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Operation Desert Stormy, This Butt’s 4 U #3, and much more!


Spotlight Title: Operation Desert Stormy

As a fan of feature porn, I always look forward to this time of year since the AVN Award deadline brings out the best and biggest offerings of the year around now. One of the biggest blockbuster titles will surely be Operation: Desert Stormy, relying largely on a single contract gal to save the day and rake in the awards: Stormy Daniels is best known as the female contract performer turned director at Wicked Pictures. Her movies to date have shown a lot of promise, running the gamut between light comedies and darker dramas, but often fall short of the mark as though rushed and held to too tight of a budget. Well, after over a year of whining, pouting, begging, and a whole lot of other means of persuasion, she was finally given the green light for one of the most expensive movies of the year (reportedly a quarter of a million bucks) in Operation: Desert Stormy. In it, Stormy plays an administrative assistant at the CIA who is married to a hapless agent played by Steven St. Croix, who is thrust into a mission to save her boss from the clutches of evil dictator Hussein played by Ron Jeremy in another non-sex role. The back cover said it like this: "As one of the largest productions to date, this Wicked Pictures' blockbuster has it all! Action...Romance...Drama...Suspense...and even a little big of Comedy! Okay, a whole lot of comedy! Join award winning writer/director Stormy Daniels as she leads you on a wild and hilarious adventure. With the head of the CIA (Randy Spears) presumed dead and word of an impending terrorist attack lead by the evil Hussein (Ron Jeremy), the fate of the world rests in the hands of two unlikely and extremely unskilled heroes. Does a secretary (Stormy Daniels) and her wannabe agent husband (Steven St. Croix) have what it takes to put aside their numerous marital issues and travel overseas to put an end to Hussein's quest for total world domination...and his ridiculous get rich quick ideas? With the help of two no-nonsense British agents Jacks and Watson, some beautiful and horny harem girls and one ornery camel, the "heroes" embark on a sex-crazed and explosion-filled expedition into hostile territory. Will Operation: Desert Stormy be a success and our "heroes" save the world or will we all be wearing turbans?" This being one of the most anticipated movies of the year, I was certainly psyched when the triple disc title came in for review the other day, the wealth of extras taking longer to watch than the three hour movie itself. The extras package and attempt to make a blockbuster based largely on the appeal of Stormy's looks & Steven's comedic skills was worthy of being Highly Recommended for those of you wanting some light hearted entertainment. In short, Operation: Desert Stormy was fun, full of porn acting, and I hope that a director's cut from the "over four hours and ten sex scenes" is released when the project comes out on HD-DVD, but look for this to be a strong contender for best extras package if not other awards next year.

Highlights of The Week: This Butt's U #3

Reviewer DonHouston spent hours on This Butt's 4 U #3: Special Edition as well; thanks in large part to the nearly FIVE HOURS of hardcore gonzo sex and tease it contained (making it the longest, best, non-compilation gonzo title of the week according to the Professor of Porn). Erik Everhard has long been one of the top name studs in porn, showing a driving style, appealing to the women as a guy that wants them to get off too, and able to push the limits of his coworkers on both sides of the camera as he attempts to offer consumers more of everything they are looking for. Under his distribution deal with JulesJordanVideo, he has fewer restrictions holding him back, though it seems everything he touches turns to gold these days. His latest double disc release is This Butt's 4 U #3: Special Edition; the long awaited sequel to This Butt's 4 U #2 an award winner from our 2006 Top Porn List. The point of the series is to highlight ladies with shapely asses that have passionate, chemistry filled gonzo sex. Most of the ladies did extensive anal too but given the wealth of strokable material the series seems intent on providing, the tease alone is worth the price of admission. It showed the world yet again that just because a movie is lengthy, does not mean the quality of the action has to be skimped on in any way. The ladies were all attractive, sexually skilled, and ready to rumble with their respective rumps; each scene providing immeasurable stroke and replay value to the delight of this consumer advocate reviewer. Unlike other companies that give you a lot of crap and point to the running time of their offering, This Butt's 4 U #3: Special Edition makes every minute of screen time count. Watching Alexis Texas shake her ass, Sandra Romain and Rachel Starr model their retro ripped jeans, or seeing Rita Faltoyano seductively awaken a sleepy Erik in the best manner possible, all showed me that someone is paying attention to what people demand of their gonzo titles and in this case, the man's name is Erik Everhard . The Art of the Cumfart - I rated the movie as Highly Recommendedthough a clear argument could be made that it was worthy of Collector status given all the fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value the set had; narrowly missing out but still so good you can't deny that it was a top pick released just in time for the AVN Awards season.

