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E For Eva, Jack’s Big Ass Show 7, Mailcall, and scores of good picks


Spotlight Title: E for Eva


Eva Angelina has certainly had a great year of late with award winning performances
all over the place in features and gonzo offerings alike, her ass
finally getting the kind of workout that fans have begged her for and
the variety of projects she has taken on providing years of stroke
fodder. Her latest spotlight flick is from the devious mind of director
Jonni Darkko for Evil Angel, called E For Eva Angelina, similar in scope to G For Gianna and Tiffany & Cumpany
that came before it. Having been a fan of Eva's for years now, this
sudden upswing in her popularity has been somewhat validating since the
more people like her, the more she works, begetting a cycle that should
last for awhile. In this instance, Eva is placed in a wide variety of
circumstances that were shot over the course of a month (from
10/31/2007 to 11/26/2007) and if you are looking for a spotlight title
starring the young lady, you simply can't go wrong with this one as it
is all new material, not a compilation.  It was the best showcase title for Eva Angelina on the market today. Eva is already recognized as a world class
performer, one of the few that I truly believes deserves the title
"porn star" that is too casually bandied about so often, and if you are
a fan, E For Eva Angelina is a "must have" for your collection.
Eva's exotic good looks and aggressive sexual style were proven time
and again to be exceptionally appealing, earning the DVD a rating of Highly Recommended for a general gonzo loving audience.  Is it any wonder that Eva is so adored by her fans here at Xcritic?


Sneak Peeks: Jack's Big Ass Show 7


 Jana Cova
may no longer be under contract these days but we still get to see some
of her older unreleased scenes in various titles by director Robby D. at Digital Playground as they are released. Thankfully, next month has one of our favorite spin off series of the Jack's Universe titles in the form of Jack's Big Ass Show 7 coming out and given the track record for previous volumes, we felt
confident that it should live up to the name by providing a wealth of
phat fraulein fannies frolicking about; something ass men like us
could dig our teeth into.  It had a bunch of nice asses even if most of them did not meet our personal
guidelines to qualify as "big". It is always nice to see Jana Cova in a
movie and most of the others had their own unique merits too.   This might not have been the best volume in the series according to our Professor of Porn but the cast list shows Jana joined by Candy Manson, Ben English, Micah Moore, Scott Nails, Karlie Montana, Charlie Laine, Kimberly Kane, Tommy Gunn, and Velvet Rose so perhaps your tastes vary from his but it was clear that fans of the tease and smoking sexuality director Robby D. provides will find a lot to like all the same so give it a look.

Mailbag: Letters from  our readers


"Sophie writes:  Is porn stud XXX gay?  He makes movies that involve sticking toys up his ass and has rumored to make gay movies.  I can't get off to a guy knowing he doesn't like women so I thought I'd ask you about it.

Don Houston responds:  Porn is about fantasy and the private sexual preferences of particular performers is usually something that only they truly know.  A common phrase in the industry is "gay for pay" meaning that a performer (male or female) will engage in sex with their same gender if the price is right.  Those of us that critically review porn, not just outline what happens, generally note that performers that don't like having gay or lesbian sex are not as convincing about the heat or fun (read Penny Flame's recent Blog for a first hand account) most of the time but it still doesn't tell you what you want to know.   

Many in the industry embrace their bisexual nature, others are so intent on keeping their true sexuality a secret that they fight with the press, and still others "go with the flow" but to many of them, it's just a job that pays the bills so they will "act" as though they like something when they don't.  My belief is that if you like watching a performer, forget about the gossip and buy into the fantasy presented.

Jay G. writes:  I thought your review of Jenna's All American Sex Star 2007 was way off base.  It looked more like American Idol, Star Search, or any of the other talent shows than anything in the market.  It even aired on cable!  Why so harsh on such a unique program?

Don responds:  The review said it all (by the way, the guy asking me the question was not, to the best of my knowledge, the CEO of the company).  There were no extras, for all the polish and look of a mainstream title, the porn elements were greatly lacking, and even the advertising on the cover was misleading about who was judging this time.  The show will appeal to many of you as a one time event, each episode providing a number of performers that you may be familiar with so I rated it as a rental as few of you will be rubbing out a load to it and the replay value was so low.  Also, there were a lot of mean spirited 

comments made and the ratings of the ladies were so random that it really put me off most of the time.  Last year's winner was so lame that the company dropped her like a hot potato in no time, others in the industry remarking what a poor choice she was several times at the recent AEE.  Otherwise, a rating of rent it merely means that it's my opinion that most of you will not find it worth buying since the episodes seemed unaltered from cable where you could watch them for free with the channel "package" and no meaningful extras sure doesn't help (to be fair, Jenna's comments as hostess were hilarious given the events of the past year.

