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Ass Worship 10 dominates, Slutwoman lives, and Dave Navarro’s Broken offers something different


Spotlight Title: Ass Worship 10: Special Edition

Jules Jordan and  Jules Jordan Video are pretty much considered the top of the line for gonzo porn that
embraces all the hardcore sex fans demand these days with lots of tease
action to suit those of us that love the ladies so it is no surprise
that almost every year he wins scores of awards others covet so highly.
Many of these awards are the personal accolades of the fans too, not
just the kind bought with advertising dollars, and it is clear that his
approach has been copied by many newer directors hoping to grab a piece
of his proverbial pie; some succeeding best by imitating him and adding
nothing new but working on the premise that guys like Jules cannot make
as many titles as consumers want so they are merely filling in the
gaps. While I myself have not always been a huge fan of his, his work
won me over as I scrutinized it closely to find that he is the real
deal and while not for everyone, his financial success is of his own
making; not the result of some mysterious cabal of paid off shills in
the press. His latest epic release is Ass Worship 10: Special Edition Set , the sequel to Ass Worship 9;
both from the series that caters to fans of booty so very well. These
come out toward the end of the AVN award season every year for a
reason; they are flagship titles by the guy, with all the care,
quality, and over the top best performers he can find at the time of
shooting. As such, the results do not vary much; the action always
being really well done. It was one of those rare titles that went so far above the rest of the
generic pack of gonzo releases that I was once again impressed with the
double disc set as providing more fuck for the buck, more quality
tease, and more of the replay value that makes a release special. I
know that features get all the press by the other media outlets but I
can't stress enough how Ass Worship 10: Special Edition Set had
enough footage that lesser companies would have split it into two
titles and sold them separately without any complaints. My limited
attempt to describe how sweet it was to watch Brianna Love, Julia Bond, Annette Schwarz, August and the others aside, I was well into the second DVD of the set before I could conclusively rate this one as an Xcritic Pick.

Sneak Peeks: A Quartet of titles

From time to time, we get in a lot of early releases from companies knowing the value of spreading the word before street dates. This week, we have four titles for you to consider ordering, each of which provides a different experience for the viewer at home. I start my look with the Digital Playground title coming out next week Teen America 19; the latest volume in the popular series where Jack scams young ladies into having sex as a means to increase their chances of winning a fictional beauty contest hosted by the T&A Foundation. As Don said: The idea of the series is a beauty contest where Robby is "Jack", a guy
tossed out by his parents working to pay the bills as his assistants
have sex with the contestants that are trying to increase their chances
of winning. There is a lot of humor as Jack and friends play the ladies
to see more flesh, cop a feel, and work ever closer with the
contestants. It was a mixed bag of cunning stunts that all had something special to
provide the mix here. The technical values were on par with his other
works from the time period this was shot and who can fault the casting
when not one but two contract gals were showcased? I rated it as Recommended
but your mileage may vary depending on your appreciation of the cast
and what kinds of sex you prefer to see (there was a little bit of
everything here). In short, Jack's Teen America: Mission 19, like Teen America 18 before it, should trip your triggers a number of times so check it out when it is officially released next week.

We then move to looking at one of Red Light District's new bonus disc offerings in the form of Sexual Rage; a series of four lengthy scenes shot partially outside with little
specific marketing niche other than the gonzo sex (like the majority of
porn on the market). The emphasis was on anal action and oral taste
testing but the generic nature of the scenes was easier to take when I
found out this release was one of Red Light's new titles that had a
free back catalog title included (at least until I found out it was one
I already had). Still, with little to lose, I sought to see if this new
director was worthy of the company I have appreciated so much over the
years, noticing that the cover gal looked pretty fine. It was a decidedly mixed ride in terms of quality gonzo but the addition of a free movie, a full version movie at that, sure did spice up the value of the show when we looked at it closely enough.

