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I did the walk of shame this morning


Yes, it was exactly what it looked like. I was wearing the gold dress and heels from the night before. My hair was unbrushed. I had no make up on. My phone battery was dying and I was carrying my bra in the same grip as my purse and headband. It was 9am on a Saturday in downtown LA.  and I was doing the walk of shame.

The worst part about it was the animal abuse. I was supposed to feed my landlord's cat last night. I rushed home and double fed this morning though... after I washed my face with men's shower gel and borrowed his toothbrush and tore apart his bathroom looking for anything that even remotely resembled a hair brush. I remembered the little mermaid. She was so innovative. She used a fork. I wondered how he would feel if I raided his pottery barn flatware collection.

The moral of the story....

Female sexuality: empowering, yes, but only when you have the essential toiletries on hand in the morning or the sense to drive home afterwards. I had neither. It was not pretty. I put together a basic survival bag when I got home. One should always be prepared for sex.


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