Anonymous writes:  I really enjoy reading the celebrity blogs you provide but some of them write all the time and others rarely do.  Can you get XXXX to write and have some of the others write more often?

Don responds:  Our list of bloggers is slowly growing and we have a number of upcoming contributors that many readers are simply going to love.  We all have our favorites, Stoya: the Force of Nature is my favorite performer blogger but I like some of the industry insiders too much to pick a favorite, but like all of us, many of them have a lot going on.  This often limits how frequently they can contribute a blog while others simply have less to say.  I believe the best way to encourage them is to read their entries and intelligently comment on them in the forums (there is a link at the bottom of each blog) so you can let them know what you think (agree or disagree with what they say, just do so politely please).  We also have bloggers that have personal problems or are taking a break at any given time but short of twisting arms, they set the pace they contribute and we're happy to have them here.

Well, that's all for now but keep sending emails since we can really use the input to make Xcritic the kind of website that caters to what you, the consumer, wants to see. 
We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us
your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even
random thoughts about the world of porn. In fact, we're still looking
for reviewers, writers, and a host of others to contribute to the
website to make it even better so drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com and don@xcritic.com.

Highlights of The Week 

Belladonna is currently the top of the food chain in porn for the gonzo queen title, her performances and movies released by Evil Angel
among the most hardcore you will find available (surpassing even the
efforts of her male peers in most cases). Bella has long done her own
thing and given her popularity, it makes sense that she maintains as
much control of her material as she can, albeit her website footage is
rumored to be even more hardcore than her DVDs. Her latest release is
another lesbian extravaganza in the form of Belladonna's Fucking Girls 5: Special Edition,
this time not using Bella in quite so many scenes so she can allow
other hotties to get down & dirty with other women. Even if you
aren't usually drawn to lesbian scenes, Bella has a way of bringing out
the best (nastiest) performances from her cast so I knew this would be
a worthwhile title to check out when I picked it up last week.  It was one of my favorite titles of the week thanks to the relative lack
of abuse sex taking place as well as the solid amount of heated action
taking place. That the ladies all seemed to appreciate the benefits of
lesbian loving for real and not the porn version (gay for pay) made it
special as did the sheer quality of the cast this time. The extras were
great, the replay value really high, and the lesbian fuck for the buck
earned a rating of Highly Recommended from me. In short, Belladonna's Fucking Girls 5: Special Edition was a very appealing package for me to watch, the technical values
needing some polishing up but the overall value of the package really

Erik Everhard
currently holds a revered place in my opinion for providing more "fuck
for the buck" than almost any current producer of quality porn these
days; his works at Jules Jordan Video
almost always coming in double disc packages that are twice as long as
many of his peers. His performance abilities are also spoken of highly
by people in the industry but that's just the icing on the cake from
where I sit, my appreciation for his works enough for me to do my best
to review all of them. In his latest movie,  Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3: Special Edition, the sequel to Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2,
Erik provides a series of six scenes that combine his brand of humor
with the heated sexual antics he is known to provide, the man giving
his fans almost four hours of entertainment. High on replay value and
sporting a cast of attractive ladies, the movie shows all of them
giving solid performances that amount to another notch on the
director's belt.  It was a lengthy set of six scenes that provided a decent amount of value
but also had a number of the ladies not up to Erik's standards in terms
of giving passionate performances. I had little doubt that they were
enjoying his attentions and getting off at least a little bit but I've
seen ladies on video and real life practically jumping his bones
because they wanted him so badly and that was rarely the case displayed
here so I rated it a respectable Recommended.

