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Brianna Love takes over, Tristan provides more Chemistry,and a whole lot more


Spotlight Title: Brianna Love is Buttwoman

Brianna Love has been in porn for several years now, having been a popular contract
gal at Red Light in her younger years. Nowadays, she is all the rage as
her womanly curves include a spectacular ass that drives men like
myself crazy so it is not surprising that one of the most creative
directing duos in gonzo porn, William H. Nutsack and Sam No, devoted an entire double disc set to the lass for Elegant Angel; Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Special Collector's Edition.
One look at the front cover will tell you if Brianna is your type of
gal or not, an all natural rack with small breasts but enough junk in
her trunk to make Jennifer Lopez envious. The wealth of material
offered up on the set was such that the movie is a must have release
for any fan of hers but it served to set a new standard for the company
too. Having lost some of her girlish appeal in favor of womanly curves, Brianna is being referred to as the Lass of Ass by a growing number of people on both sides of the camera for her wonderfully fleshy posterior. I rated it as Highly Recommended but it came as close to
becoming an Xcritic pick as any other flick in recent memory due to the
spotlight excellence given the lovely lady. I included some sexy screenshots
to give you an idea of what the ladies looked like but keep
in mind that Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Special Collector's Editionwas mainly designed as a vehicle to propel an already lovely lady even
further into the limelight, making me wonder what will come next; the
technical values among the best William and Mason have provided to
date. For ass fans everywhere, Brianna will ASStound you with her charms and BOOTY-ful body so check this one out soon!

Sneak Peeks: Shay Jordan: Scream

Shay Jordan is clearly one of the most exotic looking beauties in porn at this
writing so it made sense that she was snatched up under a contract
while back. Of late, her work for directors like Celeste at Digital Playground
has shown a willingness to improve her sexual skills rather than rely
on looks alone; her game getting better all the time. Her latest
release coming out next month is Shay Jordan: Scream , missing
Halloween by a whole day but treating fans to a trio of tantalizing
scenes where the young lady is set to push her limits all the more.
Previous entries in the series have shown the magic of camera work by
guys like Robby D. and Jim F., so I had high hopes that this might be her breakthrough hit. was appealing to me on a couple of levels. First, it showed the exotic
contract hotty getting sexually more active and second, it showed that
the director was willing to expand past her previous limitations even
more than before as she gave the consumer what has been repeatedly
asked for. It was still tame enough sexually that couples will enjoy it
but heated enough with enough variety that even seasoned aficionados
should find plenty of strokable material so I rated it as Recommended. In short, the evolution of Celeste and Shay in their respective roles at Digital Playground continues in Shay Jordan: Scream the future looking so bright that I gotta wear shades.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don Houston spent hours on his review of Tristan Taormino's Chemistry 3: Special Edition. Tristan Taormino is certainly one of the more successful new directors at Vivid Entertainment
these days; eschewing the formulaic style of porn scene for a duality
of instructional videos and a true gonzo series worthy of your time
called the Chemistry Series. The latest volume of this one is Chemistry 3: Special Edition, and true to the form of Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2,
it put six performers in the same house for 36 hours; with limited
rules of engagement as they had sex that they wanted to have; not the
scripted pairings you will find regularly in the industry. The back
cover said it like this: "Director Tristan Taormino takes six porn
stars to a secluded house for 36 hours. Each has a strong, unique
personality; their only common bond being the adult industry. As they
get to know each other, the erotic encounters unfold as they would
naturally; the performers decide the who, what, when and where. There
is no script and no schedule; the sex is completely spontaneous. In
between the scenes, cast mates go into a private "confessional," where
they speak openly and honestly about working in the adult industry,
their relationships, their fantasies ... and dish the dirt on their
fellow castmates. Some revelations are deeply personal, others
unexpectedly provocative. What's alway provocative is the "Perv Cam",
which the actors use on each other to shoot absolutely anything - like
each other's scenes, spontaneous encounters, and intimate moments
behind the scenes." If that sounds as good to you as it did to me,
consider that no condoms were used and none of the scenes seemed to be
staged or fake, elevating the replay value as Tristan has finally found
just how to capture the lightning in a bottle she has long been
attempting to do. I knew she really hit the mark hard and consistently, providing the
kind of replay, stroke, and fuck for the buck value that impressed me
as something fitting of the young lady. Even forgetting her status as a
famed author, the awards she has already won, and her intelligent
lectures of all topics related to sexual practices, Tristan reminds me
that she crafts the stage for the sex to take place more than directs,
the final outcome a big, happy mess that so many of you will love.

