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Vivid Girl Monique Alexander To Heat Up Nyc On New Year’s Eve/Christmas Shopping and Vegas Bound!!!


After partyng  all night  at Club  Ultra I will have the pleasure of interviewing  Monique while  she is in  NY. From what I understand  its  suppose to  be a  kick  ass party so its going to be  a  very long night  for everyone. I am having  lunch with her on Jan 2 2008 and  then  I am off to  Vegas! Yay Baby!!    I am  Vegas  Bound and I cant wait! Ive heard  so much  about  the AEE from Don and the  fact that I missed it  last year makes me  even happier that  this  time Im  going. I  must  say that meeting  the  Vivid Girls is  a  treat. Meeting Savanna and havng  lunch  at her  plafce  was  indeed a  specia treat and I know  alot of  guys  would have love to trade places  with  me. Savanna  is a very  sweet  person and has  alot of plans  for  herself.

I know I havent  blogged   in a  while but  between Thanksgiving and  now  its  been  crazy here  at home. Ive  been  to the  mall  just  about  every day  with my  sister-in- law Christmas Shopping for her  kids and  Ive  just  about  finished with mine.

On  a  different note.. one of  my  latest books is now  avalible over on  Midnight Showcase.com  for  those that  enjoy reading  erotica Nightmoves -The Dark Gift is a  tale a  of a  Vampire  tryng to seduce  his  prey  through her  dreams.. I love the  cover!!!

Back to the Show...

I got  the  owner of Pyrexion  Glass Toys , Aaron to  join the forums which is  pretty  cool since he  heads up  a company of  glass  toys.. hopefully he will stick  around long  enough to  blog. Speakng of  bloggers.. I am so happy to  see  David Stanley from Wicked Pictures  blogging  with us. Ie  enjoyed  a few  of his movies. He has a different  way of  seeing thngs and  putting them to paper  which I think every  creative  genus  should  be. As a writer I sometimes  find that  people  really  dont  understand what I write as  far as  erotica  goes  because of my  love  for the  paranormal. Some call me  crazy  for  finding  romance  in writng about  vampires.. demons and  witches. But  then its that  warped sense of  imagination that  brings life to any  character be it in  porn or in  writing.

Anyways.. Its  freezing  cold here in the Big  Apple and  we have had  snow a  few times in the  pass  week. Ive  been lurking  reading everyones blogs and  catching up on the  forums and  trying  to catch up on  reviews with out  my  stalker oops  my  sister-in-law  finding out  I'm  home.. She's  already  fussing at me because her  hubby  wont let her  go to

Vegas with me.. haha.


Have a Great  Night Everyone!

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