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A! Rock-A-Billy Night At The Bad Luck Betties Party


vivalt200802210014-2.jpgA! Rock-A-Billy Night At The Bad Luck Betties Party held by Vivid Alt

On a cold rainy night in downtown Los Angeles our spirits were lifted when we made our way into the Redwood Bar and Grill for the DVD release party of Vivid Alt's "Bad Luck Betties".

We arrived around 11:30pm and as soon as we walked in the building we noticed the Alt part of the party. Rock A Billy bands were playing and everyone was dressed to the theme of the night. All the stars of the movie were wearing their Bad Luck Bettie jackets, I hear they got to keep them as souvineers.

Octavio Winkytiki and Ean McKai were in the room talking to everyone and handing out copies of the new movie. The atmosphere was fun and playful and there were smiles all around the room. Not your normal porn outing for sure.

We met up with Smoking Mary Jane and our now returned friend Mika Tan (www.mikatan.com) as they signed posters and copies of the DVD for fans during the get together.

vivalt200802210054-2.jpgWe talked with Mika and Alec for a while and we all agreed it was a bummer that it was raining in Los Angeles on the night we were suppose to be able to view the lunar eclipse . Oh well maybe next time we all joked. For those of you that don't remember Mika Tan was out of the country for a while but she is back now and we are all very happy because of it. Special Note: Mika had on the sexiest shoes in the room !

We sat at a round 50's style booth for a bit with the sexy Heidi Mayne and that's where we vivalt200802210019-2.jpgmet two absolutely beautiful young starlets for the first time.  Brenya Rose was looking super hot in her red dress and she was a pleasure to talk to as well.

Looking like a young firecracker and a girl you would just like to be around was the smiling Tatiana Kush. Judging by her porn name she would always be in a good mood.

After taking it all in for a while we headed out right before closing time, it was a good night and well worth the trip to downtown.

Thank you to Ean McKai and Vivid Alt (www.vividalt.com) for taking care of us and making the crew feel welcomed during the party.

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Photos courtesy of www.xposedonline.com and www.PopShotsonline.com

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