Shylar Cobi has long been one of the nicest guys at Vivid Entertainment,
assisting various people in making movies while keeping a low profile.
Every year, I run into him at the AEE show and manage to ask when he's
going to direct, making last year's claim of "soon" a reality earlier
this year thanks to shows like Curvaceous, a fine little title
for fans of BBW (big, beautiful women) that chubby chasers will
definitely want to investigate. The light plot this time involved Abbey
Brooks getting married but planning a big bachelorette party for her
friends, all of them engaging in carnal activities along the way to the
alter. The plot really didn't go anywhere and really wasn't needed but
it was fun and showed Abbey's first scene with a guy as well as
Shylar's willingness to mix things up by showing solo scenes along side
the usual action.  It was an early effort but still managed to show he has something on the
ball, features being the most difficult genre to capture and rapidly
becoming a lost art as gonzo continues to stay in the spotlight. If you
like chunk chicks having fun though, I give this an unqualified Recommended since the ladies were all truly plus sized and having a good time with the men. In short, Curvaceous was what it was advertised to be and while I would have liked to see
the plot either carried forth a bit more or dropped altogether, I think
Shylar will prove to be an even more talented director if given the
chance to hone his craft a bit more in future efforts.

John Leslie was the first outside director distributed by Evil Angel;
the result of creative differences from his lengthy stay at VCA. John
had been such a well respected member of the porn community that his
complete switch to the production side of things was inevitable and
having watched how he grew back during the transition, it seemed to
make sense that he would walk his own path by making artistically
appealing titles rather than chase someone else's idea of stroke
material. His latest release making it my way was The Voyeur 34, the thematic sequel to The Voyeur 33
where John is a peeper that likes to watch others having sex. The
camera angles employed to make this dynamic believable generally
include a moderate amount of footage where John is behind some bushes,
a door, or other device yet he still recognizes that seeing all the
action clearly typically requires his camera to be far closer and
obtrusive. Still, the resulting footage is edited nicely into the kind
of porn that few others are making these days, adding replay value for
those that value the kind of vision John provides.  It did not have as much star power once Eva's scene was over but even the
weakest of the scenes wasn't bad with several of the others pretty
solid in terms of appeal and strokability. The technical matters were
not John's best except for the increased resolution provided by the
anamorphic process but the quality of casting and action alike made
this one worth a rating of Recommended for fans of gonzo fuck flicks.

Jake Malone
is one of those directors in porn that always seems to invoke a
response when his name comes up. As with every year I go to the AEE, I
asked various people about those in the industry that they feel
strongly about (positive or negative) and Jake's name comes up more
often than his status at Evil Angel
would probably reflect if he wasn't the kinkiest director regularly
working there. His brand of abuse porn is just short of Max Hardcore
but as trash talking as Jake can be in his movies, he seems to realize
that it's all about providing fantasy for fans, not just his personal
take on the dynamics of interpersonal relationships as explored on
camera. His latest flick is Bitchcraft 2, the sequel to Bitchcraft 1
that even today is not sold at all stores due to the content provided.
The series is known for offering really hardcore antics between women
with a lot of fetish attire and role playing typically found in BDSM
movies. Belladonna is one of the few gals providing such material these
days too but Jake offers up far better technical aspects in his movies
with just as much nastiness so if you like that kind of stuff, you
really can't go wrong with either of their works.  It had a seriously depraved amount of kink factor going for it and if you
are looking for something way off the beaten track, you have sure come
to the right place. It wasn't a double disc set with scores of extras
or huge running time like so many of his titles in the past year but it
was a high end Recommended for me given all it had to offer
fans. If you are into lesbian BDSM, this is among the hardest material
you will legally find at this time that is properly shot on video so
check out Bitchcraft 2.

Ray Bones is the latest director for Diabolic Digital and I got a look at his tribute to women in the form of All About Me.
The movie was a series of 18 female solo masturbation scenes with some
of the biggest names in porn mixed in with some ladies you might not
have heard much about. A number of companies have offered similar
titles in the past year so my goal is to provide a quick head's up as
to what made this one different from the others you might have seen.
The ladies in order of appearance were Bree Olson, Christina Aguchi,
Fayth Deluca, Eve Laurence, Nikki Roze, Holly Wellin, Roxy DeVille,
Heather Gables, Tommie Ryden, Ryaan Reynolds, Nadia Nitro, August,
Savanah Gold, Chloe Chanel, Jenna Presley, Evie Delatosso, Nikki Kane,
and Audrey Bitoni; some of the ladies providing outstanding
performances. There was no population pudding flying around and there
was far too little tease in some of them but the simple approach seemed
to work more often than not here. There were scenes with toys, other
scenes lacking toys, and a variety of household settings employed here
with a few ladies looking really rough.  It did not have all the fancy trimmings some of the competition has had,
nor was there a lot of music or special effects, in fact, there were
virtually no extras to speak of either but I lost all track of time
watching this one. The technical matters needed some additional
polishing up and a few of the ladies were in great need of performance
lessons but I had to give the nod to Ray here and rate this one as Recommended for all it offered up.

