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Saturday Morning with a Cup of Joe


Good morning all and welcome to my first blog. Whew! One of my pals passed the bar exam so we celebrated last night by throwing back a number of beers. Luckily, no hangover this morning and I'm sitting here with a nice cup of Joe listening to Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins' CD "Rabbit Fur Coat". Fall is my favorite season and the temp is quite cool here in Nashville this a.m.

 After I run my usual exciting Saturday morning errands such as pick up dry cleaning and going to the grocery store (you know that "wild gay lifestyle"), I'll be working on some reviews: "Menatplay 1: "Executive Pleasures" featuring some very hot British dudes that should please anyone who has a business suit fetish. Up next are "Gay Sex Resort", and the more extreme "Cum Filled Manholes". Latino Fan Club/Real Urban Men Productions has a new movie titled "Black Ty Affair" directed by Rob Greco who never disappoints. I hope to watch/review by early next week. For all you Bel Ami fans out there we have a bunch of titles that will be reviewed soon. I love Bel Ami as the studio puts out high quality productions with very good-looking dudes.

This weekend I also want to watch some non-adult titles from my ever growing "purchased and need to watch" stack. Hopefully, I'll get to "Planet Terror" (I love Rose McGowan and her kick ass machine gun leg), "Wrong Turn 2", and some episodes of the 1969/1970 "Scooby Doo". As you can see I'm in a horror movie mood. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!