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Internet! and more girls I have a crush on


I *finally* managed to get working internet installed at my apartment. 4 weeks it took! They had to come here a total of eight times, and when the guy today said he was going to have to send the construction people out again before it would work, I was tempted to threaten him with this:

Ignore the bad segue into electo-play toys, and the blurry photo of me with bed-hair.

This is a violet wand. They're very exciting. It's possible to brand someone with the right attachment, not to mention that they glow and make zappy noises. How cool are glowey things that make zappy noises and hurt people?? Very.

Soon, hopefully, someone will take the bait and come over so I can hurt them with this. Bonus points if they're into being branded. The aforementioned 'pbt' is too pretty for such things, and inspires cuddly feelings rather than pain-inducing ones. Well, right now he inspires "oops, I've cancelled hanging out with you 4 times in a row cause stuff came up and now I think you're upset or hurt" feelings, but whatever... I never said I wasn't super busy and always having random last minute things come up.

At some point I'll get the memory card for my camera, and there will be better photos that are taken by something other than my laptop.

Meanwhile, Steen just shot a girl named Sinnamon Love

and I kind of want to bang the shit out of her. Wikipedia says she's bisexual. I'm very very excited about this.

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