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I just went out on my first feature dancing stop for the year. It was my FIRST time ever dancing @ a strip club, let alone
really being in a strip club longer then a couple of a brief moments in between stops on a night of partying. On Saturday
when I was dancing there was also a boxing match, UFC fight & College Basketball game going on. Let's just say there
was alot of gambling going on in the world that night. I went to Baltimore, Md. I ended up staying near the Waterfront.
When I had come out of the club on Friday night it was snowing, it was the first time I had ever been in falling snow before.
I know I'm such a dork...I get excited about the simpliest things in life. When I got back to my hotel I had a view over the
entire harbor & it was just so beautiful a white undisturbed layer of snow covered everything. Luckily, the weather was
better then what they were actually anticipating..Lucky me, I wasn't looking forward to "Freezing Rain". Anyways, Here
are some pictures from me up on stage dancing. I let some of the customers whip me with my riding crop, some of them
actually got me quite good with that toy.
Next time, I'll remember, the drunker you are, the harder the person hits.
I've also posted pictures on my Official website - http://teaganraw.com

Hopefully, this little tease of a blog & pictures will suffice for you until I get home from running errands...

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