Reviewer The Mooninite then gave us a look at some titles off the beaten track with Fuck Club: a classy, couples friendly affair that doesn't skimp on the hardcore action but which stays within the realm of good taste (at least as far as XXX is concerned). The extras aren't spectacular but the disc looks and sounds pretty good. Sticking to the tried and true formula that's worked for the line so far, this disc guarantees more of what has made these releases work - hot women, stylish camera work and solid production values. There's no plot to speak of but another heated flick directed by Big Bad Onyxx showing style; Skinn Kandi: a stylish porno with a very miniscule plot that is loosely based on Alice In Wonderland. Charlotte Stokely plays the Alicecharacter and she basically walks into another world where sex is the order of the day. In between each scene we're treated to trippy little vignettes that show us her voyeuristically enjoying that scenes that she's not directly involved in. It's an interesting and effective way to sort of tie the scenes together, but ultimately the film doesn't have a whole lot of substance even if it does have oodles of style; and Sister Midnite: Vonn Fink once again returns to Razordolls territory with this latest effort, distributed by Pulse, Sister Midnite. While it doesn't deviate much from the alt-porn formula, it does feature some foxy women in various states of undress and in various despicable acts of fornication, meaning that those with a thing for cute gals with ink and such should find enough to enjoy here. No plot, no recurring theme, but enough to like for alt-porners of all shapes and sizes.

Don then went on what amounts to a focus of female masturbation titles, clearing out our screener pool to find the best of the best; the choice clearly All Alone #2: 2 Disc Set if you like well shot porn scenes. I knew that it would contain none of the parolees dipping their respective wicks inside the hot hunnies listed on the front cover, many of them top notch solo artists that aren't into porn men anyway. The cover said this of the twenty scene, two disc selection of all new scenes: "Nothing turns a girl on more than the thought of being home all alone, and nothing makes them climax faster than the though of you watching them play with themselves. These gorgeous girls are single and ready to tingle--they don't want to cuddle after, they just want wall bangin' orgasms that guarantee they're enjoying their alone time. So sit back, touch yourself too, and see who can cum first. We proudly present solitary confinement at its finest. 20 solo girl fantasies and they know you're watching." It was one of those titles that was true to the advertised text, showing exactly what was advertised as the twenty gals did themselves really well without the assistance of mope squad members and third tier meat puppets so I rated it as Highly Recommended. The technical matters certainly improved the outings for me and the culmination of all the work that went into the movie paid off substantial dividends though I caution those of you wanting more meat should probably look elsewhere (despite a decent bonus scene using a guy). In short, All Alone 2 improved on the formulaic offering provided by All Alone 1 so if you're looking for some heated ladies getting off by themselves to fantasize with, you will find the over three hours of material here to be well worth the price of admission.

Reviewer Alexander tackled a major project with Down With The Brown; a compilation of 21 scenes from 19 Wicked productions. The good news? It is bursting at the seams with four plus hours and 21 scenes of dark haired beauties getting pounded. With 21 different girls, and scenes culled from 19 movies there is a ton of variety. Consider: Even if only half of the scenes get you erect, that's still 10 quality scenes, a good number considering even the most popular 10- to 12-scene features typically include a handful of duds. The bad news? The "brown" in the title must be referring to the color of the actress's' hair because despite the Latina-leaning flavor of the box art and title ("brown," "caliente"), a few of the girls in this compilation are obviously not Latina. So those of you looking for a strictly Latina experience will be disappointed to find imposters Ice LAFox, Devinn Lane, and a couple of others on a DVD that promises hot brown ladies.You cannot go wrong with a DVD that features over four hours of consistently good sex, 21 scenes from 19 different movies that span more than a decade, 21 mostly great looking girls, and most of the industry's top male performers. For a disc that retails for just over $10, that's a lotof bang for the buck, which, despite its flaws, earns Down With the Browna recommendation from me.

