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Erotica LA 2008 Day One – Blow Me Away


(Los Angeles, CA)- This is our umpteenth Erotic LA show and for some reason, we had the greatest first day in a long time. I can't put my finger on the difference between this year and the past years but we have to say we were running around like crazed reporters talking to maybe a hundred people in their booths.

We do have to admit one small factor that may have changed the plight or our day. We love the fact that in the Rock Arena, which is an area inside the Erotica LA convention floor, not only are you welcomed by our on the road sponsor HellHouse Media, but right across the "Arena" in the rock row that includes, Motorhead, The Genatortures, and Metal Sanz, was our favorite booth of the day, "I love Blow" was the name of the product and boy did that draw the attention of the passers by.

If you do or don't  know the small fact about the reason I have never in my life done "Blow" "Snow" or any other version of that powder, and no I've never been skiing, Ask me and I will tell you all about it one day.   I walk up to the I Love Blow booth and notice white powder everywhere, what is this stuff I ask the staff in the booth and they tell me its an energy powder that dissolves easily in liquid. I check out a bit of the energy drink, and it tastes good, like berries. When my camera crew catches up with me, we begin to interview the I love blow people and during the interview I am told that you can eat the powder right out of the cute little glass vile it comes in. I open one and pour it in my mouth, "so how much energy is that" I ask after. What you just swallowed is the equivalent the five cups of coffee.  All I can tell you after this is, well the stuff works, it really, really works.

Besides that experience Ill have to pick our interview with Adam & Eve contract star Ava Rose in the FAME booth as our second favorite thing of the day, Yes we co hosted the Screaming O Orgasm contest with the smoking hot Nikki Benz, and yes being on stage for the thousands of screaming fans was cool, but Ava Rose is one of the quickest wits in the business, and interviewing her reminds me of my weekly Wednesday night Casting Couch Comedy show that we have in Burbank.

Evil Angel had a huge line at their booth, Rodney Moore was noticeably popular with Sunny Lane in his booth, and Jenna Haze had a little army of fans at the Jules Jordan booth,. The stars were out for the first night Tera Patrick, Stormy Daniels, Alexis Amore, Gina Lynn all had good evenings.

I could go on and on about he girls, but lets save some of that for the next two days. Day one was better than any day one we have seen in a while. Tomorrow we will be bringing you another update, a bunch of great pictures, and if day one was any judge, we will be telling you that day two almost killed us with excitement. It was a very smart move to make friends with the "Blow"; I mean the energy, people right off the bat.

Erotica LA 2008, is going to be one of the best ones in a while, come on down and get blown away.

Photos to follow later today!!

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