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My First Scene!!


So the first time I ever fucked on set was crazy! I loved it! It was for Pirates II, and it went AMAZING! I shot with Ben English, and Shawna Lenae. I have a crush on her I gotta admit, she's so hot.  I cant wait to work with her again!! I dont know what it is, but she's just got this thing that turns me on...  so anyways I gotta stop thinkin about her :D... Before my scene, I kept waiting to get nervous but I never did. It's weird that it never set in.  I loved knowing that people were watching me, knowing people would be watching me.  The whole idea really turns me on... so my first scene went great!! Then, when it was time for my second scene, I was begging for more!!!  You will have to wait and see for yourself!!! Please remember, when you are watching, I was thinking about YOU watching, the whole time I was filming!  hehe! xxx Riley

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