Then we came across Jack's Leg Show 3, another title starring two contract hotties for fans to appreciate, the emphasis clearly on the legs and feet for those of you into that kind of thing. The show is a spin off of the Playground series that dedicates a lot of time to capturing
legs and feet for the foot fetish crowd using the same humor and
playfulness the entire "Jack" series is known for. I'll tell you up
front that I love legs but I'm indifferent to feet so whatever else can
be said about the following review of the movie (which comes out next
month), I don't want a lot of hate mail over my lack of interest in the
subject. All the ladies were fit with Lacie and Sophia the picks of the
pack, the action varying considerably here for those who like quality
material. It had a lot to like for me, finishing up really strongly with Lacie and
Sophia in their scenes and offering others in situations that played to
the theme nicely enough. Considering I'm not a foot fetish guy, my
rating of Recommended is exceptional, Sophia's scene the
strongest for what it was trying to be and Lacie's displaying more than
a little connection between the partners involved. The technical
matters were not quite the same as always, the lighting lower (perhaps
to change the mood a little) for example, but better than you will find
many other places too and the weak extras holding the movie back. In
short, Jack's Leg Show 3 should be on the short list for any
fan of legs and feet as a must have, the rest of you having plenty to
work with too thanks to the replay and strokability factors in

Last but not least was the art erotica of Deeper 8 starring the hot Hannah Harper. The emphasis this time, aside from Hannah's double dose of dick
starting and finishing the production, was a light BDSM with the men
controlling the women using various fetish gear. Role playing and
willingly handling over control to another is a powerful sexual
aphrodisiac to many people of both genders so there was plenty for
Celeste to mine here using a diverse cast of women. It had some solid highlights that fans of Hannah will be very happy with
when this is released next month. The rest of the scenes were not as
consistent, with the exception of lovely Bobbi Starr's rendition of
hide the salami, but the technical matters and amount of fuck for the
buck made this worth looking into as Recommended if you are a couple looking into role playing games or a guy stroking off over a lost love alike. In short, Deeper 8: Hannah Harper, like Deeper 7
before it, seemed to offer some good replay value if you're looking for
a hint of kink without the circus act sex so popular with the major
gonzo companies these days.

Highlights of The Week

We begin this week with what amounts to a top pick title from the folks at Elegant Angel with Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman: As a fan of the Slutwoman series, many of us could argue the relative
merits of ladies from the past that were labeled such but I have to
admit that this latest incarnation, Annette Schwarz,
has been on my radar screen all year as one of the best extreme queens
in porn. The lengthy set of five scenes provided a wealth of heated
hijinks punctuated by hardcore anal and role playing, every nook and
cranny worked over to the max by her award winning style. The back
cover said it like this: "Award-winning cult director Mason (Dirty
Trixxx, Lady Fellatio) returns to the Elegant Angel directing fold with
Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman. Experience a breathtaking three hour
voyage into the dark beauty of Annette, one of porn's most extreme
performers. From a 20 guy blow bang to an intense three-way with giant
black cocks to an emotional tryst with Manuel Ferrara, and an
unforgettable finale with the dominant Sandra Romain, you will rarely
encounter a movie as passionately perverse as this debauched
psychodrama. What happens when the most depraved performer in porn
meets the most depraved director? The answer is a viewing experience
that is unlike any other, and a movie that will forever alter your
perception of the emotional and psychological depths that porn can
uncover." Say what you will but is any director could bring out the
nastiest set of passionate pounding, Mason was the one to do it. The strokability and replay value will largely depend on how much you
like Annette and rough sex in general, but it is again clear that
director Mason is back with a vengeance to do things her way and I
think a lot of fans are going to love this one. In short then, Annette Schwarz is Slutwomanalso proved that the 23 year old German anal queen earned the right to
the title and if Sandra Romain and Belladonna retire, there will be few
contenders for the throne populated by the best in the jizz biz over
the years.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn was busy at work too, finding another rare top title many of you will appreciate with Teravision's Broken: What everyone looks for in an adult feature is a good story line,
exotic women and hardcore sex. In Broken you get so much more than
that. With a very complex story line and scenes within scenes,
Broken makes  for  a title that is a  must  watch twice to really understand and enjoy what is going on. The artistic value filmed in 
certain scenes in b/w with an  all white background and the music
performed  by  kHz and  Axel Braun and Alex De Large blend perfectly
with the mood  that was set. Sasha Grey's role in a few scene as the
one in control, pushing the button on the performers gave more 
believability used the Italian subtitles. Overall Broken is a
repeat watch and one you should have in your to  the very strong  storyline. There are times that
the music drowns out the vocals of the performers but that is corrected
with in seconds. In scene 2, the Italian subtitles are a bite confusing
and you really can't make out what is being said which makes you
question why they collection especially if
you are into S&M and are huge fans of the beautiful Sasha Grey.
Great sex+ good storyline + good music/soundtrack=  X-Critic Pick! All
I want to know is where I can get a copy of the music from the group
kHz with additional music from Axel Braun and Alex De Large. I loved
their music! I forgot to mention is a must watch in the BTS... An
alternate ending which literally is mind blowing. She also found a sweet little pick with Beautiful Anal Divas, saying: With a cast of hotties  stemming  from Rebeca Linares to Annete
Schwarz, who is  featured on the  cover  with Lorelie Lee, these ladies
always give  and  taken  to make  for one  very  arousing title. I love
the  fact that each of the  ladies have maintained  their natural looks
which makes  for a more enticing look  for the  viewers.  Even the
newcomer Bobbi Star proved that even the newbie's can give on hell of a
performance in a scene. The  lucky man in each  scene Dan Silver got to
taste each and everyone of these beauties in more  way  than  one and 
the ladies  gave it their  all.