Next up, we look at two versions of the same movie in Dreamgirlz. The HD DVD version looked and sounded better but the standard version had the same basic package of extras at a lower price so you can adjust your buying habits accordingly. Mike Quasar is the lead director at Third Degree
and sister company Zero Tolerance these days, providing some of the
clearest visuals in the industry even without the advent of the newer
high definition formats. His latest release is his first venture into
the realm of true high definition in the form of Dreamgirlz HD DVD;
a series of six vignettes based on women in varying situations based on
their active sexual drives. The cast included a fine selection of
ladies and with Mike at the helm of the project; I had faith that it
would be a decent foray into the world of HD DVD. Some of the sex acts were forced and mechanical but the clarity of the
action was above average even in the darker themed settings so the use
of high definition enhanced the technical aspects of the movie more
than a little bit. The price was a bit steep considering the lack of
unique extras on the two discs but if you split it with another fan and
sell them the SD version of the movie, you could make this a winner so
I rated it as Recommended. In short, Dreamgirlz HD DVD proved that Third Degree was not going to be left behind in the HD
wars, joining some of the other big name companies catering to the
needs of the technophile aficionado's with some decent fuck for the

Jenna Haze
has been one of the most popular gals in porn for years now, starting
off as an extreme queen that did just about everything including
hardcore anal to a softcore contract gal for the now defunct Jill Kelly
Productions, and now back to a more moderate route where she still does
almost everything but not as frequently. Her best recent work is with
Jules Jordan but as she made the transition back to mainstream porn
from her days at JKP, she took the time to make a dedicated title that
fans should really like called  Jenna Haze Oil Orgy HD-DVD, distributed by Hustler Video
for a group called CD Girls. The movie is essentially one long scene
broken into a few separate parts where the nine ladies of the cast oil
up and do each other, having some fun in the process. The release was
hailed by some as the first real porno in all three formats (Blu-Ray,
HD DVD, and SD) and came across as a fine little lesbian orgy for fans to appreciate. It was an improvement on several levels for the title. If you like lesbian
action with a bunch of oil, a special mosh pit where the gals could
poke, prod, lick, and stick toys in one another; you will likely find
the levels of fuck for the buck enough to overcome the running time of
just over an hour so I gave it a rating of Recommended. In short, the oiled up sexual enjoyment of Jenna Haze Oil Orgy was pretty solid, especially for fans of Jenna Haze.

