Set improved on the series from Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3
and should be checked out as a solid gonzo title with a little bit of
everything for fans, not to mention more new Tiffany Rayne footage than
has been seen in a very long time.


Sneak Peeks: Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot and Jack's Playground 38


 Jesse Jane
is one of the very few ladies in porn that can be considered a true
"porn star" these days, her body of work including extensive award
winning titles, mainstream work her peers drool over, and more personal
appearances than probably anyone not including strictly strip club
features. I know the term is bandied about an awful lot but everyone
that meets Jesse seems to fall under her spell, her persona something
interesting to watch from an objective standpoint. In recent months,
director Celeste at Digital Playground
has been featuring Jesse in a lot of work, elevating the status of both
ladies as the pair figure out new ways to showcase the leading contract
gal in her best possible light. At the end of next month, their latest
collaboration in the form of  Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot will come out
and fans of theirs should make arrangements to check it out. The idea
was to provide more erotic vignettes with Jesse Jane and a few others,
eschewing the idea that she is "shot out" or unable to muster the kind
of energy in favor of proving both season nicely like fine wines. It was one of her very best for capturing the spirit of lovely Jesse Jane
as a world class performer. The energy levels were high, the chemistry
undeniable, and even when it got over the top, Jesse was in fine form
in her four scenes. That's a lot of Jesse Jane fuck for the buck with
the icing on the cake being the heated manner in which she owned all
her scenes, prompting me to rate this one as Highly Recommended. In short, Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot looks to be among the best Celeste has offered all year long,
admittedly driven largely on the appeal of Jesse Jane but showing the
other gals, Eva Angelina, Audrey Bitoni, and Sarah Vandella, to add
something special too.

 Robby D. is one of the few guys in porn that is busier working than talking it seems, the wise leadership of Digital Playground probably deciding that keeping him busy benefits everyone involved. Next month, they release his latest misadventure called Jack's Playground 38 (Teagan Presley)with the major selling point being how it features lovely Teagan
Presley. For the uninitiated, the entire series is based on the
admittedly flimsy plot device that "Jack" (Robby) scams the ladies into
having sex on camera as a means of auditioning for music video work her
promises them. While some find the concept wearing a bit thin (how long
has it been since Robby first told me that an actual music video would
be made for the series?!?), the premise is merely a generic means to an
end, allowing the director to prey on young hotties with the viewer as
the voyeur. Some of the skits are funnier than others but the overall
appeal of the idea is a nice way of showing people of both genders
"using each other" to get what they want. The comeuppance so far is
that Jack never gets any trim and the ladies never get any video work;
both sides essentially getting what they deserve. This time, Jack plays
the scam on Teagan, Roxy DeVille, Lacie Heart, and others, showing the
company archives still have plenty of material starring top notch
talent.  So if you're a fan of the cast, especially lovely Teagan Presley, you will want to check this one out and possibly give it your own squeal of approval.

Highlights of The Week 

 B. Skow might be best known for helming the Brand New Faces series over at Vivid Entertainment
these days but my admiration for his skilful touch with a camera goes
much further back than that; having been a lone voice in the wilderness
for a very long time telling others about his talents. Now that some of
the major organizations have noticed him, his star is definitely on the
rise, his ability to get the best performances out of performers
exceptional but his ability with a camera even better. If a guy like
Skow can make a jaded old reviewer like me appreciate newcomers with
the aforementioned series, how well does he fare with the features or
vignette driven titles that he cut his teeth on a few years back? Well,
if  Shooting Savanna (Blu-Ray) is any indicator, he's still on a
roll since he proves that lovely Savanna can look as fetching as ever
in glorious high definition, the adage coming to mind being that she
gets better with time like a very fine wine.  It was a lot of fun to watch, especially given the quality of the visual
imagery upgraded by the high definition format. I like Savanna and find
her sexy as all get out so it makes sense that I'd rate this one as Recommended
for other fans. I'd still prefer more unique extras to be included,
maybe even a bonus for blu-ray adopters that wouldn't be included on
the SD disc as a way of coaxing consumers over to the newly championed
format, but in terms of Savanna getting the kind of exposure she needs
from a talented director unwilling to sit on his past glories,  Shooting Savanna (Blu-Ray) made my day. It may not have been as perfect a tribute to her as Sunny Loves Matt
was to Sunny Leone but it was well done and I appreciate the visual
quality of the show.