We then found a light hearted sexual romp to appreciate in Wicked Picture's The Girl in 6C: The plot was minimal but all tied together as Carmen goes from one romp
to the next, providing more Carmen hart fuck for the buck than any
movie I can think of. If you're as big a fan of this beauty as I am,
that alone makes it worth checking out; the back cover saying it like
this: "Charlotte (Carmen Hart) is a small town girl who comes to the
big city for a "surprise" visit with her older brother Keith. Unknown
to her, Keith is just on his way out of town on an important business
trip. Charlotte's left to fend for herself and make friends where she
can. And boy, does this girl make friends. Charlotte spreads her
southern hospitality like a bee spreads pollen. During her short visit
she befriends the doorman, the superintendent, the neighbors, the
delivery boy, Keith's best friends ... and in the end even Keith's
girlfriend. As with any visiting relative, there comes a time for them
to go, and this little cutie has definitely overstayed her welcome. But
as she determines her next destination, some will be glad to see her
come, and some will be glad to see her go." It did not seek to compete against the latest gonzo epic in terms of
circus act sex, nor did it cater to some narrow niche that most people
wince at when watching a fuck flick. No, the appeal this time was
largely the result of hotty Carmen Hartsimply enjoying herself in a number of sexual situations as she saw
fit, the lady clearly in charge of her own sexual identity so I rated
it as Recommended. Fans of Carmen not writing for a general
audience will appreciate it even more (for true Carmen fans, this is a
"must have" all the way) so your mileage may vary, the light hearted
appeal of The Girl In 6C not relying on a huge budget, a
dramatic script, or special effects so much as the sweetie on the front
cover doing what she does best.

Our newest Latina expert, Alexander, was up next with his take on Swank's Latina Deluxe 2:In my review of Latina Deluxe,
I commented on how obvious it was that the disc was an entirely Euro
production, with beefy Euro dudes fucking Eastern Euro chicks in
obviously Euro apartments.  And while the sex was pretty hot and most
of the girls gorgeous, it was difficult for me to recommend a DVD
that claimed to be "hotter than jalapenos" yet didn't feature anything
even remotely Latin.  I wanted 8th Street Latinas,
not these blue-eyed imposters. So, it was with some reluctance that I
popped this second volume into my DVD player, convinced I'd be watching
even more heavily muscled Aryan types banging dark-haired,
Czech-speaking hotties. This disc is a huge improvement over Swank's first volume in the series.  The scenes are better lit and directed, the girls are smokin' hot and actually look Latina,
and other than a stray accented syllable every now and then, this
DVD could pass for being an all American production. So, solely based
on the number of times I wanted to jerk off to this video's scenes
(a couple dozen, at least), I'm certainly recommending this latest installment in the Latina Deluxe series.

