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Happy New Years Everyone!!


Its a  brand  New Year and  with that most of  us have  made our  New years Resolutions.. wel what  I did was  make   goals  for myself. Before  I  get into that I want to  tell you about a very interesting  phone  call  recieved this afternoon.   As I was  making lunch  the  phone rang and  I didnt  recognise the  area  code..  got to love  Caller ID. I saw the   818 area  code and I  picked up and   it was  Marco Banderas  who  has  been in  NYC  for  the  pass few  days. He  rang in the  New Year in the  best place of   all the  Big Apple.  I will be  meeting  with him and his  wife  Lisa for  breakfast tomorrow at  10 am and  then I am  off  to the  Yale Club to  do an  interview with Vivid Girl  Monique Alexander  who had a   party  last night  at Club  Ultra.  So my New years  started off retty nice. Marco has a  thick Spanish  accent  which  is  very sexy and  Monique  seems to be a doll  from what Ive seen in a  few BTS with her in a  few  movies.

Ok  so  back to my  goals  for  2008

1- Do more  solo writing  with Midnight Showcase.

2-Finish off  some  projects here at home.

3-Do  more promo work on my books

4- Get  back into  shape

5-Be more involved with my kids  than what I am  already.

6- Learn to  take  a more positive  outlook on myself.

7- Get my  drivers  license

8- Have  fun in Vegas

9- Be  much  closer with my  family

10- Last  but not least... Keep to staying under  30  days in my  reviews (before  Don and G both  strangle me.. lol)


I hope  everyone had a  good  New years  where  ever they  spent it and that  this  New years  beings everyone a  brand new  start and  outlook  in their  lives!


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