While we're on an HD DVD kick, we also received a copy of Vivid's latest offering with Stood Up HD DVD: Fake biographies seem common these days as marginally known people try
to rewrite their history using some foil as a means of elevating their
popularity. The latest of these is comedian Bob Levy, also known as The
Reverend, who the best I can determine is a guy that has is as well
known for allegedly stealing the material of others as he is for his
guest appearances on the popular Howard Stern Show. The movie is directed by B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment and called Stood Up HD DVD;
subtitled "The Unreal Life of 'The Reverend' Bob Levy". Thankfully for
the world at large, Bob doesn't join in the sex given that hotties like
Savanna Samson, Lanny Barby,
and Penny Flame were on the center stage here but the comedic material
was as much in evidence; proving that Bob has a sharp wit and acid
tongue as he tries to convince a cute Moni to spend time with him. The
back cover said it like this: "The sex comedy Stood Up is the almost
true, slightly embellished, okay, fictional life story of real-life
comedian "The Reverend" Bob Levy (known for his outrageous stand-up act
and appearances on such shows as "Kidd Chris" and "Miserable Men"). One
night in a comedy club, Bob tells his tales of woe to a beautiful fan
(Moni Michaels) who can't believe her ears. It's a sad, albeit, funny
story of his life, relationships and career. Things always seem poised
to take off, but a series of misadventures -- many thanks to his evil
agent Sammi (Savanna Samson) -- Bob is always one step from greatness
and is constantly getting Stood Up." I've seen worse inspirations for a
porno and the cast list was full of top notch talent led by a skilled
director so I figured this could be a fun ride. The levels of replay value, strokability, and fuck for the buck made Stood Up HD DVDworthwhile for the porn loving crowd even if the non-sex role by Bob
"The Reverend" Levy did not really merit more than a single viewing or

We then moved back to SD territory with Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico: Collector's Edition. Casey Parker is the cute blond contract performer at Shane's World
and her infectious energy makes for some of their best work to date. As
a contract performer, she does not make many movies so whenever one
comes out, it is practically an event, the latest such event being Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico: Collector's Edition.
This time, Casey and the crew go to Puerto Rico to see the sights, have
some fun, and fuck their brains out among the natural beauty of the
islands but maintaining the usual public sex aspects the company has
built such a reputation on. If you like fun sex more than mechanical
porn sex, you will probably find this title worthy of your time, money,
and seed at least as much as most of their previous efforts to date. It displayed the same kind of appeal the rest of the series has provided
in great quantities; tons of fun, a reality television kind of appeal,
and the heated antics of young fertile hotties in a tropical location.
The extras added a lot of replay value and however dry my description
of the sex scenes might be, the strength of any title by this company
lies not just in the sex but in the entire package provided, the humor
and playfulness off the charts. The technical limitations and a few
weaker scenes lowered the rating to Recommended as a porno but as a fun
flick showing the antics of the cast, many of you will appreciate it
even more.

Disco Dirge then offered up a quartet of titles you may enjoy with Nina Hartley's Guide to Stripping for Your Partner: When we first see Nina Hartley,
she is sitting on a couch. Cloaked in lacy underthings and wearing a pair of
those rectangular, take me seriously spectacles, she is joined by Justine Joli.
Like an infomercial with tits, the two begin discussing the pros and cons of
exotic dancing. At first, you think it's a joke. You wonder when the gabbing
will stop and the overt lesbianism will begin. But then Hartley grabs your
interest, delivering helpful bon mots about body issues and finding the proper
mood music. It easily earns a Cohabitation Certification. It's a must-own for
fans of the actress and her roles as both sex therapist and fuck/suck queen;  Dillan's Day Off; Dillan Lauren is out to prove a point. She intends to
use this four scene showcase as a means of making a name for herself. Either
that, or she could only manage this almost solo shot from newcomer Tight Fit.
Whatever the case, it's not a bad vanity outing. Participating in three of the sequences,
she proves capable of group grinds as well as wicked one on one. As relative newcomers to the porn game, Tight Fit Productions and Dillan Lauren
can be proud of this project. It's not the best fuck and suck the Dirge has
seen, but it gets the job done in ways that are enticing and erotic; Kill Jill 2: As the Dirge indicated before when he reviewed Kill Jill Vol. 1, parody has been part of porn since producers
realized that fans really dig the hardcore humor of turning a mainstream movie
into something nude and nasty. Easily
earning a Recommended rating for what it gets right, and  a Cohabitation
Certification for its genial XXX action, all involved should be pleased at how
this homage turned out. While it never does capture the genre-redefining daring
of the famed video store clerk turned director, it has other, more unique gifts
to offer; and Once A Whore and Ever A Whore: makes a good first impression.
While the sex may not always be sizzling, it's presented in a manner that
indicates a real knowledge for the upper echelon of the business, as well as a
huge potential for growth. If she stays on this path, this Jewel will
definitely create some gems of her own. If you want proof that
ex-actor directors make really good XXX titles, especially female ones, look no
further than the oeuvre of Ms. Jewel D'Nyle.