Next on the solo scene was the raw energy of I Film Myself 4: The series is full of scenes where female masturbation rules, though done in a firsthand manner by the ladies themselves rather than the more typical shows like All Alone 2 (which is professionally shot to reduce the raw edges that this series provides in such quantity). Having had such favorable experiences with the series in the past and noticing that lovely Ashlynn Brooke was the lead hotty, I figured the lack of condoms and population pudding might really score here. It was not their best work of late but it still adhered to the truth in advertising I like to acknowledge and appealed to the pervert in me sufficiently to rate it as Recommendeddespite the technical matters on display here. Putting more emphasis on raw energy instead of technical brilliance (as All Alone 2 tried to do), it had some merit for fans.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn then showed us a couple of reasons to reconsider Penthouse with Glam Trash: Ms. Holland went down a different route with women's fantasies about going out for a booty call. The letters chosen were worked in nicely and brought together a nice variation of romance and every day fantasies. The technical aspects are very good and the extras did show some good effort from before, which does help out the overall DVD. As for the sex and chemistry with the couples, no one held back at all. The steamy erotic passion is there for you to sit down with your significant other or even alone to enjoy. I enjoyed Glam Trash more because the fresh new male cast. Giving the ladies a look at what I hope will be the new arrivals to the porn industry. There was a fresh new "flava" to go up against the best female performers of which porn has to offer; and Hot Pink: Penthouse's Letters Hot Pink directed and produced by Kelly Holland is a wonderful journey inside the mind of others who have written into their forum to share their fantasies. What I saw here in the 90 minutes was a seduction of mind and body with the help of romantic settings indoors, outdoors, poolside fun and a new way of looking at countryside diners. Everything any couple could ask for.

Another lengthy and appealing compilation was Fantasy All Stars #5: Special Edition: Digital Sin has really earned a lot of points with my fellow reviewers of late thanks in no small part to their I Love... series of compilations. The amount of sex per volume in the series is typically really solid and the focal point of a particular cutie or type of gal often is among the best you will find in the vignette world so I was happy to check out Fantasy All Stars 5: Special Editionwhen it came in my boxed of screeners with Fantasy All Stars 4. The emphasis on this compilation is simply offering up a double disc set of scenes that fans of the ladies will appreciate, some of these scenes providing incredible strokability and replay value. It still showed an awful lot of value thanks to the levels of fuck for the buck being well above average even if a few scenes were marginal for their replayability (on average, the strokability factor was pretty solid though). Check this one out if you like compilations; the series again offering one of the best recent values in memory for an under $20 compilation of condom free scenes of heated pairings by some of the best names in porn from scenes not as old as some compilations seem to provide.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot then turned his critical eye to find a top pick with Sex With Young Girls 11: One of the main considerations for me when recommending a DVD is the value. New Sensations, in my opinion, is the one company that always tries to give their customers plenty of "fuck for your buck". Not only do you get five solid and enjoyable scenes, but all the extras you could hope for (don't forget the bonus scene!). I was a big fan of the previous installments in the series and this one carries the tradition proudly. If you're in the market for a new teen DVD, definitely give this title careful consideration. The picture was presented in an anamorphic widescreen format. I'm almost always satisfied with New Sensations attention to technical quality, and I'm happy to say that this title lives up to their excellent reputation. The video quality is up there with the best I've seen for an adult movie. There were absolutely no compression artifacts during the movie. The color of the film was also excellent, and the flesh tones all looked very realistic.

Elegant Angel weighed in heavily for our masturbation marathon of female solo scenes too with All By Myself 2: The entire movie was made up of a variety of super appealing women masturbating and teasing the camera, providing superior stroke value along the way. If this is the kind of action you like, you'd be hard pressed to find a better set of scenes and extras. The back cover said it like this: "All by Myself 2 is a journey into the real ( and sometimes shameful) orgasms of nine of the most stunning girls in the world. From the most seductive blue eyes to the most soulful browns and everything in between these girls transfix with a glance. Their bodies represent different versions of perfection. Most girls of this caliber are accustomed to being the center of attention but I wanted them to allow me to capture that moment when they are at their most vulnerable, when the director and crew cease to exist, when their facades crumble, and they cum for us, when they really cum. The journey is different for each model but the destination is the same. Some are very quiet and actually try to resist the inevitable. Others are more comfortable and even turned on by letting us watch. What follows is a collection of emotional and compelling moments including Wildly orgasming so hard that she cries tears of joy and tears of truth. For me this is what it's all about. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did."

