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Filthy’s Ass Obsession, Reflexxxions, Schoolgirls, and plenty more!


Spotlight Title: Filthy's Ass Obsession


Cezar Capone is the directing name for a talented director associated with Club Jenna.
His line of titles tends toward the Pro-Am material but of late he has
expanded his roster to apply his way of shooting porn to popular
professionals in the industry as well; insider sources saying the
results are like "digital Viagra" for the stroking crowd. His latest
release like this is called Filthy's Ass Obsession, a title
that uses a tremendous amount of tease and gals with great big asses to
elevate itself above the pack in the lengthy set of five scenes that
lasted almost three hours long. The back cover said it like this: "Here
at Filthy Films, we've always suspected that on the 8th day, God
created booty. Big, round booty. The kinda wiggle that'll have you so
distracted you wander into traffic. The kinda hump that makes that
perfect slapping sound when you fuck doggystyle. Well, look out
ass-lovers, because we're here to feed your obsession! These babies got
lotsa back - and lotsa sex drive to match! Watch every pound of prime
rump take the pounding of a lifetime and lick up every second of it."
While the cover usually employs marketing hype that I tend to dismiss
right away, I had to give this one some credit for providing an
accurate assessment of the contents of the movie. It was one of his best movies to date, sidestepping the amateur lines and
gimmicks for some straight forward heated sex and the showcasing of
really round rumps. The cast of ladies was well chosen and the
technical values did not hamper the heat this time, the passionate
pairings showing a lot of replay value and strokability to satisfy even
the most picky when it comes to value so I rated it as Highly Recommended. In short, Filthy's Ass Obsession was a great set of scenes with an all star cast of booty babes that
were easy on the eyes too; the tease alone providing more stroking
material than most titles on the market today. Great job!

Sneak Peeks: Big Ass Pool Party


I've long been a fan of pool parties as a means to see more
skin, watch drunken women act really friendly towards me, and have some
good times "helping" them adjust their micro bikinis in the back room
so any time a movie centers on such an affair, I try to pick up a copy,
having fun with  Casey's Pool Party earlier this year. Well, as a major fan of shapely ass, I found an
upcoming title to hold a lot more promise for me thanks to director Jay Strokes for Combat Zone's upcoming 51st release; Big Ass Pool Party 1.
The idea behind this party was to show a lot of women having fun at a
party during day light hours, most of them passing on sex for the first
volume of the series but still managing to induce some major boneage on
the part of this reviewer. There were men and women of all types here
but the emphasis was clearly on gals with shapely behinds so the amount
of bikini's displayed was well above average (reportedly there were ~18
women). I think fans of spontaneous sex will enjoy it a lot when it comes
out next week. The selection of women at the party was really solid and
while I might have picked a few of the other eighteen in the cast to
shake the junk in their trunks, the performances and amount of fuck for
the buck was worth a rating of Recommended. The technical
values had some rough edges in need of smoothing out but the energy and
enthusiasm of the better gals was always enough to lift my spirits up
(among other things) and it was a pretty solid opening release by the
director at the company. In short,  Big Ass Pool Party 1 did
have a pool party, did have a lot of big asses, and should make many of
you interracial lovers happy that someone tried something new instead
of the same old tired play we get to see so often.

Highlights of The Week 

Tony Vela is the latest in a long line of directors at Diabolic,
the company having long been a testing ground for the industry as a
place that people could learn to direct before moving on to greener
pastures. These days, at least after the split up from Anabolic, no one
is quite sure if the company will build up a cadre of directors to hold
onto or not, the financial impetus to do so significantly different
than it was years ago. In that sense though, I have to admit that
trying out new talent on both sides of the camera has long been a
strength of theirs for me, even putting up with the rough edges such
guys tend to have in exchange for the raw energy they bring with a
different perspective. Starting off with a solid concept helped the guy
too with the title in question being I Love Ass Cheeks a nearly
sure winner for me and the legion of hardcore ass fans populating the
market these days. The casting was a sure bet and the amount of fuck
for the buck appeared to be top notch too so I felt Tony had a lot
going for him in this freshman effort, prompting me to check it out in
depth. I felt there was more than enough heat generated to rank this one as Recommended.
The lighting could have used more care and a few of the gals seemed to
be having an off day (probably from working so much) but the ladies
that were into the action made up for them in spades as they provided
some serious strokability and replay value. In short then, I Love Ass Cheeks proved to offer some evidence that Tony might be well worth keeping an
eye out for as he tries to instill his own vision into a company known
for giving new directors a chance to shine.