I made it a point to snag Big Tits Round Asses 6 when it came up for grabs last week since it had an early scene by Adrianna Lynn (back before her name change to accommodate her contract at Digital
Playground). While I'm not a huge fan of newcomers most of the time,
Adrianna struck me as having a lot of untapped potential so I wanted to
see how much of it was derived from her and how much came from her
production crew; this proving to be another opportunity to see what she
had going for her back before the contract. I'm not a stranger to the
series either, having reviewed Big Tits Round Asses 3
last year and seen a few others in the series, but the quality of the
scenes (which were all originally shot for the internet) is typically
so dependent on the cast that I have mixed feelings about fighting for
it most of the time. The theme of the show is supposed to be displaying
a variety of ladies that are well endowed in the front and back, not
the waifish looking gals that are so popular with some of you.  It was not the best title I've seen from the company in recent months but
it showed the almost amateurish nature of their internet production
company fairly well and for all the technical issues, the ladies were
well worth watching. I originally came in just to see how  Adrianna Lynn performed (not half badly) but was struck by the quality of the other ladies even more so I gave this DVD a slightly reluctant Recommended when all was said and done. In short, Big Tits Round Asses 6  had some fun, some tease, and some ladies that met the general criteria with regard to their body shape promoted in the title.

Jonni Darkko
has been a pornographer for years now and unlike so many flash in the
pan types that get lots of attention, the man simply goes about doing
what he likes to do for his titles distributed by Evil Angel.
I haven't always been a fan of his, finding the variety of quality he
provides to vary quite a lot in his earlier years but nowadays he seems
to be knocking them out of the park on a frequent basis. This is what
happens when you refuse to chase the latest trend in the industry or
copy the works of others (usually poorly) as his peers often do, my
estimation of his skill to be well above what many outsiders are aware
of. One of the factors in his recent works looking so good has to be
the assistance of his long time friend Eddie Powell, a quality oriented
director himself, but make no mistake about it; Jonni stands on his own
merits. His latest title making it to me was Angels of Debauchery 7, the sequel to Angels of Debauchery 6
that I enjoyed so much. I don't claim to have special knowledge of the
exact themes Jonni is providing here except to say that he does his
very best to find top quality ladies that have few limits to their
sexual depravity and enjoyment that are willing to go full steam ahead
in their scenes. The tease and attitude set this series apart so you go
into a new volume pretty much assured of a winner from what I've seen.  It might not have been his very best work to date but it provided plenty
of fuck for the buck thanks to the amount of replay value,
strokability, and solid extras enhancing the value of the release so I
rated it as Recommended. Most of the ladies offered up superior
tease and the editing made it even better though the oral was almost
always better than the penetrative sex.

Chris Rolie is one of the directing names for a guy that brings hardcore European porn to the world via Jules Jordan Video
and his Cruel Media label. I like some of his stuff but in all
fairness, he is more of the "abuse porn" kind of director and that
really does little for me when I hear him denigrating the ladies or
ordering the men to slap them around. His latest title to make it my
way was MILF Thing, a show offering up seven scenes (one of
them being a bonus scene unique to this DVD) of older women from Europe
in the usual situations with the same cast of thugs Chris likes to
select. I think I was sent this one because of my affinity in the past
for a couple of the ladies when they were in their respective "primes"
but I cleared my head in order to give the movie the fairest review I
could despite my misgivings for the director's way of shooting explicit
sexual contact between the performers.  It surprised me in how it worked so well when the director and male cast
let the women stay in charge. Most of the ladies showed a propensity
for control and that elevated the levels of heat, the replay value, and
the strokability beyond most of the director's usual abuse porn antics;
earning a rating of Recommended from me. In short, MILF Thing had more than just sexy looking MILFs going for it and with some
polishing up of the specifics, this could be a solid series in no time
as far as I'm concerned.

