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one week in philadelphia


we moved bricks

we drank alot

i partied with the popporn.com guys at faux pas, and we drank alot more

my cat got lost and came back a couple of hours later

i'm pretty sure i had sex with a certain boy with dreadlocks that i've known for like 4 years. surprisingly, he had pretty decent game and a much larger cock than i had expected.

i'm also pretty sure that by 'had sex' i mean 'had sex 5 times in one night' and that one of those times we had an audience of seven people. bummer for you guys that no one had a camera phone, huh?

so here's a picture of me chewing on a pbr can in the garden instead

it might have taken a year and a half, but we finally have all the flower beds finished and some herbs and a clematis in the ground. exciting!

and a really old shot from when we first moved in by bob coulter...

i leave you with the knowledge that somewhere there is a video of me with lavender hair taking a shower in the same back yard.

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