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Chilly Morning


Hello all. Ah! The first Saturday in November and it's a chilly one. Once again I find myself with a hot cup o' Joe this time listening to some cool jazz by Milt Jackson. I've recovered from last weekend's wild beer and horror movie bash with my pals Charles, Jonathan, and Paul. We watched "Hostel II" (Lauren German and Heather Matarazzo give strong performances and I think Eli Roth is damn hot!), "The Brood", the groovy 1969 Italian "Hatchet for the Honeymoon", "Burial Ground" (Peter Bark rocks!), "The Descent" (most likely the best horror movie I've seen in the past 10 years), and "Welcome to Arrow Beach" (aka "Tender Flesh" starring the beautiful Meg Foster, Laurence Harvey -who also directed-- and cool burlesque gal Gloria LeRoy).

I'm enjoying watching and reviewing the Bel Ami titles. The movies are refreshing in that the dudes all give such friendly, playful performances. I can tell they really dig each other and the action. These Czech guys are very good-looking and have beautiful smooth toned bodies. I usually go for hairy chests but make an exception for the Bel Ami guys. I'll be posting reviews for "Rebel" starring the very cute Paul Valery and "A+" starring Bel Ami regulars Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik showing some of the new guys "the ropes" of all-male lovin'. Well, I'm off to go get my hair buzzed and go grocery shopping. You know that "wild gay lifestyle". Ha!



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