Julia Ann
has long been an icon in the adult entertainment industry thanks in no
small part to her good looks, heated performances, and curvy body that
drives both men and women wild. In recent times, she has been scaling
back her projects and trying her hand at doing make up on set so she
can exit gracefully from performing so it is no wonder that her latest
movie by director Francois Clousot for Wicked Pictures used a lot of artistic effects. The showcase title for the performer is called Julia Ann RefleXXXions and fans of the gal will undoubtedly need no introduction to the kind
of sex she had given her recent, no-holes-barred work. The movie is a
series of six unrelated vignettes that use a mirror as a focal point,
Francois attempting something visually different in each of the scenes.
The back cover said it like this: "She's embraced by inescapable
desires. Enveloped by mirror images of previous fantasies, her deviance
emerges. A labyrinth of daydreams and illusions fueled by her needs,
the journey of decadence begins with her." It was not my preferred style to highlight such an award winning hotty as
Julia Ann but there was enough replay and stroke value that I gave it a
rating of Recommended all the same. Unlike recent efforts by
the company that were far too short in length, this one at least
provided some diversity I could sink my dick into, with the emphasis on
Julia herself enough to win me over. In short, Julia Ann RefleXXXions should have been better and offered better extras along with a longer
running time but I did find plenty to appreciate all the same so check
it out if you're at all interested in seeing why so many folks adore
this lady.

Two of our team checked out the House of Ass series this week; Don said: Tom Byron has long been a fan of ass so now that he has Tom Byron Productions
up and running, he can provide more of a dedicated look at the female
derriere than ever before. His latest movie to make it my way was  House of Ass 7, the sequel to House of Ass 5
that I enjoyed so much earlier this year. I have found myself seeking
out some of Tom's works of late due as much to the tease he has the
ladies provides as the actual action but my fellow Houstonian has been
around porn almost as long as I've been watching it so his ability to
provide a different kind of gonzo experience has made much of his work
worth searching for; my list containing the back volumes of this series
as an example. The sex itself did not focus on anal but given the
plentiful attention to the hotties gracing the production, I had no
issues with this decision as the rippling rumps work just fine for me
when the pussy is being plugged. It had a solid cast of gals with nicely shaped asses. The performances
were a bit mixed but the totality of the circumstances behind the DVD
was enough for me to rate this one as Recommended thanks to the technical values, the extras, and the amount of tease. Michael said: Tom Byron's house has some fantastic ass. He drops it hot
with Ms. Fire's first scene and continues it all the way through to the sexy
Ms. Angelina's scene. Unfortunately, it stops there. The scene after Eva's
features the late Haley Paige, and while she was most definitely a favorite of
mine while alive, I thought it was too soon to watch. And though it did cool me
down a bit, Dana's scene didn't help rekindle that fire. Fortunately though,
it's not enough to make me do anything less than give  Tom Byron's House Of
Ass 6
a recommended rating.

Justin Slayer
is one of the few men directing gonzo porn that is considered virtually
universally to like women and his movies distributed by Evil Angel
are the best evidence of this belief. He bonds with them while
retaining his roots, never dumbing down his heritage as he and hisfriends find ladies with gifted bodies or talents to display; many of
his recent efforts showing his evolution as a director (particularly Merc). His latest title to make it my way was Big Booty Revenge 3: Special Extended Set , where Nat Turnher gets the spotlight as Justin shows his exploits all
over the world with some of the ripest rumps ever to grace the small
screen. The seven scenes included a wealth of tease and lasted almost
four full hours so in terms of fuck for the buck; you've hit the
proverbial jackpot this time. It was dedicated to guys that like women with plump rumps in action;
providing lots of tease and couple friendly sex along the way. Yeah,
the women were not the lean types most porn focuses on but most of them
were well versed in the art of milking a nut and the fun factor of
several scenes was enough to merit picking up a copy all by themselves.
The strokability, replay value, and amounts of extended fuck for the
buck this two disc, four hour gonzo show had was easily enough to
warrant giving it a rating of Recommended with fans of the
ladies probably thinking that was on the low side of the scale. The
technical values and extras were mixed but the movie itself was pretty
cool to watch overall.

