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Interview with Latino Fan Club’s Rob Greco


Hello all! I recently had a chance to interview one of The Latino Fan Club's Directors Mr. Rob Greco. Rob's a very cool dude and I want to thank him for taking some time to answer my questions.

How did you first get involved in the adult film business?

It was a total accident. I had met and was having drinks with a model from The Latino Fan Club before he was on his way to their offices in midtown Manhattan. He asked if I would like to join him and of course I said 'yes'. I had always been a fan of Brian Brennan and was really excited to be meeting him.

When we got to the office, Brian and I were introduced and once we started talking we didn't stop. We started talking about his career but quickly got off the subject of porn and started talking about movies, and music. His office walls were painted sky blue with clouds, and I commented that my favorite musician, Mr. John Lennon had the same work done on the ceiling of his apartment at the Dakota Building in NYC. I almost fell out of my chair when Brian said. "Yes, I painted them for him".  That conversation led to many other meeting and eventually lunches.

Both Brian and I are very quiet people who really don't run with a big crowd but we became friends. We had a lot in common, especially our love for big-dicked Latino and black street type New York young men. We talked about drug rehabs once, and he suggested that I write an outline for a movie and we could work on it together. I was so excited; I wrote it that evening and brought it to him the next day. I decided to call it "RUFFNECK REHAB" and we have been working together ever since.

I've enjoyed yours and Brian Brennan's movies for years. Please give me the skinny on the origins of The Latino Fan Club.

Brian started the company in 1985 for one reason. He was a talented man who loved being surrounded by hot Latin men. He was working at a major gay magazine when he realized there was no one making films with the kind of guys he liked. So he started making them. He met guys who were oil wrestlers at a bar called the 'Phoenix' in Greenwich Village and paid them to do jerk-off scenes for him. He edited the footage, put it on a VHS tape and sold it, mail-order only. It was an amazing hit. The world had finally seen the street tough Latinos they were afraid to approach in gay porn. The company grew in leaps and bounds and soon there were Latino Fan Club Parties, The Latino Fan Club Magazine, t-shirts, and floats in the Pride Day parade. The gay world loved these uncut, thick, dicked thugs from NYC.

I'm very attracted to Latino and African American men and The Latino Fan Club features some of the hottest dudes around. The appeal for me is that the guys are real "everyday" dudes that don't have that polished "clone" look. How do you find the men for your movies and what do you look for in a model?

We find our models in a variety of ways. We do have talent scouts, but that is rarely how we find models. The guys bring their friends a lot of the time and that usually works out. Most of the time we see a great looking guy on the street and walk up to them and hand them a business card. We don't explain a lot, tell them we are photographers and ask if they would like some part time work in front of a camera and if they aren't shy to call us. Then we walk away. No pressure at all. 1 in 10 will call and about half of them want to try it. When that happens it's always a real hot one!

If we are talking about shooting video the thing that I look for most in a model is his personality. He has to have some kind of 'spark' that makes me want to see him naked. I see a lot of dick all day, 7 days a week, but the guy who holds my interest has to have more than just looks. My opinion is "A great looking guy with a rotten personality gets ugly real quick. A good looking guy with a great personality is gets gorgeous and interesting at the same time". I want my viewers to find everything about the model sexy, not just the fact that he has a big dick (but, of course that helps!).

I'm really digging the movies from your new production company Real Urban Men. How did its creation come about?

I came up with REAL URBAN MEN after "Ruffneck Rehab" had become such a big hit. I had a taste of the business and didn't want to stop.  I wrote "Queens Plaza Pickup" as the next movie I would do with Brian. Brian suggested that I just do it myself and he will produce it. In order to be separate from LFC, I was using only black men, no Latinos, so we would not confuse the customers. I was now working full-time at The Latino Fan Club and learning from Brian as I went along. The results were amazing! The sales were record breaking. I have to admit I worked like a dog to get it started but it's all worth it. "QUEENS PLAZA PICKUP" and its sequel "QUEENS PLAZA PICKUP 2" were both nominated for "Best Ethnic Themed Videos" at the GayVn awards for 2007 and 2008.

Can you give us a few tid-bits on the projects you and Brian are currently working on?

We both just completed new titles. Brian just finished "CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR", a sequel to his hit "Secret of Cell Block 6".

I just finished "THUGXPLOITATION".  It's a satire of the '70's blaxploitation films with a lot more fucking, rimming and sucking. It's a look at what our studio does to create a film with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of hot ass-fuckin! My next one will probably be "BLING". The story of a rap group and its oversexed manager. 

What do you envision for the future of The Latino Fan Club and Real Urban Men productions?


Every Latino, Blatino, Thug or what every studio is trying to build a better mousetrap. It seems that every studios goal, no matter how popular they become is to become bigger than the Latino Fan Club. The Latino Fan Club been here for 23 years this May and no one has done it yet. Real Urban Men is only 2 years old and had a major hold on the market.

We plan on doing what we have been doing all along. Producing the highest quality, personally made, DVD's that we can. It's called craftsmanship. Both Brian and I create every aspect of every film we make. We take all our own photos, create our own box-covers, edit our own video, and handle our own advertising. We are distributed by the finest distributor in the gay industry, PALADIN VIDEO DISTRIBUTORS, and we couldn't be happier.

I do envision us making a heavy move into the internet online market within the next year or two, but we will handle that with the same personal touch we use to create our DVD's.

I know we share a love for horror and exploitation movies. What are some of your favorites and what kind of music do you like?

I just finished watching 'BLACK CAESAR" before we started this interview so right now that's my favorite blaxploitation movie. I'm watching the amazing Pam Grier later tonight in "FOXY BROWN".  If you take a look at my cover for 'KEEP IT REAL" it's fashioned in a way similar to "SUPERFLY". So everything I do has roots in that generation. My Favorite horrors are the classics. I recently saw "ROSEMARYS BABY" and the original "OMEN", both true masterpieces. Of course I love Freddie on Elm Street, but I can never get enough of those B slasher films. The ones that go straight to DVD are usually the best!

Musically I listen to a huge variety of artists. I can listen to Billie Holiday one moment and then Joan Jett the next. Good music is good music, no matter what era it was made in. My favorite is without a doubt The Fab Four. I've listened to them almost every day of my life, and will continue to do so. My wish is more people would listen to the words of Mr. John Lennon, "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE".

- Poindexter X

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