Jonni Darkko is the most aural oriented director at Evil Angel
these days, surpassing John Leslie in terms of providing music suited
for the porn experience. That doesn't mean I always like it, but I
cannot ignore the way he scores his flicks to the tempo of the
performers (he just needs to tone down the drum track a few notches). I
know that he is popular with my fellow critics too, several of which
attempt to get his movies as they come in to Xcritic Central but I was
the winner of his latest release in Girls Love Girls 3, the sequel to Girls Love Girls 2.
The movie is a set of five scenes showing attractive ladies paired up
with one another having lesbian sex in a gonzo manner, typically using
a "no holes barred" approach. Many long time readers know I prefer
ladies that really enjoy working with other ladies in this type of
movie so it was especially appealing that Jonni used his superior
casting skills to obtain some of the very best such pairings around.  It was not the longest, most all-encompassing, multi-disc set provided by
the man but I have to admit that four of the five scenes were very
appealing to me. The sparse nature of the extras (only one worth
mentioning repeatedly, albeit a good one) and the limits of a full
frame offering in a day & age when virtually everyone else is
moving to anamorphic widescreen combined with a single scene of modest
value to make this one worthy of being Recommended (instead of
the next step up) but there was a lot of lesbian love being displayed
that will prove the sexual athleticism alone shown by others to be weak
by comparison. In short, Girls Love Girls 3, like Girls Love Girls 2
before it, will work for almost all fans of the lesbian genre
repeatedly so give it a look to see what I mean.

 Robby D.,
the mastermind behind a great many fine fuck flicks in recent years
(not to mention his exceptional work at Handheld Pictures), is well
known as the main director at Digital Playground
so whenever they release a title that catches my eye, he is almost
inevitably in charge of production. For years now, he has cultivated
and expanded upon the wealth of titles in his Jack's Universe series,
apparently adding new niches on a regular basis (a few new ones about
to become public in coming months), but all of them using his twisted
sense of humor to offer fans something almost perversely fun to check
out. Well, coming next month will be the latest addition to the series
with a new volume for one of my favorite niches he offers in Jack's Big Ass Show 8 Blu-Ray, the sequel to Jack's Big Ass Show 7.
To say my initial curiosity was limited solely to former contract cutie
Teagan Presley would be a mistake given that home state hotty Alexis
Texas was also present, curvy anal princess Aurora Jolie was getting
her sweet ass tapped, and skilled Adrianna Nicole was providing her
usual wealth of advanced sexuality. Keeping in mind that I am a big fan
of great big asses, the round rumps working the meat sticks offered up
plenty of stroke material to keep us all busy.  The amount of delicious flesh on display was incredible, fans of the
series needing to see it to believe it. I would have liked better
extras and more action in some scenes but the movie was well worth a
rating of Highly Recommended for ass aficionados in terms of
strokability and replay value, fans of the ladies having plenty to talk
about this time; an upgrade from my evaluation of the SD version thanks
to the improved resolution. In short, Jack's Big Ass Show 8 Blu-Raywas a blast of ass with a great cast so if you're a fan of the series,
you will find next month to be hotter than usual thanks to the action
here. In terms of the high definition aspect of the release, you really
can't go wrong because the show really did look better, a blind
sampling of the movie shown to a few friends the other night with them
asking when I "fixed" my TV to get the picture so much better (the same
group having liked the SD version but admiring this one even more).

