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Wait for it…..Wait for it……


This is what I look like while sitting in the Burbank airport at 7:00am. Notice the slightly constipated look on the woman's face behind me. I wonder if she knows where we are going. 

This is the gangsta face I put on whenever I visit my favorite place on earth. 

Andre Nickatina's "Jungle" is running through my head and I'm so stoked that I'm on my way to.....

Wait for it, wait for it......

THE BAY!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!! I love going to the bay. In fact, I don't think there is anywhere I would rather travel. What's exciting is that I think I've stumbled upon an amazing idea for my site, an amazing idea that documents the wild and crazy adventures de Fuego del dinero, in a way that only I can. Even better than my blogs. Video. Video everything. I'm always on an adventure. Always doing something. In fact, I don't think I ever stop. Hit Frisco, Sac town, Vegas (twice), back to the O, tomorrow to Colorado, next weekend in Cabo. Where in the world is Fuego de dinero? (Do you like the ignorant manner in which I scream my Spanish name from tiled roofs?)

The bay the bay the bay, on the way to the bay, with my boy D. Pierce. I love this kid. He may be one of the dopest male performers, both as a fool I'd kick it with, and as male talent I enjoy sexing. Enjoying his sexing. Yes. So today will be fun, just an educational type video, which I will not be instructing in, simply a model, a hand model if you are so inclined. A handy model. Now I'm rambling. Sorry, that's what you are going to get if I start smoking pot at 6am, as I did this morning, because I left the Boss' place at 5:30am and made it back to my casa to get ready for a 6:45 pick up. LA Direct may be one of the best agencies for a wide variety of reasons, but the main one is that you know whoever you hire is going to show up, even if you are in Oakland, and I have to make it there from Burbank. Direct always has the drivers pick girls up because we miss flights; if you've been reading my blog then you know I've missed two in the last two months! Expensive little fuck ups are the most fun. Anyway, I'm here, I'm queer, no, actually I'm only part queer, but I just always feel like saying that when I open a statement with "I'm here" so I lose my line of thought no matter what I do. Maybe I should stop starting statements with "I'm here." Suppose that's the statement in itself.


So once again, Bossman rocked my socks off. I don't even know what to say about it anymore. Sex is a wacky phenomenon like that. The first time you have sex with a person and it's amazing, you think "Hey that was great. Maybe it was a fluke accident." The second time you make sure you are stone cold sober so that you can form a just opinion. And dwam. Its amazing again, even more because you weren't under any influence other than that droopy eyed sex high that makes you feel as if the room is spinning. Can sex really be mind blowing EVERY SINGLE TIME? Is that even a reasonable way to live? 

I am incredibly self-destructive and tend to think that when good things happen they will be jinxed by my impulsive behavior and energy consuming lifestyle.

Naturally, when the third time was just......*insert suggestive sigh illustrating that words can no longer describe the interactions with this man here*.......I said to myself, in the words of the Boss, I said "Self. You should see if he wants to do something other than fuck all over the house. You should see if he's the kick it type." And sure enough he is. We ran through the hills together, literally and figuratively, and watched a killer sunset from one of the only grassy untouched fields in the valley. He told me some secrets, and I did my best to share some with him, although I'm a bit inept when it comes to opening up in a personal manner. Example:

He said he "hates cameras and being on camera because it leaves your performance and actions open to multiple interpretations."

I said "performing in real life is much more difficult because you only get one shot. You can't call cut and do it over again."

Entirely different ways of looking at life. 

Then we fucked all over his house and it was even hotter, because there was depth. Something more than a filthy sexy dirty lust. There is a fundamental commonality that fosters fervent eye contact, and assiduous mind. Add that on top of a filthy sexy dirty lust.....

Makes for an excellent Wednesday night.

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