With all the hardcore action most titles offer these days, it was nice to see some fabulous eye candy surrounding the ladies like we found in It's Sunny in Brazil: The project is the long awaited travelogue that Sunny Leone mentioned all over the internet last year where the company paid her to
travel to the beaches of Brazil and have sex with hot women. There were
also men having a good time, sadly none of the cast were identified
other than Sunny in any of the extras, the movie itself, or in the
press releases though I've seen a few of them before. The back cover
said it like this: "We knew it would happen. Always does. Take one of
the hottest adult stars on the planet, send her to the to the most
beautiful part of Brazil, add in five of Brazil's most sizzling porn
queens, 90% heat and the naughtiest beaches on the planet and all hell
breaks loose... or all heaven, more accurately. Prepare for anal.
Prepare for all manner of toys. Prepare for a long, tall, beautifully
tanned Sunny, all under a beautiful Rio sun. Actually, forget it.
There's no way to prepare for this..." It was a solid showcase for the lesbian antics of the beautiful Sunny Leone.
There were other scenes for fans of traditional male/female bonding but
the main reason for getting this DVD is to see the three scenes
starring the contract babe. While fans wait for her first onscreen male
contact, this will be a nice diversion to appreciate; my rating of Recommended largely based on her appeal and not the generic extras or mixed technical values.

on 1: Reviewer Rob Randell then provided us with a duo of daring deeds with blast from the past with 5 on 1: a fetish title for viewers who like to see gangbang action. The sex
starts off with brief teases and then moves into full on sex scenes
with anal and double penetration action. This release is pretty heated
and all girls take the gangbang action like pros. However Katja Kassin
is the only real reason to invest in this video. She's an amazing gal and here scene went like this: The scene opens with Katja in only a towel. She drops the towel and
puts on some lingerie and does some teasing. She looks great and there
is a nice focus on her shapely ass. Next, 5 dudes show up and have their
way with her. The action starts off with Katja sucking a cock and
getting eaten out. It proceeds with more oral sex. Eventually the dudes
get their turn fucking her. Katja takes it in all holes with straight,
anal and double penetration. It it is pretty hot stuff. The scene ends
with Katja swallowing the cum and licking herself clean when
applicable. Then a newer title with 1 On 1: a porn release from Diabolic Video and should not be confused with the
Red Light District Video series with the same name. The concept in both
the Diabolic and Red Light series is the same: 1 girl + 1 dude = 1 on 1
sex scenes. This particular release has 6 steamy sex scenes with
several great hotties to look at. Expect to see lots of sex from oral
to straight to anal. The DVD had a great lineup of hotties. I enjoyed seeing each and
everyone of them get naked and get busy. The sex itself was also pretty
good and captured the girls in an exciting manner. Anyways, if you like
energetic sex then this DVD is a must.

Fans of hotties not simply content with our spotlight pick this week may also enjoy a little solo action from foreign sources with Give Me Pink!, the battlecry of porn lovers everywhere: a series of six really lengthy, detailed solo masturbation acts by a
barrage of babes that most men would pay top dollar to watch in the
USA, though all of them were from Eastern Europe. Like solo titles from
other companies such as I Film Myself, All Alone, and All By Myself,
the gals all seemed to have their own styles as they teased, rubbed,
and penetrated their openings with large foreign objects along the way.
For me, a little bit of polishing and a slightly different casting line
up would have yielded an even higher rating but it was extremely
strokable for the most part. It was clearly worth a rating of Recommended. The technical values
needed some polishing up (like the flesh tones that were showing too
much yellow, almost as if they had jaundice) and one of the ladies
really did not appeal to me at all, the reliance on circus act sex
weakening another scene too but still providing a sweet series of
heated rides. Whatever else can be said, the diversity of performers added a lot to masturbation titles by other companies so check it out already.

With all the emphasis on youth titles, those of us appreciating older gals with curves that are willing to do far more sometimes feel left out but that wasn't the case with MILF Bone: The movie is a series of five scenes with older, curvier gals that show
some mileage on the chassis doesn't mean the ride won't be good.
Knowing ahead of time that TJ Hart, Lisa Ann, and Devon Lee were
involved in the movie made this one an easy title to take a risk on,
new directors rarely showing as much skill as their marketing
departments seem to credit them for. The end results were mixed but it
was not a bad little MILF flick to rub some loads out to, making me
wonder if Jack had some assistance from Ivan or one of the other
competent directors at the company. It might not set any sales records or motivate you to order the company's
entire back catalog but it had enough strokability, replay value, and
fuck for the buck to warrant a rating of Recommended for fans
of MILFs. Lisa Ann, TJ Hart, and Devon Lee all made it worthwhile, the
other two ladies providing some quality fuck time too. The technical
values were a bit off and the extras were decidedly lame yet the movie
itself had what was advertised so give it a look.