Reviewer Saul Good then peeked into the darker side of porn with Rim My Gape 3: might more appropriately be called, "Tongue my Asshole" which is essentially what is going on here. Don't get me wrong, there are some superb, immaculate even, gapes and a few really good rims, but the mass is a disappointment. The talent does well, they're fresh, hot, and eager. And the boning is about as good as it gets. But I came into this expecting some serious tongue in the ass. And while there was one or two times that a tongue put on a decent show, most of the gals were distant, almost like they didn't really want to do it. There's a few exceptions, such as Kristyna in the final scene, who laps Nikki Sun's asshole eating the cum that comes out and even some of Nikki's pink. I didn't think this film was overly hardcore; if you're aware of gapes and can read, this disc shouldn't surprise you. There are more anal spreads and rims than most flicks, I was merely expecting it to stand out from the others, more by quality than content. Still a damn fine bone flick, that could have easily passed as a non-rim flick ( I think we're accustomed to the act by now) and worth checking out. I wouldn't say to buy it, simply because I don't think it's enough of a rim movie.

Then came I Film Myself 2: The idea of the series is to show gals masturbating in front of a camera that they control, with no one else around to get in the way. This leads to some technical misgivings but also shows them at their best more often than not, providing something different from other excellent solo shows like All Alone 2 by Mike Quasar (mentioned above). If you prefer the more intimate dynamic this series offers up, I can't say that I blame you but I just consider it another quality type of manner to show gals being their own best pal so each stands on its own merits. I believe a lot of fans will like this one better since the lack of polished technical matters will make it seem more intimate and real to them. Whatever your personal choice and flavor of fun though, this was worth a rating of Recommended or better, depending on your appreciation of the specific gals in the cast. In short, I'm glad I got a chance to see I Film Myself 2 because it was of the same level of quality I enjoyed with the first volume and I Film Myself 3; proving the difference the company makes all too well as they strive to carve out a niche to call their own in a heavily populated market.

Talented reviewer Michael Vega then took an impressive amount of time looking at a couple of compilation titles, finding they were far from equal with Three's Humpany: Comparatively speaking, after watching and reviewing Wicked's Thigh Spy compilation, Three's Humpany left me feeling slightly gypped. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I couldn't, in good conscience, recommend this compilation over that one. While Thigh Spy was a four disc set, Three's Humpany is only one - though it also is four hours long. And while there are some actresses on this collection that aren't featured on that highly recommended set, their scenes wouldn't really justify spending half the money for ΒΌ of the content. But, now that I think about it, I might be a tad unfair to this collection. There are some really hot performances on the disc - Mika Tan, Exotica and Dee (to name a few) - that deserve your attention if you're a fan or have the extra scratch. Actually, in retrospect, Three's Humpany is a pretty good compilation and if you happen to be fans of the actresses that are only featured on this compilation, by all means, it's Recommended; Thigh Spy: 4 disc compilation of greatest hits from Wicked's vast catalogue. Dipping all the way back to the early 90's, there are some gems here featuring some of my old faves - Patricia Kennedy, Dee and a healthy Jenna Jameson. Wicked also did a great job with the variety of the scenes chosen; over the eighty-two scenes on the disc, there are only a few that feature repeat performances (then again, is having more than one scene featuring Jenna in her prime really a bad thing?) Best of all, they all looked like they were complete scenes and not chopped up like it seems most compilations are (and if they wereedited, it wasn't obvious like other sets are). Each disc averaged close to four hours long, bringing the total running time of this set to a whopping sixteen hours!

We close out this week with still another compilation of fine scenes, showing how many of them are out there of the kind of quality we like to promote with Fantasy All Stars #4: Special Edition: The idea behind the series is to pick out a wider variety of heated scenes using a lot of different ladies instead of just one as the other series is known for. It was a compilation of twelve scenes from the vaults of Digital Sin from a span of time lasting almost five years; a nod to the depth of the company's catalog. The technical aspects were more varied as a result but there could be little arguing with the ladies used in the double disc set. Julia, Lela, and Lacie were highlights but I must admit that I enjoyed Fantasy All Stars 4: Special Edition more than most compilations; the value thanks to the levels of fuck for the buck being well above average even if a few scenes were marginal for their replay value. Check this one out if you like compilations; the series again offering one of the best recent values in memory so I rated it as Recommended.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

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The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne.

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