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A Grand New Experiment


As I write this on the eve of Columbus Day, I'm reminded of how dear old Christopher sailed the deep blue seas looking for trade routes that would serve a growing population in need of exotic wares. In the broadest of senses, that is what we're doing too; updated for the information age by trying to deliver you the information needed to figure out what to buy or rent from an industry known to cater to your baser desires. We figured out long ago that out of the thousands of new releases each year, most of them work best for a narrow set of tastes so even when we might disagree on the relative merits of a particular performer, title, or company, we hope to provide you with the tools to decide whether or not to drop your hard earned money on something.


We aren't trying to be all things to all people at all times and we're growing into our newfound role really well, having burst forth from the largest mainstream review website where our success forced changes to allow for continued growth in order to serve the public. DVDTalk.com provided the basis for many pretenders to the throne in all genres and after over 30,000 independent reviews, splitting off the ~7500 adult oriented reviews to give better coverage on topics YOU wanted, seemed like a natural thing to do. We ask you be a bit patient with us during our transition and here's my sales pitch:                                    

We're going to run with the collective ball and offer more pictures, more reviews, more articles, contests (yeah, the kind where you get free stuff!), and interact with people from the industry, including the hotties you want to see in the forums (not their publicists like other websites provide). To best accomplish this, we ask for your input and our forums already have thousands of posts by like-minded folks that want to make a difference, and treat each other like adults in their search for the nirvana of "good" porn. Tell us what you want and we'll make an effort to provide it, without the back room dealing you're probably used to putting up with.    

Those in the industry have a lot to gain from participating as well since quite a few consumers read our reviews and lacking the direct financial incentive others have, we aspire to providing the kind of honest looks at your works you aren't going to find in trade sources. In short, we can help you grow and beat out your competitors that are so insulated from consumers that they don't care any more. We also offer an olive branch to those of you who have been mistreated elsewhere that want a place to get ideas or share your thoughts on the rapidly changing industry.

In closing, there are so many possibilities for all of you to benefit from here that I'll let the website speak for itself, our dozens of contributors hard at work to raise the bar as we did under the DVD Talk banner, the only difference being that now the gloves are off and we're ready to let loose! Your input is wanted and we embrace constructive criticism far more than most places, some of our best reviewers starting off as active forum members too. Maybe some of you will be the fresh blood needed to help us continue our ongoing mission, so we look forward to seeing you in the forums where some surprises are in store for all of you.

Take care, Don

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