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to watch a cable show about tattooing. . . well long story short, I couldnt get through it. Just could do it. I came home from Psycho Clown and Apathy had it on. I sat down and really wanted to give it a try. But damn it I just couldn't do it. I think its rad that tattooing is acceptable enough to be on cable tv, but I can't say I think female tattoo artists are being properly represented as a whole.

That's just my extremely polite mini soap box. On that note here is a peek at the Hee Haw logo I did on an elbow last week. I love makin' dirty movies, but when I'm shooting I don't have as much time to do it. I fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE tattooing, and I'm so glad I made myself take the time to focus on both my movies and my tattooing.

I get a butt load of emails asking about the good ole' butthole tattoo. So in the super new future I'm gonna make a lil' youtube action explaining it. What it says, when I did it, how it healed, etc. . . so stay tuned for that soon. I have some new movies projects I'll be shooting for really soon that I think ya'll are gonna fuckin' dig the hell out of. Can't say too much about them right now, but I'll letcha know soon as I can.

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