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been a busy bee


adrenalynn after getting tattooed on a little

and it has

kinda felt




to make

it to Erotica LA, maybe next year I'll have more time. I think I have 2 very rad very

S M A R T radtastic nerds who are gonna help with the big overhaul of my website. :]

I got a super nerdy tattoo the other day while also getting some MAJOR COLOR on the arm. I'm so happy to be working on it hardcore, perhaps it will be done soon??? I took a bunch of pics while gettin worked on, and I think my apprentice got a little video of me hurting a few hours into gettin' tattooed on. Soon I get it all on my machine I'll post it.

adrenalynn's wii

So speaking of my own nerdiness. . .

if you dont have one of these yet,

you n e e d   t o   g e t   o n e !

It is soooo much fun! I've tried to

make time in the madness for it so

much fun! Hmmm. . . nakkid wii ??



Do you have a question for me ?

ask adrenaynn?


So if you havent seen my myspace

bulletins I have a tattoo artist position

open. email me about tattooing

*** must have portfolio



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