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The passing of Vanessa Del Rio’s Mom



On Thanksgiving  Night when we were all sitting  down to  dinner  giving  "Thanks" for  our  families and  loves ones , Vanessa was  spending her  last moments with her Mother. I had  spoken to her on the phone  the night  before. Vanessa had told me that she was on her  way to the  Bronx to spend what might have  been her  last  Thanksgiving with her Mother. Last  year  Vanessa had  been  back and  forth  to the  hospital with her ailling  Mom and  very  seldomn  left her  side.  Today  she  sent  out an email to  the  members of her yahoo group informing  us of her  Mom's  passing. I emailed her  back and  sent her my  condolences from my  family and  my other  "family" here  at  Xcritic. If  anyone wants to   drop her a note you can email her at:




Hi All 

Posted by: "Vanessa del Rio"

Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:30 pm (PST)

Sadly, I have to let you know my Mom passed on Thanksgiving and I will

always be grateful on that day for having a Goddess Mother like her.

She was and will always be the light in my life!

Thank you all for consistency asking about her wellness I appreciate

that beyond words.



I  thought this  would  be  something personal about   Ms. Del Rio  being that  she is another  porn  icon that we all watched at  one time or  another..

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