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half-finished week


Meat Puppet may be my new favorite phrase. (thanks don)I've been trying to make a dress for xbiz all week, it's coming along
pretty well but taking longer than I expected because most of it is
hand stitching. So today is "scramble for something suitable to wear as
a back up" day.

Hand sewing takes forever, but it's the only way to do justice to the
fabric I'm working with. Vintage, early sixties, was a gift from a
neighbor when I was 17. Also, I think I need to head down to the
fashion district to get the right accent fabric and see if I can find
different buttons. The ones I was planning on using are good but not
perfect, and I'm holding out for perfect.

The 'bear' from right before AVN was over a couple of nights ago. I see
him maybe once a month, but every time he's here he stays later in the
morning. It's kind of weird. I wouldn't mind seeing him more often,
possibly even outside of my bedroom, but it's not really that kind of thing so I'm having problems figuring out why he sticks around for so long after he wakes up. Especially since usually nsa deals don't sleep over to begin with. Odd.

I've been reading 'American Psycho' by Bret Easton Ellis. There's a
movie based on it which I actually *have* seen. The book also goes on
the list of things that are in limbo along with the dress, figuring out
how to deal with taxes this year, and a certain very pretty girl I
promised to call three weeks ago and haven't gotten around to.
Therefore, this entry is called "Half-finished Week"

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