Next up we look at an icon in transition with Belladonna's latest epic length title: No Warning 3: Special Edition; a set of lesbian scenes lasting two discs along with some solid extras
for fans to enjoy. While the term lesbian typically invokes thoughts of
couples sex for most of you, do not be dissuaded from checking out her
works as none of them could be described as typical in any
sense of the word. Bella pushes her cast to the limits and considering
the headliners mentioned here, including three of the biggest names in
anal action found in porn these days (Sandra Romain, Katja Kassin, and
Ashley Blue), you have to know that this might even be too extreme for
some of the jaded crowd out there. Bella never lets down her fans when it comes to delivering the goods;
in this case meaning the wealth of role playing and anal action that
fans expect. The levels of fuck for the buck and replay value being so
high, I rated the double disc DVD set as Highly Recommended; giving all of you plenty to enjoy while Bella sorts out her career plans to further dominate the industry. In short, Belladonna: No Warning 3: Special Extended Set is the kind of high powered lesbian offering that competes with no one as it is in a class of its own so give it a look.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn then showed us the joys of those who live next door in The Neighbors: Penthouse's The Neighbors is directed by James Avalon and produced by
Kelly Holland, is a journey inside the mind of others who have written
into their forum to share their secret fantasies without compromising
their identities. The Neighbors turned out to be fun paces look into
how crazy it gets when your next door neighbors rent their house out
for a porn shoot. It may not be for everyone but the laughs and
frustration of what could and might happen in real time is worth the
look! The letters chosen were worked in nicely and brought together a nice
variation of romance and every day fantasies. The technical aspects are
very good and the extras did show some good effort from before, which
does help out the overall DVD. As for the sex and chemistry with the
couples, it could have been better though no one really held back. The
is for those viewers both male and female that are looking
for that certain quality in an adult title that stimulates one all over
and that I can Recommend It as a "couples friendly film." She then turned her discerning eye to a cute movie called Carmen Inked: As the new  rep and  supplier of  tattoo ink Carmen meets up with a 
few of the  locals as  she  makes her  rounds  dropping off ink at
Johnny's Tattoo 's. One there she gets hit on by the owner and the
staff and even sits by to hold the hand of a virgin to tats. Each
customer has a different story to tell and wows are those story
something else. Even Carmen lets the viewers in on her first time. Carmen Inked was a treat especially when they switched off from the
Shoppe to individual interview with the cast giving their input on life
as a tat artist. Carmen Inked had a  very  strong  story line and it
worked  right in with the  sex. The performers  gave  their all and  I
loved the  fact that  Carmen used more  Spanish in her  scene with 

Fans of interracial action will then love the black on white pounding the ladies took in Black Power 2: Special Edition: where a variety of women took the challenge to work with large blackdicks in interracial scenes. This is one area of porn that appeals to a
lot of folks but is generally somewhat polarized, people either liking
or hating it with little middle ground to speak off. As a believer that
we are all one race, the human race, I have never really thought such
porn was better or worse; all of it depending on the quality of the
casting as with most porn. Joey being Joey, he tends to get the best
talent so I looked forward to seeing what he had to offer on this
lengthy double disc set, several of the scenes really heated. It earned a rating of Recommended by me thanks to the levels of
replay value, strokability, and levels of fuck for the buck. There were
few quality extras but the movie itself was so long that few should
fuss about that, the biggest drawback being a few really weak scenes
provided with the better ones. Perhaps if they had been relegated to
bonus scenes where they would be under less scrutiny, I'd have been
kinder but this is a solid rating and based on the entire package of
the double disc set so few fans of interracial will have much ground to
complain about. In short, Black Power 2: Special Extended Set, like Black Power 1 before it, had a lot going for it but too many raw edges in need of polishing up to get higher accolades this time.

