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Vegas – A new point of view


Megan posted an excellent blog regarding the behind the scenes work that goes on for the Vegas show, so I thought I'd give a little insight into my Vegas experience as well.

This will be my 4th trip to the AEE show in Las Vegas, but this time will be different than all others.  My first 3 times I went as a Buyer.  I was the buyer for a 7-store chain in Texas.  So I went out to Vegas to make deals to make our stores more successful.  However, this year I will be attending as a representative of Shane's World and Hush Hush Entertainment.  So instead of being shmoozed, I'll be doing the shmoozing, trying to persuade those buyers out there that their dollar is better spent with our studios than all others.  I'll be hiding out downstairs in our business suite, safely out of the way of the throngs of fans.  I can't wait to see more retailers and distributors and try to work my magic from this side of the business.

Megan mentioned how much behind the scenes work goes on, and it's the same for the work that is done in the business meetings.  While the fans are getting pics with Casey Parker and Delilah Strong, there will be tons of deals made for DVD orders, distribution rights, marketing, novelties, you name it.  A lot of what happens over the course of the next year is kicked off with the meetings in Vegas.  The shelves of your local store get filled up with product purchased in Vegas, new studios get some shelf space as a result of the exposure, new website programs are created and marketed, performers make new contacts for more work, and the fans and retailers see the direction that the company plans to take for 2008.  Parties will go into the wee hours of the night as lucky fans and insiders mingle amongst porn stars, and industry luminaries.  Friends will see each other for the first time since last year's show.  Dinners will be arranged to catch up with colleagues.  Buyers will be plied with alcohol and order forms.  Gene Simmons and Verne Troyer will be there...again.  A porn star will overdose on some drug.  You will have to be a hot chick to get a drink at the Circle Bar.  Everyone not using copious amounts of Airborne will come home with a cold.  But all in all, Vegas will be a blast!  I hope to see as many of you as possible.  Please stop by the Shane's World and Hush Hush booth, and if you have time come downstairs and say whassup to Megan and I.

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