 Tristan Taormino
has always struck me as the kind of female personality that just
naturally draws in a positive vibe with whatever she does given her
charm, personality, and intelligence. Having listened to her discuss a
few odd topics at porn conventions and a party I attended, I can also
say that while she might disagree with you on something, she doesn't
make it personal as she projects her own point of view as being
"right". That I like her personally does not get in the way of my
objectively reviewing her directing work at Vivid Entertainmentthough, much of it different in an exciting way; providing an
alternative to more mainstream projects much like those lovable
characters at Shane's World have impressed me with over the years.
Tristan's latest release making it my way is Chemistry 4: Special Edition (AKA: The Orgy Edition), a series I last watched with Chemistry 3.
If you've never seen the series before, you've really been missing out
because she takes six porn performers, puts them up in a house for a
couple of days, and lets them run wild to do whatever they want to do
in whatever way they want to do it while taping the result. If this
sounds like MTV's Real World, that's because the basic premise
is modeled after that show, albeit in a cranked up, highly charged way
that the mainstream reality show could never hope to match on its very
best day. The results are not always consistent and there is a large
dose of serendipity involved in whatever happens but just as Brand New Faces is my favorite porno about industry newcomers, the "chemistry" involved
in this series is often among the best in the jizz biz.  It was much like previous efforts in that the unscripted sex and levels of
chemistry made it the rarest of releases these days, the performers
genuinely seeming to like one another (in some cases, adoring one
another) enough that a rating of Recommended just seems too low.

 Gregg Alan is reported to be not only a director for Diabolic Digital
but someone much higher up in the organization with a creative itch to
scratch. Unlike some companies where the main men (and women) are too
busy to get their hands dirty, this is one way for the company to keep
up and maybe even surpass some competitors as it uses the experience at
the same time as making the leaders well aware of the drastically
changing times. That said, his latest project is Ass For Days 6, the sequel to Ass For Days 5
that I found so appealing in large part due to some fine casting.
Thankfully, the tradition of casting a solid stable of hot women
continues with names such as Brianna Love, Luscious Lopez, and
Mackenzee Pierce leading the way (as well as some newcomers you might
find irresistible). Each gal is booty-certified to provide a good time
for ass lovers everywhere, my initial reaction to the team being very
favorable.  It had a lot to like and despite a relatively minimal amount of tease (I love tease a whole lot), it earned a healthy rating of Recommended.
Glenn can consider this another positive notch on his belt as a result,
the quality of casting the ladies certainly a major reason for the
success of the release. I admit to wanting more in some areas of the
movie and the male talent was in need of an overhaul (maybe some of
them work cheaper or are more readily available than others but even
though meat puppets are a small consideration, they should be a
consideration if you catch my drift). In short,  Ass For Days 6, the sequel to Ass For Days 5,
was actually a step up in most ways, the technical matters combining
with the energy levels to show the series on the rise once again. Maybe
I'll grab a copy of the earlier volumes to one day make a direct
comparison but for now, this showed Diabolic as being still a player in
the gonzo field.

 B. Skow has been the driving force at Vivid Entertainment
in terms of providing good looking porn in recent years; typically
bringing something unique to the mix as he enhanced the performances of
the ladies he shot for the company under so many sets of circumstances.
His latest release is a bit different in that it was a series of
lengthy scenes called Brand New Faces 8; a movie dedicated to
showcasing four lovely young ladies in their first scenes for porn and
the latest sequel to the extremely popular series that I've been reviewing of late. The porn industry is replete with gals claiming to
be in their first scenes ever but the catch this time was the cover
promising a "100% Money-Back Guarantee" that these were the first times
the ladies were on film. Be that as it may, the cover also promised
that the scenes were candid and given my experience with newcomers, I
was hoping Skow could pull a rabbit out of a hat and also make them
award winning performances.  It was worth a rating of Recommended to me for all the action, the
new faces, and the technical handling of the scenes but fans of brand
new gals will think it was a "must have" since the ladies looked and
performed their roles so reasonably well. I can't definitively state
that none of them have shot a professional scene before but unlike so
many titles that Vivid sits on for years as part of their marketing
approach, Brand New Faces 8 was rushed right to the pressing
plant to jump on the newness factor (something other companies seem to
have embraced in the past as many of you like to see "firsts", real or
imagined). Whatever the reality of the marketing claim though, all four
of the cuties were breaths of fresh air and deserve some accolades for
providing enough fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value to
make this a keeper for your collection. Skow does it again with his
attentive nature to make these four ladies shine better than his peers
could hope to, the series website probably the best thing the company
has provided in a long time in terms of consistent quality.

