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I’m Sorry, I Just Puked – Rip Offs And Shams


Take a quick look at the title above.

Today as I was working, reviewing the website that I work on and carefully making sure the site works as it should to provide the consumer the best online shopping experience possible I stumbled across this DVD. This lovely release is from Factory 13. They seem to excited to show you, the avid porn fan, 10 things that they apparently love about MILFs, hoping, that you too love the same things. MILFs, as you know, are one of the strongest genres in the market today with studios leaping hand over feet to create strong titles to fit into the crowded market. However, I thought it might be helpful to throw out some friendly advice...

If you promote a title in a specific genre, do us all a favor and make sure the girls in the movie actually fit the goddamn genre! Now, I'm not best buddies or anything with cover girl Gianna, but after some inquiries I'm pretty sure she hasn't popped any spawn from her vagina making her NOT a mother I would like to fuck, but simply a woman, I would like to fuck.

Fuck me? No, fuck you.

I don't even want to talk about this anymore it's so annoying.



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