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not quite ultra-plus. not to say that today is less than ultra-plus, but it's slightly to the left of it. or maybe on the other side.

i feel like the cup of pepsi next to my bed (which i drank when i woke up) may have had whiskey in it. oops. better than accidentally drinking the contents of the cigarette ash can though. speaking of alcohol, people keep bringing bottles of jim beam to my house and leaving them half-finished on my kitchen counter. i'm collecting them on the top of my fridge. i feel like it would make sense to combine them into one or two bottles, but it's been drilled into my head never to combine bottles so even though it's not in a bar i'd still feel like i was breaking the law. so instead, people that come into my apartment think i'm some kind of weirdo, which might be accurate.

last night was this thing joanna angel was throwing in hollywood. she's really hot.





because of her hotness, i called dan and convinced him it was going to be an amazingly fun time and he really wanted to drive me there. he has some kind of semi-girlfriend thing going on right now, so he's becoming jess without the adorable perky little boobs. it's great, he's really good at going places with me and behaving himself and rescuing me from dudes that are trying to convince me to do all sorts of work type things that i'm unable to do, and having fun but staying just sober enough to get me home in one piece.

around 3 am we were rolling around on my floor laughing hysterically at how terrifying the ''vibrating latin king suction cup dildo'' that came in my box of things to review is. i think it's the realistic plastic balls that put it over the edge.

the xbiz awards a couple of nights ago were fun. i ended up not finishing the dress in time, and wearing this dress my grandmother had made in the 60s. i met penny flame (who is very very pretty and fun. she has this happy energy that's very pleasant to be around), and saw monica and james from hotmovies again (i used to work for them for a minute. well, more like a month, but a very short time). james has super sideburns of john travolta doom now, and they're pretty amazing.

i *did* finally finish american psycho. it was pretty amazing. now there's this giant book called "up is up but so is down" that i need to start on. it's about the nyc art scene between the death of warhol and the early 90s, and seems really interesting, but the dimensions of the book don't really make it 'curl up and read' friendly.

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