 Michael Raven
has been making feature porn for a long time now, often sending a
message either overtly or as a result of reading between the lines. Now
that he has firmly established his niche at Wicked Pictures,
his attempts to combine a story and heated sexual antics have met with
numerous accolades, his latest title in this area being Black Widow HD-DVD.
The story was another starring lovely Stormy Daniels as a femme fatale
seeking to gain wealth at the expense of a disposable man, the writing
a bit weaker than I expect from Raven flick but the acting between
leads Daniels and stately Randy Spears showing once again their acting
chops.  If you like feature porn done
with an eye towards quality of story over that of the generic sexual
encounters most porn is geared to, you will probably find this an
exceptionally appealing movie.  It was another solid dramatic flick that balanced sex and plot in a way
that few in the industry seem capable of doing at this time. Making
movies that couples can enjoy as well as feature buffs is not always
easy but given the amount of smoldering heat generated by Stormy in her
three full scenes and the nod to the thematic elements, I found this
one worthy of being at least Recommended if not more; the
technical improvement of the HD-DVD format probably helping Raven
achieve an outcome closer to his vision than the grainy SD version ever
could have (at least without a substantial upgrade in equipment) but
I've been told that the existing grain and other visual effects were
intentional so your mileage may vary considerably. The sex was not
meant to compete with the latest lengthy gonzo from Jules Jordan and
the story won't be competing for an Oscar any time soon but I have to
applaud the fact that Wicked Pictures still finances movies that most
companies have all but given up of late. In short, Black Widow HDwas a modest little dramatic winner that director Michael Raven can be
proud of presenting his fans.

 Jake Malone
is one of the few directors in porn that want to push the limits of his
craft to the point where it stands out as extreme even at Evil Angel.
As such, he is often vilified as a troublemaker and someone that
endangers the industry by focusing so heavily on what is sometimes
called "abuse porn" but quite frankly, he really isn't that far away
from the rest of the bunch at the company, certainly not enough to
warrant the wrath of ill informed pundits and self important
commentators that use him as a poster boy whenever Max Hardcore isn't
available. His latest release to make it my way was Bitchcraft 3, the lesbian series I last saw earlier this year with Bitchcraft 2.
The idea of the series so far has been to showcase gals in the industry
that really like hardcore sexual antics with a D/s flavor to them,
willingly accepting the role playing as sensual in away that "vanilla
porn" simply could never be for them. All of the ladies embrace their
extreme leanings without caring what the detractors say, simply showing
that a good time can be had no matter what you do. The cast included
gals like Eva Angelina, Annette Schwarz, Sandra Romain, and others that
have proven their credentials for this kind of thing in the past so I
was stoked to get this one in late last week.   It was a bit out of my personal taste range in most cases but I can't deny
that Jake picked a fine selection of ladies to do each other in the D/s
way. I rated the DVD as Recommended though it may be too much
for some of you to handle or not quite abusive enough for others, the
middle ground a dangerous place to stay in porn these days when you
consider the niche nature of people's spending habits. In short,  Bitchcraft 3 will likely appeal to those of you that enjoyed Bitchcraft 2,
the technical values coming across as somewhat more refined even if the
sex was just as nasty as ever.