Long time reviewer Rob Randell then took us for a ride while looking at some nice picks like Addicted to Boobs 4: the latest installment in the
series that is geared to fans who like to see natural busty babes get
into action. This volume is directed by Mark Wood. If you like busty
hotties, then you will want to check out this release.
It had the right elements with 5
lovely beauties, 10 big luscious breasts and some all around good
action. Fans of busty babes will not want to miss out on this volume;
 Fuck Like Its Hot: a porno directed by Dave Dawes and
offers a cast of euro-babes. The girls partake in sex of all sorts from
1on1 to anal to 3ways to double penetration. The action is pretty
enjoyable and the girls are easy on the eyes.
The cast has a nice lineup of
attractive euro-babes and they are all willing to get a little nasty.
The scenes with Tarra White and Regina Ice were my favorites. You will
want to check this out if you like gonzo action with euro-babes;
and Don't Stop Fill Me Up:a porno with an all euro-babe cast.
Glancing at the DVD title you might think that this is an internal cum
shots fetish video, but it isn't. The "fill me up" portion is just a
reference to sex. This DVD has 5 scenes with 5 girls who partake in
1 on 1 straight action that ends with a facial.
I wasn't in love with it, but I
sure did enjoy seeing Laura Lion in action. Puma Black and Barbara
Summers are also worth noting as they had some pretty steamy sex. If
you like clean straight fun and attractive euro-babes then this DVD is
the way to go.

Shane's World also gave us a look at the pot smoking madness of Penny Flame in her last movie for the company, Blazed & Confused 3: Stoner's Edition. This time, Penny and Jack had a contest while traveling to Amsterdam to
see the world's largest pot convention. Lest it be said that I misled
anyone, by this I mean they were not looking for culinary apparel but
cannabis to smoke. The sex showed some heat and the antics of this duo
reminded me of an old Cheech and Chong movie with sex in it, the joke
being as much on how dopy the performers looked when blasted out of
their minds. It was far from the consistently spontaneous ride I had hoped for but it managed to scrape by with a hearty Recommended
by being exactly what was advertised on the cover. It was fun seeing
Penny at the pot convention looking nearly as much like a wide eyed fan
going to their first  AEE Porn Show and it reminded me of happier times for Jack too. In short, Blazed & Confused 3: Stoner's Edition was a decent ending to the trilogy started with Blazed & Confused 1 & Blazed & Confused 2; reminding me of numerous other cinematic trilogies that ended on a slightly weak note.

Frank then gave us some lesbian loving with LSD: Lesbian Sex Destroy: The film was shot with an artistic approach that does not distract from
the actual purpose of the film. This was a quite refreshing departure
from the hastily thrown together porn of late. The women are all
gorgeous and appear enthusiastic throughout the entire movie. This move is what high quality porn should be. There was no dialog,
which I typically complain about, but this movie didn't need it. It was
chock full of hot European women with fantastic bodies and a knack for
sex. The wardrobe was great, sexy lingerie and bustiers are usually
present, at least for the beginning of each scene. All of the scenes
were hot, and the woman did their work with much enthusiasm. Each scene
finishes with a climax by at least one of the woman. Real or not, these
orgasms were convincing. The use of toys was outstanding, big toys are
used exclusively, none of those little "pocket massagers". My only
complaint was the 2-headed dong was never shared by the two girls. This
is an excellent movie, but I am rating it a bit low on the couples
scale. This is due to the fact that it is solely lesbian and my not be
enjoyed by lady-friends. That being said, it would not make a great
introduction to adult movies unless they have voiced an opinion on
Sapphic sex.

