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Gimme A Ride



My best pal Milo is in town for a few days so were sitting here drinking some beers and listening to The Donnas. Their song "Gimme A Ride" kicks rock and roll ass.

I watched "Spiderman 3" and "The Bourne Ultimatum" with my folks during the holiday and both were fast paced 'n entertaining. I plan to watch "Eastern Promises" soon. I love me some Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen.

I just finished up a review for Jim Steel's "I'll Do Anything, Just Please Don't Tell" starring the very sexy Brad Star and a guy who I had not heard of before named Chris Evans. Here's a pic of Mr. Evans and his cool tatts.

Here's a li'l word from Milo:

Hi there, everybody, just visiting Poindexter for the holidays. We share three common interests: movies, mixed drinks, and men! I just had a margarita earlier today with a special flavoring. I didn't care for the flavoring, but after two good stiff margaritas, you could operate on me without anasthetic! We've also been hitting the stores for 50% off Xmas cards and 2008 calendars. There's still quite a selection out there, so Milo recommends doing yo' shopping early! Happy New Year to you guys!



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