Now that Janine's porn career has been jumpstarted back into the
realm of drawing in lots of fans, particularly with the recent
blockbuster Pirates, it seems like she's the talk of the town. Her latest release for Digital Playground,  Mrs. Behavin' Blu-Ray , is advertised as having her first "interracial and no condom scene", putting it in direct competition with Janine's Been Blackmaled,
a title that was shot a year earlier but held back by the folks at
Vivid. Each had Janine playing with two black men although the claim to
fame here is that she used no condom in the scene made here (she did
with Erik though). If you're a fan of Janine's like I am, you'll almost
be embarrassed by this wealth of riches starring the attractive porn
veteran performer that have come out of late with both companies trying
to vie for the so-called "Janine dollar" of her fans seeking to see her
performing with men more and more. I guess ten+ years of lesbian only
sex has built up quite a demand to see her, even though she's not
barely 18 years old as so many prefer these days.  In terms of the
Blu-Ray upgrade, it completely blows away Vivid's attempt though I'd
like to see them upgrade their version too.  I thought it was worth a rating of Recommended but primarily to
a different audience than the Vivid release (with the exception of
Janine fans of course). Janine reminds us that hotties come in all
shapes, colors, and ages, and I compared the two movies in a Blue Room
column long ago in order to more properly address the highlights of
each flick to one another but keep in mind that the more Janine on the
market, the better off fans are (especially now that she's retired
again). If you want superior technical values and an artistic approach
to the attractive starlet, this will be well worth your time and money.
Check it out and you'll see what I mean but this holds particularly
true on the Blu-Ray version of the movie as the enhanced visuals alone
added some serious detail not lost on this reviewer, albeit not as much
of an upgrade as more recent efforts.

 Erica McLean currently works for Hustler Video
as a director, having taken over for her deceased husband that shuffled
off this mortal coil all too early not long ago. Since some of my
friends pretty much adore her work with youthful newcomers, I don't get
to see a whole lot of her works these days, the last one in standard
definition being Barely Legal 75th Anniversary Edition and then the more recent Barely Legal #80 (Blu-Ray)
to see how Erica and Hustler were handling the new high definition
format. Now, Hustler is showing their commitment to the newer format
with Barely Legal 83 Blu-Ray, providing the latest crop of youthful
hotties for fans to appreciate. The series itself has been around
seemingly forever though, both in print and tape before DVD came onto
the scene; the emphasis of each scene on the disc being a youthful lady
having sex with a man in the form of a vignette as though she had
written in to describe a sexual encounter. The appeal of such a formula
is that it showcases gals that many viewers have not seen and elegance
through simplicity has merit. While there were only five scenes in the
movie, all of them had some appeal too so if you like newcomer women,
you will almost certainly enjoy this one.  It showed the benefits of retooling the series ever so slightly and enhancing it with some blu-ray love so I rated it as Recommended.
The replay value was there, the strokability enough to justify checking
the movie out, and the value if you find it on sale somewhere at a
reasonable price was enough to merit your attention. I'd have liked
better extras and more attention given to the aural portions of the
presentation but as a trend for the series, it was a solid selection of
newcomer cuties that fit the bill even if they did not all look 18
years old. In short, Barely Legal #83 (Blu-Ray) was the second
release by Hustler on blu-ray that made me think they might be able to
keep up with the industry leaders with only a touch more effort,
despite naysayer's that have told me otherwise thanks to their initial
efforts. At this writing, there are few companies poised to dominate
the high definition field so Hustler can reclaim it's place as an
industry leader if it likes, I just wish they'd offer better extras and
more fuck for the buck like their magazine was known for doing back in
the 70's and 80's.