Raul "Chris Rolie" Cristian is one of those European directors that has grown increasingly hardcore with time, his various series distributed by Evil Angel
and Jules Jordan Video reminding me that his company, Cruel Media, is
trying to outdo Rocco Siffredi in terms of kinky anal play. His latest
release making it my way was Ass Traffic 3, the sequel to Ass Traffic 1
I reviewed awhile back, a series of six hardcore scenes devoted to anal
sex with enough kink to satiate even the most twisted fan out there.
The ladies were generally very physically appealing and all accepted
cock in whatever hole in came across, the sometimes cold mannerisms
balanced out by the energy displayed during the performances. It had some shining moments of depravity that will serve fans of the
European hardcore model of pornography well in their stroking efforts.
The replay value and strokability will vary for you depending on just
how much abuse porn you prefer and the circus act sex tricks employed
were definitely best suited for the jaded fans of porn that have seen
enough erotica or ladies holding back as many domestic releases seem to
provide so I rated it a healthy Recommended. In short,  Ass Traffic 3 will cater better to those of you wanting to see women
pushed to their respective limits than truly getting off so give this
one a look if that's what you're in search of.

Pink Visual Productions
is one of those companies that not everyone has heard of but manages to
make believers out of folks that give them a chance. Those of you that
believe in AVN nominations might approve of their receiving 17 of them
last year; though I don't believe that they won much at the time. Their
latest title to make it my way was Bubble Butts Galore 6, the sequel to the well received Bubble Butts Galore 5;
where gals with shapely asses ruled the day. I haven't seen the rest of
the series but the ladies listed in the cast were plenty of reason for
me to pick this one up, their track record proving another reason to
give it a chance. The back cover said it like this: "Someone once said
"Big booties make the world go round." We agree, and this is our ode to
da oval office. We traveled the country on a mission to find the
biggest, roundest, and tightest poopers around. We found these babes
with titanic tushies and took them for a test drive. Join us as we ride
the butt mobile until the wheels fall off!" It had a lot of sweet ass on display, even if it was never used in anal
sex. Still the ladies were all top notch performers and while a few of
them were not up to their usual standards, others were better to make
up for it so the replay value, strokability, and overall appeal of the
movie was enough to merit a rating of Recommended, and nearly a
step higher. The generic nature of the sex and the way that all the
scenes struck me as shot for the internet to be aired later weakened
the dynamic for me; somewhat spontaneous sex always preferred by this
reviewer. In that sense, Bubble Butts Galore 6 was still well worth picking up but held back from their
true potential a little too much to give a full fledged nod to. That
said, if you like world class ass, this will be well worth your time,
money, and seed so check it out.

"Beware Of Pussy And Ass Violations! Explore the world of dirty little
bad girls who will lie, cheat, & steal for a good fuck!" Stuart Canterbury  brings to the  screen  naughty  story  in jail cell
which  men have one time or  another have had  while spending time in
the  tank . For what ever  reason they have  been incarnated , these
men  and ladies let  go  all their  inhibitions. What better way to
forget that your locked up than having your way with the   female
 guard or let your guard  down in a  garage ,back  alley and  even on
a  rooftop or in the solitude of a museum. All sorts of things happen
in the dead  of night. Breaking and Entering at  first look you would think that its all
about  sex in a  jail cell. Was I ever wrong. You have five stories arousing the   danger of  getting  caught and what the
couples does once their hormones get in the way. The one  scene that
I  thought could have  been  a tad better was the G/g scene. Mya was  
great the way  she  interacted with Michelle but Michelle wasn't  that 
into it. You could tell that  she was  faking it and wasn't into Mya.
A  shame though especially since  Mya is so  hot. Michelle made up for
it though when Mya was using the glass  dildo on her.  I enjoyed  each 
scene  especially Memphis who gave  Lee one hell of a work out through
the  bars. Breaking and Entering is one that I would  Recommend for couples and  especially  to the New York's Finest to watch with their
wives and or gf's.

