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High Def – The War May Be Over But The Battle Has Just Begun


The other night I had a moment of peace so I decided to stay away from my friends, not go out on that particular Saturday night and instead, order a huge fucking burrito the size of my head and actually watch some recent adult releases. Sure, I know, it sounds more like it was a date with myself for masturbatory purposes but I can honestly say it wasn't. If you saw the size of the Taqueria Vercruzana chicken burrito you would know that once this thing is put away (and put away it was motherfucker) there is a ban on anything being even remotely sexy for like 48 hours.

I had a few titles that I had received screeners for that I was interested in checking out. Obviously, it's impossible to watch all the films we receive at our office but every month there are a handful of titles that I set aside to make sure I watch to stay on top of what folks are doing out there. I'm pleased to report that Belladonna's new release Cock Pigs, actually lives up to its amazing title. This movie was amazing and I am really impressed time and time again with the product that she releases. If you haven't seen it, check out the scene with Lexi Belle and Faye Reagan, what's up ladies, how youuu doin?

However, that's not what I am writing this blog about. No, I want to bring up something that I feel is going to be a serious problem in the coming months and years...


There, I said it. I understand that new technology is exciting and the adult industry never likes to sleep on new tricks but at some point, somebody is going to have to ask the question, how much detail is too much?

The movie I was watching shall go nameless but believe me when I tell you that, similar to the entire human population, adult stars are not flawless beings. In fact, an argument could be presented that many adult starlets look like they've been run over by a truck. Fortunately in this industry it is rarely an issue since their success is not in their beauty but in what they do with their body. Sure, a great face will give a young performer an advantage however it's not mandatory. We could all name about ten performers off the top of our heads that one might say look worse for wear but succeed in this industry because what they lack in beauty they make up for in other ways. In addition, the limitations of the medium allow for soft focus and mild flaws to be hidden from view.

That's all over.

The film I watched was a big budget title with stars galore, beautiful lighting and elegant sets. What did I get to see, tho? What could I not help but see? Cellulite. Pancake makeup. Scars. The horror, my god the horror. Instead of being turned on by the film I was amazingly shocked at how little respect the company and director seemed to have for its talent. Sure, you're shooting high def, but at what cost? Is your goal to make the girls look bad? To castrate the fantasy of your customers and show the gruesome effects of nature and life on the human body? Not every performer is 19 years old without a blemish on their skin. Some of these girls may be over the age of 25 (gasp) and may have lived some kind of life. If the goal is to develop porn into a hyper-reality experience where you REALLY get to feel like you are sharing the screen with the performer of your dream then the day is fast approaching. However, if we are using this technology just to give ourselves, the industry, a hard on, I think I prefer the fantasy.

Where's that copy of Cock Pigs...

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