Guy Incognito came up with a number of quality titles this time too starting with Nina Hartley's Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy:  Nina Hartley is a pro and she works well with director Ernest
Greene. Teaming up with two pregnant porn superstars, they open up a
new world of possibilities in sexual health. What really sold the disc
for me is the dynamite scene between married couple Dick Danger and
Violet Blue.  Dick is a star in the making, but I'm not sure if we're going to
see him again. He's a natural working with Violet and their
relationship seems as true onscreen as it must be in real life. I look
forward to whatever instructional DVD that Nina Hartley offers up next.
But, I'm not sure if it will be as amazing as this;  Bree's Slumber Party:  Bree Olson is the best thing going in modern porn. David Lord is
a good match for her style and he knows how to direct her. I just wish
that there could've been a tighter focus on the shoot. A lot of the
early scenes go on too long and needed to be snipped. But, there's
always next time;  The Twins Do Science:  The Love Twins are amazing. I love their flicks and I wish to see more
of them. Their goofy style of acting coupled with their performance
makes them superstars. Hopefully, I'll get to view more of their work
in the future. Good work, ladies;  Doctors Adventures.com is a fun film that plays well with authoritarian
fantasy. Sure, it feels like the same scene over and over again. But,
who cares? Hot doctors are fucking sexy;  Fresh Outta High School 3: fun
in High Definition. The Blu-Ray disc is pretty light on special
features, but at least they're in HD.  My lust for barely legal girls
was satisfied and I got to see Maya Hills and Bree Olson doing their
A-game. This is one of the better Blu-Rays I've seen. I just wish that
the running time could've allowed for better longer scenes instead of
weird short-long-short scenes.

Then The Mooninite provided a long awaited sequel with Fucking Girls 6:  The six in the ongoing series, Belladonna's Fucking Girls 6sticks to the formula that made the first five so sucessful. A few
familiar faces from prior Belladonna projects return and a couple of
new ones appear here as well. Full on hardcore gonzo style girl on girl
action, this is never the less well shot and well performed.  If girl on girl gonzo gets your goat, Belladonna's Fucking Girls Six is exactly what the doctor ordered. It isn't as rough or as nasty as
the earlier entries but honestly that's not a bad thing as it seems
more sincere and as such, the sex is much hotter. An attractive cast,
some good camera work and a decent array of extra features guarantee
this release a rating of highly recommended. Here's an example of one scene to give you an idea of the rest of the show:  Alexis Texas And Brianna Love: The two blondes sit on the couch
and make out before spitting and slobbering all over one another's ass.
They go back and forth eating one another out before going in for a bit
of mutual pussy grinding action with some simultaneous manual clit
fingering. There's some more oral and fingering action after that as
well as a bit of toe sucking before they finish things off with a big,
blonde, bootylicious sixty-nine. This scene is on par with the first
five. The heat seems genuine and as such, the sex it hotter than a
three dollar pistol.

