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For some odd reason I have been so horny this last weekend and half of the week.
I stayed home the whole time and did almost nothing. Finally yesterday, I was laying
In bed watching t.v. And all of a sudden my pussy started feeling hot. I was like Whoa!! LOL!!
I did a movie last week but for some wierd reason I was not satisfied. I wanted more. So I just figured
Fuck It. I threw on a DP movie ( HUSH ) and I start rubbing myself. Omg I was juicy and drippin with
some hot and gooey clear pussy juice. Wow, I didn't even have a toy I was just using my middle right
finger. I kept taking the slippery juice from my hole and rubbed
y clit with it. It felt like someone was eating my pussy. After like 2 minutes I nutted!! Hard!! LOL! I guess
I was really really horny and was waiting for that one to cum out. Hehe well that was the most important
part of my weekend =)

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