And deny it or not, a lot of you might want some extra ass footage this month once you've drained dry on the wealth of material offered up in our spotlight pick so you can always get a different look at ripe rumps in Cheek Freaks 4: where the ladies all experience the wonders of anal sex with Jazz and
his band of merry men in some of the lengthiest scenes available in all
of porn. If you like round rumps, ass antics, and depraved backdoor
action, you can hardly go wrong with what this guy has to offer most of
the time, the bodies more important than the look of their faces but
some quite cute indeed. It had a lot of tease, anal play, and heated sexual action that was only
weakened by the technical values, relative lack of good extras, and a
few scenes where the gals could have done better so I rated it as Recommended. The screen captures I provided will speak volumes about what the ladies look like but overall, I think Cheek Freaks 4, like Cheek Freaks 3 before it, was a pretty fine pick for fans of large, shapely asses so check it out if you get the chance. Heck, we even included a bunch of pictures so you could see for yourselves what these shapely ladies provided to the mix.

Then veteran reviewer Peter Brockman suggested you check out It Takes 2 #4: I'll pretty much sum up this DVD the way I sum up all Red Light
titles. If you're sure you can handle the often rough action then
you'll definitely enjoy it. If you're looking to watch it with your
significant other, or prefer more passionate sex, look elsewhere. It Takes Two 4 provides plenty of value, attractive girls, and solid technical quality - Recommended. The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. I
can honestly say that I like what I've been seeing from Red Light
lately. Their newer releases all have technical quality on par with the
higher end studios. It Takes Two #4  was shot using a hand held
digital camera, so the colors are sometimes a bit washed, and the
lighting does have some issues. Overall it was nothing too distracting.
I didn't notice a single flaw on the actual print; this shows that Red
Light actually spent some time mastering this release. The audio is 2.0
stereo, and sounds more than adequate. If you're looking for groups of three to liven up your hand to gland action at home, you could do far worse than this one.

Then Harry Johnson showed us that the rough edges of the Bang Brothers sometimes adds a little fun to the mix with Ball Honey's 9: The Ball Honeys series continues with its ninth installment. Keeping with
tradition there are five scenes on this release with four of them involving two
girls and a guy. Bang Productions has included a solo scene as well and with
content such as Asian girls, interracial sex, and anal there's plenty here to
please the crowd. Like prior Bang Bros releases the sex there is mostly tame
though a couple of scenes stand out above the rest. The quality did vary throughout
the disc and some scenes were much better than others. In particular the Tia
and Charmane scene and Carmella and Satine one stood out as the cream of the
crop. The rest of the content here is of decent quality but there's nothing
particularly outstanding (apart from Camryn's one on one). If you've been
following this series up to this point you won't be disappointed. Fans of Tia
and Charmane will definitely want to pick this up for their scene alone!

We end this week's look at the top picks by checking out a new company's tribute to Florida and ass with Miami Rumpshakerz: Craig Valentine is the latest director for 1st Strike;
a company that I have had mixed results with in the past. Some of their
work tends to be really inspired for the low budget nature of their
movies, relying more on raw energy and the technical excellence some of
the bigger companies tend to display, but they also have a long history
of finding newcomers and capturing them before they disappear forever
so I like to see what they are up to when possible. Their latest movie
is alternatively credited to Summer Haze as director writer but since
Craig was heard and seen in the segments and she was not, I'm
defaulting to listing him as the primary guy in charge of Miami Rumpshakerz(at least until she starts beating me up). The movie follows the now
common scenario of a male cameraman following his friends around the
Miami area as they hit on women and successfully brought the ladies
back to their cribs to bone on camera. If you've seen the Bang
Brothers, some of the Filthy line at Club Jenna, and a score of wannabe
pretenders, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about in terms of the
basic nature of the action. There was enough strokability, replay value, and women worth watching to rate it as Recommended.
The extras were weak, the advertised "3 Full Hours" on the light side,
and the technical elements in need of an upgrade but I found plenty of
the action to be well done by couples into the action more than the pay
as you'll find all over the place elsewhere.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne.

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