77 girls & 140 cumshots.  Most cumshot compilations
speed by as quickly as the jizz shoots from the shaft. I thought this was
really the only way to put a cumshot comp together. I mean, the point is to
skip through all the 'fluff' and get to the money shot. But  Dropping Loads #2 does it a bit
differently, and at first, I didn't like it.  The start of each scene
shows the title of the flick it came from, which is actually rather handy if
you ever want to check out the clip in its entirety. Then there's a few minutes
of 'social foreplay' you could call it, and this varies. Some are Q&A
segments, some strip teases, others a bit of fucking to build for the finale. Besides
feeling stomped on by the heavy boot of commercialized pornography,  Dropping
Loads #2
gives ample amounts of splooge covered faces. And the title
info and little clips at the start of each scene do make me want to revisit
some. I've always considered cumshots like snowflakes in that no two are alike.
And essentially that's represented here; there are some simple pops, gulps,
winces and such. But there are a few gals that chew the cum like bubble gum or
turn their mugs into vanilla frosted wedding cakes. For 140 pops, this is
definitely worth checking out.

Reviewer Peter Rockwell then gave us some titles to consider with: Blow Job Races, saying "finally a semi-original idea! Twelve sexy girls drop to their knees and
try to suck off their man in record time. A stopwatch actually pops
into view now and then to keep the contestants aware of their times. For once I actually found myself buying into the "plot" of an
Adult DVD. If you're a fan of blowjobs this DVD will be hard to beat.
Combine he plethora of extras and you have a DVD worth your hard-earned
cash! He then provided us a look at older women with some sweet curves many men have been buying all over the place with MILF Next Door: This is a very solid release from start to finish. Every girl is good
looking, the scenes are all long, and the on-screen passion is hot.
What more could you ask for? If you're a fan of seeing lesbians get it
on in exotic locations, then I recommend you pick up this disc. He then finished up with Schoolgirl POV; I normally look forward to reviewing any title by New
Sensations. Not only are they known for excellent video/audio quality,
but I find they often have some of the best girls in the business. They
often have a softer "girl next door" look and not the hard "porn star"
look you'll find on some titles. In this release New Sensations
continues the tradition by bringing you five solid scenes. Overall this DVD was very enjoyable. When you factor in the solid
selection of extras you have a DVD that provides plenty of fuck for
your buck. If you're in the market for a new teen DVD, you might want
to consider picking this one up for your collection.


Reviewer Harry Johnson then showed some love towards Naughty America 4 Her #3: Once again Naughty America has assembled a compilation of its
favorite girls with its 4 Her series. Landing spots on the third installment
are the ridiculously sexy Sasha Grey, Roxy Deville, Adrianna Nicole, and a host
of other girls. Like the previous efforts five scenes are available here pulled
from various other Naughty America releases. The sex is great and there is a
decent amount of variety here like the other volumes. I think out of the three
4 Her titles that are available this one is probably the most balanced of the
bunch with better sex all around. Naughty America 4 Her has turned out to be a
fine compilation series of NA's hottest stars. Like the previous efforts this
one is a collection of some great sex with only a couple of scenes in between
that weren't quite up to par for one reason or another. In my opinion this is
probably the best release for the series so far with some of the best sex.
Audrey and Roxy, Sasha and Rachel, and Julie all turn up the heat with some
amazing scenes that will leave you wanting more. Due to personal preferences I
didn't find the final two scenes particularly enjoyable but I'm sure some of you
will definitely go for them. Overall I'm going to highly recommend this release
if you're looking for a good compilation series with some hot sex and a lot of

We end this week's look at the top titles with Felix Vasquez Jr's look at a title dedicated to the wonderfully wet world of Squirteens: Upon glancing at the utterly amateur DVD menu for
"Squirteens," I could instantly tell that I was in for something painful. Sure,
I enjoy porno that shows gorgeous squirting, but when a DVD menu sucks, there's
likelihood the porno will suck, too. It's not always a hard and fast rule
though as is proven by Axel Braun's Squirteens which is shockingly pretty
hot, and a great little porno. Sadly though what knocked it down a peg was that
they simply don't tell us which actress is which. And that proves to be incredibly
difficult to me, because I have to rely on pure guesstimations to describe
which actress is getting banged or rimmed. Thankfully, there introductions and
Axel Braun chats up his performers before every threesome, which doesn't take
away from the quality, since Braun gladly isn't a douche bag and barely
interferes. This was a really good porno that didn't
emphasize the whole squirting aspect, but was still a good compilation of
gorgeous women being fucked and fingered into sprinkling orgasms. While the
extras and menu sucks, the movie is entertaining enough.
In the audio department, the sound comes in nice and crisp. The picture
however is good but not as good as it should be. Focus on the ladies and you will find this an appealing bit of work though.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

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