Lesbians were also the focal point of No Man's Land: Girlbang: 2 Disc Set: Devinn Lane
has been around porn since the last millennia, starting her career as a
gal that only did other women. She broke her onscreen cherry with the
mighty Evan Stone in a title she herself directed, though it was
apparent to almost everyone that she still preferred the touch of
another woman. Having been removed from another company as director,
she recently was reported to have found her works distributed by Metro Interactive
while working for Video Team; a far cry from the land of Wicked
Pictures where she made her name. Metro is very lesbian friendly
though, one of their biggest recent efforts titled Babes Illustrated 16, so it looked like she would fit right in. Her first movie under the distribution deal is No Man's Land: Girlbang: 2 Disc Set,
continuing the tradition of one of the longest running lesbian series
of all porn. This time, the focal point of the movie was Jenna Haze
getting ravished by a bunch of women, set up in orgy fashion but not
quite like most directors would provide. The back of the cover said it
like this: "Jenna Haze is a girl who can't get enough... she wants as
many hot girls as possible and she'd like them all at the time! No
Man's Land Productions introduces a new word to the porn dictionary...
Girlbang! Watch in delight as an orgy unfolds treating you to a
close-up view of luscious ladies kissing probing fingers lesbian
licking and non-stop female orgasms. Starring AVN award winner Jenna
Haze and her 20 girlfriends!" I liked the casting since it had some great gals ready to rumble and I
thought the way the ladies could get small groups into smaller settings
seemed like a nice way to add something, but the execution of the idea
left much to be desired. Had there been multiple angles that allowed a
fan to stay with a section of the main room or kept the side scenes
together without editing; it would have helped but too many of the
ladies simply had too little to do.

And since we're talking about womanly attributes, what makes a woman more appealing to many of you than large breasts, the subject of The Best of Boob Bangers. Taking scenes from all four original volumes of the series, Jonni did
his best to provide a wealth of variations in terms of the ladies more
than stick strictly with the best performances the series has offered
in the past, a healthy compromise that most of us could live with
considering the relative strengths of the six scenes. It was not the lengthiest compilation I have seen in recent months but it
showed a lot of solid sucking, fucking, and titty play so if you missed
out on the original scenes, you will have an additional incentive to
pick this one up. I wish those of us that bought one or more of them
would have some form of rebate program provided or a lower price
provided by sellers to sweeten the deal but the DVD was worth a rating
of Recommended to me all the same. In short, The Best of Boob Bangers had everything advertised and should serve to inspire fans of the ladies for a long, hard time. If you already own some of the volumes covered in this one, you may want to pass on it but there was a whole lot of jiggling juggies to be found here for those new to the series.

Then, also from Evil Angel, was the latest in a well received series called Evil Anal 4: Special Extended Set that had a double disc approach to porn too. Director Manuel Ferrara is one of the few males in porn that truly adores women and it shows in all his scenes, making his longer movies all the more appealing. The emphasis on anal sex was clear and the use of curvy foreign gals
with few sexual limits was a choice I could live with, hoping that all
of them would be provided an opportunity to go beyond the typical
dynamic such women tend to show in movies shot overseas. The wealth of heat generated by the lovely ladies as they did all sorts
of hardcore sex acts was plenty to keep me going like the Energizer
Bunny so I rated it a respectable Recommended. If you don't care about technical stuff that much, you may want to elevate the rating another notch though since Evil Anal 4: Special Extended Edition had nearly as much quality fuck for the buck as previous entries in the series; all of them worth your time, money, and seed.

