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It Was Good To See You At the 2008 XRCO Awards


collage.jpg(Hollywood, Ca)- The News just came out today that last weeks XRCO awards show was one of the best shows they have had in their 24 years of doing the show.

We were just attending the show for the 3rd time but in our limited experience we would have to agree.

The awards were held at the Hollywood Highlands complex right on Hollywood Boulevard; there is a funny side story to that as well. The A! Crew arrived at the venue early and we ate a nice dinner at the Hollywood Grill at the Highlands before we went in to drink ourselves into oblivion, I mean before we went in to cover the awards.

The Highlands club is located on the 5th floor of the open air complex and when we began to walk into the area we noticed a huge crowd down on Hollywood boulevard and then we start hearing cheering and bombs and sirens and a major ruckus. Look over the rail and what could you see? The premiere party for the new mainstream movie "Iron Man".  We watched the hoopla for a bit before we went in, and a thought popped into my mind, which happens once every few months, "it is fitting the Iron Man thing was going on right before the big awards show that has been going on for 24 years, The XRCO awards have Iron Man status I am thinking.

The red carpet was cramped but nice, there were so many press people there it was hard to get through them, some mainstream crew was shooting but I had never seen them before so of course was began to ask them a thousand irritating questions. It's just a bit of red carpet ribbing for the fun of it, your job should be fun, and mine is.


Frank from www.adultnewsflash.com was running my camera for this event; this was set up by Dr X from the EMM Agency. Frank is fun because nothing fazes him, and an elephant could fall in front of us while taping and he would just keep rolling with almost no reaction. We got so many great interview outside on the carpet that I couldn't even begin to name the names, let's just say everyone was there, I mean everyone.

Once inside the club we started heading to our "Media Room" area and I noticed we were missing one of the 12 different wristbands we needed to get here and there and get drunk while doing it, so I did an arm check on everyone around me at the time, and noticed Joanne from Xbiz did not have a white band either. Someone shoots by and tells us, no you need a white one for the VIP bar. Open VIP bar we start thinking, we have to get one of theses bands, Joanne and I go outside get the bands, meet back up with the A! Crew , push our way to the bar, order a big round of drinks and find out, There is no open bar silly, the band just means your over 21 and you are ALLOWED to drink. We all had a good laugh on that and then Joanne bought the round since xbiz pays so well.


Once inside the media area we hooked up with Sunset Thomas and Ron Jeremy for a funny interview, Ron was in a jovial mood and Sunset was as always, ready to talk. We did a few video clips and then I started getting texts from the A! Crew Girls, "Where the hell are you?" was the meat of most of the text message bodies. Precious was sitting at our table; Nina Hartley was also there so I was sure she was in good hands. I lost Kelly skyline after the first round of drinks at the first bar, Winter Sky found me for a moment and after that I seen her once in passing, Ryder Sky arrived sometime after the red carpet and I just found her inside, we got caught up for a moment but lost sight of each other quickly. My new co host and newest A! Girl Anita Blue spent the most time with us, I believe only because we were in the smoking lounge a few times together. The crowd was too "Crowded" to stay with one group of people and that is a good thing, you get to talk to everyone that way.


The XRCO awards night was great, the awards went on but as usual they were not the main event of the evening. There was a phrase we heard over and over again during the night and we believe it is sort of an unofficial theme for this event every year since this is old school, old guard, and back in the day all rolled in one. So many stars new and hall of famed came up and said "Hey good to see you again, I haven't seen you since last XRCO"

If one event brings out people that only come out once a year, it's the XRCO Awards; we can't wait to see you next year.


All Photos compliments of www.EmmAgency.com

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