Reviewer Guy Incognito then found a quartet of titles worthy of your investigation with It's a Mommy Thing 2:  Finding mothers that you would like to fuck and crushing their pussy
like a walnut. The movie is pretty straightforward, as a paper thing
story connects all that you really want to see. The Bonus Scene is more
of the same, but you get an interesting Behind the Scenes look at the
production. The A/V Quality is sharp as hell and a massive improvement
over the original film. While the image is soft at parts, that's more
to do with the choice of lighting.  It never knows where to end or begin, but it's vastly entertaining. I
don't tend to care for a lot of these quick-cut productions, but this
work stands heads and shoulders above the rest. That's why I say that
you should buy it. It really is that amazing; My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 15:  Blackzilla is becoming a porn franchise that deserves the credit and
praise that goes along with crushing little white girl pussy. Shane's a
pretty standard lead star in the Blackzilla flicks. He introduces some
basics that all the scenes tend to repeat. There's a blowjob to
introduce the girls to his Blackzilla. Then it alternates between
missionary, doggie, cowgirl and some spooning. The cumshot happens
while the girls use a popular slur to proclaim their love for
Blackzilla.  Shane Diesel is one entertaining guy who knows how to pick a pretty
white girl. That's something I want to dwell on. The girls in the
Blackzilla discs are pretty. They're not plastic and they don't look
like they were doing meth minutes before the scene started;  MILF Invaders 5:  features a similar setup to the Blackzilla series. You can chalk that
up to Jonalungus's directing style, but it's familiar and welcome. The
A/V Quality is sharp, but there's noticeable audio dropout that makes
the introductory sequences a little hard to hear. Maybe, I'm getting
older and need to turn my porn way up. But, the audio problems become
that big of a problem that I was having to watch the intro clip before
the DVD started to find out the performer's names.  Lovely ladies, shitty audio and freaky pacing allowed for an
interesting time. For those new to the MILF Invaders franchise, I'd
recommend a rental before the buy. But, if you want to take a chance,
you won't really regret the purchase. It's an interesting film with a
wide mix of beautiful ladies; and Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy:  I didn't expect to be taken away by such a tremendous undertaking of
adult entertainment. But, the professional A/V Quality combined with
the all-star cast left me dumbstruck. It looks on par with a cable
series and it sounds better than most releases. But, would the porn
fans embrace such a massive amount of porn in one setting?  In conclusion, "The Red Vibe Diaries Trilogy" is a lot of material to
handle. But, it asks us to transgress past the usual popcorn movie
entertainment aesthetic of most American porn. It wants the viewer to
think about what's being presented onscreen in between sessions of
jerking off. That might be a lot to ask of some people, but it's a
worthy undertaking.

Peter Rockwell then provided a number of picks including Assparade 15:  Lets be honest; guys love looking at naked girls and this DVD
provides plenty of them. Not only are they all highly attractive, but
they have great attitudes and enjoying showing off for the camera. I'drecommend this title for guys who are fans of playful sex, or for your
significant other that is feeling a bit adventurous; Bang Bus 18:  I don't know what it is about the Bang Bus series but I love
them. Maybe it's because they feel so different than a typical porn
with the standard background, supermodel girls, and post-production
editing. Either way I really enjoyed this title and I think most
red-blooded males will as well. Whether you're a collector of the
series or just looking for a blond buy I recommend picking up this title;  Monsters of Cock 14:  Considering they're up to the 14th installment in the series, you know
BangBros is doing something right. Despite the fact that you probably
won't want to watch it with the wife, I found each and every scene to
be thoroughly enjoyable with plenty of playful and energetic sex. Had
they provided more extras, I would have giving it a high rating. Still,
it would make for a decent purchase if you can find it on sale; MILF Next Door 2:  This is a very solid release from start to finish. Every girl is good
looking, the scenes are all long, and the on-screen passion is hot.
What more could you ask for? If you're a fan of seeing lesbians get it
on in exotic locations, then I recommend you pick up this disc; and Barely Legal 79:  Director Erica McLean has certainly been making a name for herself. As the director for the Barely Legalseries she is no stranger to the teen genre. By providing some of the
hottest young girls in the business, solid technical quality, and
passionate sex you could hope for, Hustler has given you a DVD that is
more than worth watching.

