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If February gets any prettier I just may barf rainbows and shit sunshine


I'm sitting outside of my homeboy B-snaps right now. 10:00 am. Listening to Easy Star All Stars remake of Radioheads Lucky. So hard. The sun is shining in that perfect way that only southern cali allows for. While the rest of the country is experiencing below zero temperatures, I'm a bit worried that I'm going to be too hot in my thin yoga pants and tank top. The temperature you may ask? A lovely 76 degrees. Really nothing more that I could ask for......except.......


For those of you who have been silly enough to follow my career, you know that PennyFlame.com was originally purchased by a very very bad man named "John Stevens" of Matrix models. He was my first agent, and I was naive enough to eat up his eloquent speech about how he will mail me checks for the site, blah blah blah. Well, that was over 6 years ago. And I didn't receive one check. So I attempted to start a couple different websites. Some failed because of the people I got involved with. Some failed because of me, and the fact that I was either too stoned, or coked out to accomplish anything. 

Those days are gone fortunately, and now I am ready to address my website, and my life, with fresh eyes and clean hands. 

Recently I have been courting the fine gentlemen over at BlazingBucks, who also run Puma Sweedes site, and Bree Olsen, and a few other sexy ass bitches. So I finally said fuck it. Lets do it. I know Puma, I'm down with Bree, all these girls seem pretty stoked on their sites, so lets jump in the proverbial deep end and get down to the bottom of this motherfuckin pool. 
(This song is so hard I almost can't listen to it without dancing. Easy star all stars remade Pink Floyds darkside, renamed it Dub side of the moon. FuCkInG hard. Chiggity check it out if you gots a minute, you can get it off itunes if you aren't by some dope reggae shop that can hook it up)

So, today, I am going over to the BlazingBucks casa to shoot a little bit of content, and discuss the legality's involved in becoming involved. First I'm gonna stop at Macy's and pick up some naughty under attire, and then to the casa. I already got my workout in for the day, actually got up around 7:30, ran a mile and a quarter, and did abs, back, buns and thighs. But my shit is sore from yesterday, due to my crazy 3.25 am run, and then my afternoon hike which probably got up to about the same distance. Crazy girl. Its like crack....this whole exercising thing. But better, cuz I won't end up on the street. I'll just look better on my back.....hahahahha......

ah yes. So I worked out, I'm gonna go work on the site, and then get the ol nails fixed up, and then to work at 6pm, for a fairly new company named Pulpoinc. Spanish decent. Shoulda got Rosetta stone as a show of good intent, and respect. All I know in Spanish is don't touch my tits, (because of erotica LA) and where the fuck is my beer (or bathroom). Right. Well, maybe time to open your mind and vocab flamey flamesalot. 

And then after all this, I may go to dinner with Steve from Xbiz, and miss fancy underpants (the lovely Trisha Uptown), and maybe Angel Pie. Quite a day ahead. But like I said, its so fucking pretty here, nothing matters. 

I take it all back. Nothing matters no matter what. Pretty, ugly, raining snowing, my days tend to be unrealistically awesome. Occupational hazard I suppose. Have a great day.....

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