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Fuck Notre Dame.


Well, I'll never watch Rudy and feel the same way again.

Recently Notre Dame University hosted a "discussion" on pornography.  You know how these things go...all one sided.  The point/counterpoint debates always seem to elude pornography in this 'fair and balanced' (Trademark) world.

Once again we learned that basically pornography is the root of all the worlds evils.  The decay of the family...yadda yadda yadda.  The same tired arguments that have been used for years, with made up statistics, made up victims and made up motivations.  This discussion even featured an unattributed quote from a mystery pornographer saying that the next logical step was to feature overt violence and the sexualization of youth.  You gotta love the unattributed quote.  Hey...I have one of those right here:

I was speaking to a major religious leader and he said their goal was to....and I'm quoting here...."brainwash all the people of the world, take all of their money, secretly rape the women and little boys, and finish the job Hitler didn't complete."  Now I can't say which major religious leader said that, but I don't need to validate my claim...the simple fact that I made it is enough right?

So, of course this discussion was complete bullshit.  Hosted by another fundamentalist religious group, this time being the University of Notre Dame.  So it is with great pride that I state...and you can quote me on this......FUCK NOTRE DAME.  FUCK THE FIGHTING IRISH.  FUCK RUDY.  FUCK LOU HOLTZ.  FUCK NORM FROM CHEERS (alumni).  FUCK CONDI RICE (another reason to hate this person), Regis Philbin and Phil Donohue.

Notre Dame hasn't been relevant since the late 80s anyway.  No one wants to play sports for them anymore, and no one wants to listen to more wacked out Catholics forcing the virgin mary down our throats.

Stay tuned to this blog for more people you can say "Fuck You" to that you probably didn't know about.  Next blog........Dominoes Pizza!

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