Reviewer Wind Tunnel than saw fit to suggest a double dose of dicking with Fresh Newcummers 2:  Part two in Mr. W.H. Nutsack's trek into a spread of fresh and even fresher girls, FN2 heaps on a solid dollop of youthful ladies getting their legs split apart like fractals by an enthusiastic series of dudes.  As with part one of the legacy that is the Fresh Newcummersseries, part the second brings out the best in these ladies, especially
the bounding Tori, Claudia the Screaming, and Leah
I-Just-Can't-Get-Enough-of Livingston.  For these performances alone, I
recommend that you pick this one up, and if Tristan and Courtney seem
like your flavor, you could declare this one a full-on winner.  For
now, the strength of three (and Evelyn, too) suggest you seek it out; and Filthy Beauty the Best of Bobbi Starr:  Ah, Bobbi Starr.  I've always felt she was, and is, one of the most
stunning starlets going today, and this compilation seeks to define how
nasty and, well, filthy, she really can be.  Having previously only
seen her non-Evil Angel work, I was a little surprised by the amount
and length of extremes she goes in these scenes, all of which have
previously appeared on Jake Malone-helmed titles over the past year. 
Can there be too much Bobbi in your life?  With a title that delivers exactly what it promises, Filthy Beauty: the Best of Bobbi Starr is just that: energetic, lively, dirty, and sometimes downright scary
anal-centric performances from the effervescent Bobbi Starr.  If you're
curious, a rent would be in order, and for the uninitiated, I would
suggest a recommendation.  And though I feel like I was overwhelmed at
times by the material on this disc, and that particular potency still
lingers as I write this, I feel that, dollar for dollar, Filthy Beauty earns a high recommendation.

Dick Danger then provided some insights to Cum Fart Cocktails 6:  Once again it's time for another installment in that wonderfully named
series, Cumfart Cocktails. To me there's nothing more romantic than
girls sucking jizz out of each other's assholes. When my shipment of
screeners arrived, I ripped it open like it was Christmas all over
again. I was only familiar with two of the girls in this movie. One is
Holly Wellin, who I've seen several times and always gives a steamy
performance. The second is Amber Rayne, who has only recently come to
my attention and is already one of my current favorite stars. From what
I've seen of her she is very nasty.  I never understand why so often the best scenes in a porno movie will
be in the beginning. In my opinion, if all the strong stuff is first,
then the rest of the movie comes off as a letdown. I would think you'd
want to put your best stuff at the end, go out with a real bang, so to
speak. But I'm guessing that the director or producer feels that if the
weaker stuff is first, viewers might get bored and not watch the entire
movie. That theory has some validity, but I don't believe in it. This
movie is a perfect example. The first two scenes are amazing, and the
next two just can't sustain that energy level. Regardless, the first
scene alone is worth the price of the entire movie, so I am Highly
Recommending this one.

We end this week with a shining example of why we enjoy the review of Felix Vasquez Jr. so much with his take on Muy Caliente 3:  It was a compilation of scenes from Naughty America's various websites, My First Sex Teacher, Diary Of A Nanny, Housewife 1 On 1, Latin Adultery and Naughty Bookworms, stars some of the hottest Latinas working today. Starting with the sultry Sienna West, there's a consistent level of heat that will get your blood flowing to all the places it should, and by the time it gets to Sofia's scene, you'll have an itch in your crotch that you can't help but scratch. That is, if you end the disc with Sativa and Sarah's scene. If you continue on to Marissa's scene, don't say I didn't warn you. In spite of that final scene that should be avoided at all costs, the first four (particularly Sofia's) make Muy Caliente! v3 a Highly Recommended disc for my fellow Latina fans.  Naughty America might have made their mark primarily with internet porn but at the rate they're going, they will be showing their competition that you can have your cake and eat it too with their devotion to detail that made this Latinas look their very best.  Look back next week to see if Felix found any more of their works to recommend so strongly but know that he is on your side when it comes to uncovering the best stroke shows available, his expertise lying not just in Latina releases.


Upcoming Notable DVDs


We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. In fact, we're still looking for reviewers, writers, and a host of others to contribute to the website to make it even better so drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com and don@xcritic.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Christopher J. Thorne.

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