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Illinois…more than just Chicago


Please allow me this forum to vent a little.

So I grew up in Illinois.  I was born in Mt. Vernon, spent most of my childhood in Eldorado.  It's a tiny ass town not too terribly far from Southern Illinois University.  We had 1 stop light, and I remember when we didn't have it, and I'm not that old if that tells you anything.

Anyway, anytime I tell someone I'm from Illinois I get the same response EVERY SINGLE TIME.

"Where Chicago?"

Now I know that Chicago is a big city and all, but not every person in Illinois is from Chicago.  Illinois is actually a pretty big state with a lot of small towns.  No state is summed up by 1 city. 

I grew up in Illinois but don't assume I'm some south-sider yappin about Da Bears and Da Bulls.  In fact I grew up passionately hating Michael Jordan and the Bulls.  I've always hated the Cubs (Cardinals fan from birth baby), and I'm pretty indifferent on the Bears.  The only thing from Chicago that I'm particularly fond of was SCTV.

I've gotten this response as well: "Illinios eh? Like by Chicago?"

Yeah Illinois borders on Chicago...it's a suburb.

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