Raven also saw some worthwhile porn such as Like Lovers Do by Playgirl:  Playgirl's titles seem to have a hit or miss quality about them. Not
much   changes with each release nor does the cast. Playgirl's Like
Lovers Do is an erotic and alluring soft core DVD made for first timers
and women that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies.
They will find this title more than suitable for their taste. Even the
cover of the DVD is made specially to attract a woman's desires at the
point of purchase this time with Manuel Ferrara gracing the cover.
Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the
intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. Dating back to as
early as 3/28/05 and as late as 06/21/07, you might find a scene or two
with some male cast members that you are not all too familiar with; Roma:  Putting aside the history lesson and the over kill on the lighting Roma
did turn out to be a good watch. Though I couldn't   figure out which
of the ladies was  whom at  first after going  back and  forth   a few
times I did manage to  put  name to the  face. Even in the final credit
it didn't help much with a lot of the performers not credited in the
scene. This is something that I have always brought up in my final
comments. Granted that the acting  was kind of  cheesy but the  sex
made up  for it. There were too many  side  stories  going on that 
made it a bit  more  confusing for me to follow without having to  stop
and  restart the  scene . The  women are  all nature and there isn't a
tat or  boob  job  done on any of them which I know  many  men out
there will enjoy  watching. There is  as  I said  before an abundance 
of  anal and vaginal pounding in each scene.  There were a few minor 
flaws  for instance the  girls having  tips when its  suppose to  be
Ancient Rome small things like that I tend to  notice. Other than that
I think that most people will enjoy watching Roma..  I did!; and Housewives of Amber Lane:  Right off the bat when I saw the cover the   first thing that came to
mind was that it looks like something out of Desperate Housewives. Yes
I will admit that I was curious to see just how similar to the show it
was. Mind you I am not  a fan of the  show  but  watching  an adult 
version of it  would  make an interesting watch and it was. I know that
the ladies watching will indentify themselves with one of these five
ladies. I did. There isn't a woman in this  world that cant say at one
point or another that  they haven't  felt the  same  way the ladies 
that live on Amber Lane  did. I couldn't help but laugh at how everyone was  talking about the peeping Tom. The fact that Randy got
away with it was hilarious. The entire cast did a great job with it and
from what I saw had a great time working with each other. Evan
playing the  role house husband was a hoot especially when he asks
Amber for money to go shopping. Even  Nick and  John came across nicely
with their on film wives.  There is something about a man that speaks 
his native language that is an instant turn on and  Marco did  just
that to Phoenix. House on Amber Lane is one  couples flix that is a
must  buy for the  ladies because  there is so much that the  guys  can
learn from watching it.. lol.. Seriously though with all the  laughs
and looking  at  just how good they worked together is  enough to merit
me giving it a Highly Recommended..

There is no narration, it comes off more like a porno than an
instructional DVD, and Seymore Butts doesn't let the sexperts have the
floor as much as he should, but How to Eat Pussy Like a Champactually has something to teach us. Nina Hartley has been with women
all her life, and she is a sexual expert, so who better to learn from
than her? And of course there's Ron Jeremy, and Jack Lawrence, and
(shocker) even Butts gets in on the action to give us a few tips in the
weaker of the five segments. The fact is this is a movie that can
probably help you out, and in the end I'd probably suggest you watch
Step right up this way, the magical pussy free for all involving the
fab four sexy women going all out and eating each other until the
juices flow! What's the point of this closing segment? Who care?! It's
hot girl on girl action, a final treat from the man known as Seymore
Butts! Thanks Seymore! 
All in all it's a pretty good DVD. It's not as great as it could be,
and I especially struggled with Highly Recommending it or just
Recommending it, but all things considered, the sub-par sound, poor
picture, hit or miss segments, and a closer that does nothing but pad
the time, I'd just Recommend it, because Jack Lawrence, Nina Hartley, and even Seymore Butts have things to teach us. Ron Jeremy just wanted to eat pussy but at least he came to the right event, getting to show over thirty years of experience.

Harry Johnson joins us to expound the merits of a few titles as well, starting with Asian Fever 35:  Hustler's Asian Fever series has long been a staple of Asian lovers
everywhere. The thought process behind the franchise is quite simple
really; find hot Asian girls and get them to work it in front of a
camera. Each installment features some of the top Asian performers
though there's little argument that at some point along the way the
series became kind of stale. With as many volumes and specials as Asian
Fever has enjoyed it's hard to stay fresh in today's market. With the
35 installment offering a new director and great cast do things change
for Hustler's lengthy franchise? 
Without beating around the bush Asian Fever 35 doesn't necessarily
breathe new life into the aging Hustler franchise. With Moore at the
helm the quality here is very diverse with some very good moments and
dull ones scattered throughout. It's hard to get to 35 installments
without losing your edge and unfortunately that's what's happening
here. Long time fans of the series will undoubtedly find a thrill but
those of you looking for the next best thing may be disappointed. This
feels like more of the same and it doesn't take many chances or push
the envelope; and Anally Yours... Love, Jenna Haze:  It's Hustler compilation time! Everyone loves a good compilation when
it delivers the goods. I mean, it's a best of (so to speak) what a
publisher has to offer pulled from various titles based on a particular
theme. With anal sex being the name of the game you naturally know
performers such as Jenna Haze, Katja Kassin, and Shy Love are going to
be making an appearance. If butt love is your thing then this is a
worthwhile release that contains some fantastic scenes. As usual with
compilation titles your mileage may vary whether or not you have any of
these scenes already in your collection. Compilations are a sometimes tricky beast because you never know what
you're getting when you sign up for them. Anally Yours...Love, Jenna
is a very good release with three scenes that truly stand out as
stunning. Jenna, Katja, and Shy all bring some amazing performances to
this release and they truly outshine the other three inclusions. The
disparity in quality is simply glaring when you stack them all next to
each other but it's safe to say if you like anal sex, you'll love what
the top three have to offer.

