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Being Responsible For Your Own Actions – Sierra and Shelly


"Shelley Lubben posts on her MySpace page: Former porn star Sierra Sinn left porn one year ago and needs our help to return to her family! Just look at her now!

URGENT: Please help Julie, formerly known as Sierra Sinn, return home to her family! Julie has a precious 5 year old daughter whose birthday is June 4 and our goal is to get Julie home in time to be with her daughter on her birthday. Julie has been away from her family for several years trapped in the porn industry in California. But thanks to YOUR donations, we were able to help Julie leave porn one year ago and rebuild her life. She found a full time job with benefits, a new place to live and we've been able to continuously support her this past year. But now she is ready to return home to her family. Her parents and her have reconciled and have invited her to come and live with them and raise her daughter.

PLEASE help us send Julie home to her family before her daughter's birthday in June!"

What the fuck is this all about? I have heard about this Shelley Lubben lady but I never really took much stock in her and frankly never paid any attention to her "helpful causes."

However since I knew Sierra Sinn and interviewed her before she left the industry I felt compelled to read this post.

Sierra was one of the funniest girls I had ever met in the porn industry, not to mention one of the hottest and nastiest girls you'd ever find in a scene. She was great, she had fans, she had a nice solid career, but then she left and the rumors flew about her finding God, doing DJ work etc etc. Whatever.

So now Miss Lubben puts out the above call to help this girl get back to her family and daughter after they "reconciled." Is Sierra a lost puppy and can't find her way home on her own. Isn't she a big girl now? And if she has a "a full time job with benefits," then how come she can't afford a plane ticket or bus fare or a moving van back to see her daughter in the first place? I mean she has got until June, I am sure she could save the money by then. Even if she couldn't save the money - do like WE ALL do, if you want something bad enough you will find ways to get it like sell your stuff you don't use or need. There is this place called a pawn shop - look into it.

I am so fucking sick of porn girls or former porn girls who are pulling down hundreds of dollars to fuck on film for one day's work, pulling down over 75,000 - 100,00 dollars a year then saying they are broke.

If Sierra had any desire to see her daughter she should have been saving money all along, especially when she was getting paid fat cash to suck fat cock.

In a world where we are at war and people are losing their jobs at a rapid pace, Katrina survivors still looking for a home and some justice etc. etc., why would anyone even consider giving Sierra a dollar. Your money could go to a lot better things.

It is about time people start taking responsibility for their actions past, present and future and stop looking for a fucking hand out and a free ride. Life is hard - DEAL WITH IT!!!!

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