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14 Days come and gone


14 Days

Two weeks, 14 days, it really doesn't sound like a long time, but sometimes it can feel like an eternity. There are a lot of things the body can endure for 14 days. Hell, just last night I saw a television show about a man who survived in his car in a snow storm for 14 days on water, banana chips and rice cakes. That is some serious will power.

14 Days

I was in the hospital once for 14 days. It seemed like forever with that catheter up my cock and central IV in my shoulder. With nothing to watch but talk shows and soap operas, I survived, although I didn't feel like I would.

14 Days

I met this girl (who is the premise behind this rambling)  two weeks ago out of the blue and come to find out she is amazing. But as quickly as it came is as quickly as it has gone. Those 14 days went by so fast and was filled with so much laughs, fun and oh my god the sex. The sex was animalistic blistering sex (see my previous blog for details.)

However as quick as it came is as quick as it went. The "relationship" was like one of those passionate flings you see in movies or on television that rich people have. There was a lot of sweat, laughs, dirty talk, stories, cum and empty hopes.

Most of the mushy stuff was on my part, what can me say I am a perverted hopeless romantic artistic type and it lets me down every time. With a wall built around the pump in my chest, not many can get in, but surprisingly in 14 days she did.

14 Days

No matter what I made a good friend in this time, at least that's what I hope becomes of this. People say they will stay friends, but they usually don't. I hope we do because she is funny and a dork like me and we are proud to be that way.  It may sting a little bit right now, I will get over it, and it will be cool. It just will take some time...maybe 14 days.

14  Days

Thank you for the best 14 days i have had in a very long time.


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