The Porn Princess then saw fit to talk about four picks of her own with Pinup Perversions with Roxy Jezel:  In this outing by Club Jenna they take us back to the 50's/60's to a
time of the centerfold. All the costumes look great here and they look
realistic too. This movie also features Club Jenna contract star Roxy
Jezel. So let's go down memory lane and check out these Pin-up
They did a great job here on costumes and makeup. Made everything seem
very realistic, which I enjoy. Roxy of course is very beautiful and her
energy is really high. I didn't quite understand why they decided to
lump two of her scenes back to back. If she is going to have 3 scenes I
would have separated them all. I'm not a filmmaker though so I'm sure
there is a reason for this. Anyway I would definitely recommend this;  Brea's Mirror Image:  Brea plays two roles in this film. One of which is only for one scene.
She plays the wife of Barrett Blade and a con artist who tries to get
all of his money from him after his wife dies. Things are not as they
seem though as she and her partner, Derrick Pierce, may be the ones
getting conned.  Movie starts off with Brea, topless, in bed with Barrett as he
talks to her about how much he loves her. From the conversation we can
assume that she is sick because at one point he looks like he is going
to smother her with a pillow. They talk a bit and she basically asks
him to fuck her one last time.  Club Jenna makes another quality movie here. I was a little confused by
the last sex scene because they kept doing this split screen thing and
a special border instead of just showing the scene normally. The movie
features two of the Club Jenna girls, Brea and Lela, and they both do a
great job. Initially I didn't like how the did the second and third
scenes back to back but after watching the whole movie it was really
the only way to do it. Like I said solid title and I would definitely
recommend this, if only for the sex scenes;  In this outing by Club Jenna, Chanel St. James is the haunting spirit
of a house. She possesses and makes a team of ghost hunters do her
sexual bidding. This team is about to encounter what it's like to be  Possessed & Undressed
The movie starts off in what looks like a flashback as Chanel does
a voice over as she writes in her diary. She mentions her husband, Jean
Val Jean, and how they just got a car and how he is going to teach her
to drive it.
I wasn't sure what to expect here, mostly because I have never seen
Chanel in action. I was very impressed by her and look forward to
seeing more of her in the future. The rest of the cast was perfect in
my opinion. The only downside to this movie was the third scene, which
was hot; the problem was that the music covered up any sound the girls
were making. That is something I like to here. Anyway good movie and I
would recommend it; and XXXBox: a kind of advertised POV game. It even says it on the box that you get to choose how
the adventure goes. Now this is not actually the case. It is the start
of what I assume will be Teravision's POV line. Each scene is a
potential fantasy; you have a stripper, bad girl in detention, naughty
nurse and so on.  Other than being partially deceived, I liked this title. One of my
complaints about POVs usually is that they focus way too much on
showing the penetration. I know it's a necessity but I would think most
guys would want to see the girl instead of some guy's dick. I think
they did a good job on this movie of not concentrating as much on it.
Overall a solid title and I would recommend it, especially if you have
fantasies that are featured on the disc. 
(Note: this title and the corresponding Blu-Ray counterpart have been pulled from shelves over copyright issues, a future release with altered box cover and name upcoming.)


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