Then Addison showed us some older gals in his look at MILF Hunter 3: Lone male performer Shawn Rees, the self-styled MILF Hunter (and host
of a same-named web site), roams his Miami base looking for hot "older"
women to chat up and bed down. The goofy-cute Shawn, who resembles the
grown-up Danny Bonaduce, can talk enough silly nonsense to get
beautiful babes to drop everything and go to bed with him. Of course,
it's all a setup, a la John Stagliano's Buttman, but the women all have
enough acting skill to appear to be not acting, always the best turn-on
factor in good porn. (The giveaway, in case you really think these are
real on-the-street conquests, is that none of the babes asks why Shawn
has a guy friend with him filming everything.) Having missed the first two "MILF Hunter" DVDs, I can't say how this
one compares, but as a stand-alone offering, it's about as good as
mainstream hardcore gets. The leading man may not be a typical stud -
he's short, chubby, average looking and frequently annoying - but he
has an everyman appeal and the wood to get the job done. More to the
point, the refreshingly natural ladies here are all honeys, with your
Addison torn between Violet and Bonus Girl Mindi for personal favorite.
The lengthy verbal foreplay, while not exactly Noel Coward-worthy, does
build up a load of sexual tension, so that when the girls finally do
get down it's a magnificent revelation that even the most experienced
porn watcher will appreciate. Nothing very kinky here - hardly any
cunnilingus, no anal or toys whatsoever - but fine fare nevertheless.
And adding in the bonus scene, you've got nearly 4 hours to play with

Then Peter took a look at both ends of the age marketing blitz of porn with The MILF Next Door; This is a very solid release from start to finish. Every girl
is good looking, the scenes are all long, and the on-screen passion is
hot. What more could you ask for? If you're a fan of seeing lesbians
get it on in exotic locations, then I recommend you pick up this disc.
The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. I
can honestly say that I like what I've been seeing from Reality Kings
lately. Their newer releases all have technical quality on par with the
higher end studios. MILF Next Door Vol. 1 was shot using a
handheld digital camera, so the colors are sometimes a bit washed, and
the lighting does have some issues. Normally this would be a sign of
bad production values, but this is exactly what the directors intended;
a home video feeling. The audio is 2.0 stereo, and sounds more than
adequate; and Barely 18 #36: Considering that they're up to part 36 in the series, it's obvious Sin
City is doing something right. They technical quality might not be the
best, there aren't tons of extras, but they do provide some of the
hottest young girls around. I don't think I'd want to pay full price
for this release, but if you can find a good deal on it I'd give it
plenty of consideration.

We then turn our eye to a special treat with Hustler's Barely Legal 75th Anniversary Edition Collector Set: a double disc set with a lot to like for fans of youth titles. For
those of you unfamiliar with the series, it typically consists of a
series of vignettes starring gals new to porn that have a certain
youthful look, placed in circumstances that allow them to come across
as less experienced and polished compared to most porn on the market. I
like curves on the ladies and more active sex skills but I could see
the benefit of the action here, the second disc really elevating the
value of the show. It was another volume in a series dedicated to porn fans that want young
gals having sex without all the polished moves they tend to gain very
quickly once they start making scenes like crazy. My tastes are with
curvier gals that really love cock and ride it aggressively so my
rating of Recommended might be on the light side if you are
into this kind of thing but the second disc offered up some added value
that pushed it over the edge for me. In short, Barely Legal 75: Collector's Editionshowed me that the series has certainly come a long way in the last 8
years, getting better all the time with a few side steps along the way.
If you've been into the series for any length of time, this might be a
nice time to continue on, though newcomers will find it a nice place to
join in the fun too.

We then end this week's look at our best titles with yet another double disc set of newcomers by the name of Rookie Pussy 2: Special Edition: a series devoted to ladies new to porn. As a long time fan of the genre,
I prefer seasoned women in my scenes because they tend to do so much
more, and so much better, but the industry is as driven by youth and
newness as it is by cutting corners financially and promoting gonzo so
your mileage may vary. The lengthy set of scenes this time really
showed a great deal of care in the selection of the cast, though Jake
was not completely on top of his game in many of the scenes. I think it earned a rating of Recommended thanks to the levels of
replay value, strokability, and fuck for the buck. The technical values
were handled decently and the amount of footage and extras really
helped make this one better than average, so if you like gals without a
ton of porn experience, you may think this one is even better than I
did. In short, Rookie Pussy 2: Special Extended Set was the
kind of movie many fans like; never going too extreme with the circus
act sex but still managing to push the limits of the ladies all the


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