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Ok, so I got a part in that show "Entourage". Pretty cool huh? I'm not exactly sure what the full details are yet but I know I show boobies!! hehe.... It's my first real Mainstream show appearance so YAY! I seem to be doing a lot of first timers lately huh? Anyway, I'm very excited for a few reasons, but the main reason is I love to act. I feel like this is such a big deal beacuse it's on a real HBO t.v. show. Which means the whole world will see it. Even though I don't have a very big part, in fact a teeny little part hehe, I still get to be on HBO dude. Who knows, maybe that will get me more parts on even more t.v. shows or maybe even movies, (eventually). I don't know if I told you guys but I went to singing dancing and acting school as a kid in hawaii and here in california. Hehe, I was such a nerd. I used to be the first one in all the classes everyday, with my lunch packed and everything I had on matched.


I will never forget the first play i ever did in Diamond Head Theatre. I was Wanda the wyner... LOL!!! My hair was in pig tails and I had huge buck teeth LOL!!! My adult teeth grew in early so it looked huge in my mouth... Hahah eewww... I wish I had a picture omg!! I was so scrawny and I had almost blonde hair. Oh and my skin was pale white. I had so much fun in that Play. It was called, Phantom Of The Opera. It was a class of about 15 girls and 1 boy. Naturally he was the Phantom and we girls were a class at a Opera who got locked in and was terrified by the Phantom. Only to realize that he was actually a good guy... Haha now it sounds lame but it was super cool back then I promise! LOL....


Anyway so Yay!! I get to act again. I act in our little Vignets four our movies all the time too so that's another reason why I love my job. Especially the big Features like "Babysitters" or "Cheerleaders" and most of all "PIRATES" that was the time of my life. I got to play a whole nother charcter I never even thought I would be able to pull off. I was Chinese, with the accent and everything. As in I had to fuck with a chinese accent... Haha... You'll see!! I think I did a pretty good job though. Considering I'm filipino and a filipino accent would have been way easier... Joone must have trusted I could get the job done, or else he wouldn't have given me the part right? Anyway, ok well look out for "Entourage" in the near future. If I find out when it airs I will let you guys know. Xoxo.... I'm gonna go Play now!!


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