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So that whole memory card/digital camera thing finally got worked out, and I've been carrying it around with me everywhere taking pictures of everything. Now that Chris helped me with why they weren't uploading and showed me the coolest website *ever* I'm posting a giant blog with lots of pictures and maybe random words tying them together.

Saturday night there was this website was throwing a party at the Playboy Mansion, so Joone brought his lady friend, Adrianna and I and Craig from sales.

Craig made sure we didn't fall all over the totally uneven stone paving in our heels and tried to keep us from being too rambunctious.
He also introduced me to Megan from Shane's World (who also blogs here). She's nice, I'm excited to see her in Vegas.

I was mostly excited about sitting in the grotto with Adrianna and feeding her chocolate covered strawberries.

At some point a guy with a giant camera came in and wanted us to do sexy poses together. It was easy to convince him that *he* should be the one posing with her.

Almost as easy as it was to coax his giant camera away from him. Here's a picture of me playing real photographer:

We met the nicest security man named Gary, and he showed us all sorts of things that I didn't take pictures of. But I did get a shot of a blurry smear that has a sleeping monkey in it somewhere.

Yesterday I went to go see a play that a friend of mine is in. He's shirtless for alot of it. Because I am a mischievous little trouble maker, I decided to wear a trenchcoat and play musical theater groupie.

That's right. I am officially a musical theater groupie.

I may in fact be the first female one ever.

As you know, I'm hanging out with this boy. He may not be human. He's extremely talented, an amazing singer, has a beautiful face, gorgeous body, and is nice, attentive, warm and snuggly.

We are just friends.

He eats pussy like a champ.

Anyway, he's in this show this month where there's lots of bdsm elements (straight jackets, ball gags, rope, foot fetishists, cross dressing). My kind of theater, and he makes out with a boy, so of COURSE I had to go see this. Front row seat for the boy on boy action, right?

The show was amazing, and during the last number, there's a bit where they're talking about perversion and crops and garter belts, and one of the characters says "there weren't any garter belts..." at which point my frilliest laciest pair of crotchless black panties just flew out of my hand and hit said angelic male creature in the face.

It was priceless.

He blushed.

Thank god the rest of the cast has a good sense of humor.

Forget rocker dudes. Musical theater boys have rhythm.

And kiss other boys... *hot*

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